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35 years of British military presence

By Gerry Coleman (Irish Northern Aid)

On the 14th of August 1969, thirty five years ago today, British troops were deployed on Irish soil for the first time in the current phase of the fight for Irish freedom.

Published August 17, 2004


Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party has said it it is willing to work with Sinn Féin in a Six-County power-sharing executive, but only if it supports the police, and the IRA ends its activities and and disarms in a convincing fashion.

Published August 17, 2004

Marches pass off without incident

Saturday’s Apprentice Boys’ parades passed off without major violence following an order against one parade in north Belfast.

Published August 17, 2004

Furore over hospital organ sales

Six hospitals have admitted they secretly sold organs from the bodies of deceased children to pharmaceutical firms.

Published August 17, 2004

Unionism’s validity is disappearing

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

There has been a flurry of comment on Gerry Adams’s remarks last Thursday, especially the bit where he said that the IRA might have to go out of business in order to remove any excuse from unionists for refusing to negotiate or work the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement.

Published August 13, 2004

US frees Irish wedding guest

Joe Black, a former IRA Volunteer detained in the US for the past five weeks, is to be released tomorrow.

Published August 13, 2004

The day I heard about the ceasefire

Danny Morrison recalls the day ten years ago this month, when the mainstream IRA declared a unilateral, opened cessation of military activity.

Published August 13, 2004

Deformities linked to spy equipment

Emissions from British Army spying equipment has been blamed for gross birth defects in livestock in the South Armagh area.

Published August 13, 2004

Death deportation averted

A 38-year-old Nigerian woman, who faced death by stoning if returned to her home country, was yesterday granted a court order restraining any immediate move to deport her from Ireland.

Published August 13, 2004

Climbing a mountain

Speaking to a packed hall at the west Belfast festival to deliver the PJ McGrory Memorial Lecture, Geraldine Finucane has described her family’s determination to expose the truth about her husband’s murder.

Published August 13, 2004


A reported plan by a Protestant marching group to circumvent a ruling against a coat-trailing parade in nationalist north Belfast has been stopped.

Published August 13, 2004

Blair holds the key

The British government’s failings in the peace process were highlighted today by Sinn Féin today as the party turned its focus away from fruitless exchanges with the hardline unionist DUP.

Published August 13, 2004

McDowell sending Nigerian woman to her death

Irish Justice minister Michael McDowell will be sending a Nigerian woman to her death if he does not overturn a deportation order against her, it has emerged.

Published August 10, 2004

Peace process can be advanced

The following is the text of an Irish Times article by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams today.

Published August 10, 2004

Irish athlete admits doping offence

Irish athlete Cathal Lombard has created a shock after he admitted that he used a banned substance while in training for the Athens Olympics.

Published August 10, 2004

Ireland is Atlantis, says expert

The mythical underwater empire of Atlantis is actually the island of Ireland, according to a new book.

Published August 10, 2004

Crown force assualt

A man was hospitalised late on Saturday night last after he was beaten around the head with rifle butts by members of a British Army/PSNI patrol.

Published August 10, 2004

“I Love You Daddy”

Ciaran O’Fearaigh has been in an American jail in Denver, Colorado, for Five Hundred and Forty days, yet has not been charged with a crime.

Published August 10, 2004


Ian Paisley’s DUP has cast doubt on the possibility of an agreement including policing in the North of Ireland next month and has again dismissed a statement by Gerry Adams last week that the IRA could be “removed”.

Published August 10, 2004

Anger at award of Iraqi contract

A contract awarded to a former British Army officer to help secure post-war Iraq should be revoked, Irish-American lobbyists in Washington said yesterday.

Published August 10, 2004


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