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Coalition possible only for change

By Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams (for Village)

The question of Sinn Féin involvement in a future coalition government is one which appears to particularly exercise Fianna Fáil. For some years now that party’s leading lights have returned again and again to this issue. Depending on who is talking they either signal a willingness to form a coalition with Sinn Féin or they rule that out.

Published October 19, 2004


A breakthrough in the North’s political process may be just “weeks away”, Britain’s Direct Ruler has said.

Published October 19, 2004

PSNI, IMC admit “mistakes”

The PSNI police has apologised for providing false information on the death of Michael O’Hare, which was described as sectarian in the report of the International Monitoring Commission earlier this year.

Published October 19, 2004

British Army chopper incursion

The British Army has admitted that a Puma helicopter crossed the border into County Monaghan at the weekend.

Published October 19, 2004

Extreme poverty in west Dublin

A report published today paints a disturbing picture of poverty, social exclusion and deprivation in west Dublin.

Published October 19, 2004

Sectarian attacks in Belfast

A Catholic father-of-four came under brick and petrol bomb attack in their home on Sunday.

Published October 19, 2004

5,000 troops -- a funny sort of normal

Keen to accentuate the positive, our politicians point to the several thousand British troops going home and sing mum on the thousands who will remain.

Published October 19, 2004

Ahern dampens coalition speculation

Fianna Fáil has appeared to row back on suggestions that Sinn Féin could form part of a coalition government in Dublin following the next 26 County general election.

Published October 19, 2004

Challenge facing the DUP

By Gerry Adams

Each negotiation within the peace process presents its own particular and peculiar set of difficulties. It also presents opportunities. The current negotiation is no different and in many ways it is probably the most challenging any of us have had to face so far.

Published October 15, 2004

British military blamed for inquiry delay

British soldiers involved in the killing of civilians on Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 are threatening legal action which could delay publication of the report of the public inquiry or lead to a dilution of the findings.

Published October 15, 2004

Furore over FF-SF coalition report

There has been a strong reaction to suggestions of a possible Sinn Féin coalition with Fianna Fail following the next general election.

Published October 15, 2004

Extradition in IRA bomb case

The arrest of a Belfast man on holiday in Tenerife has been described as s “petty, vindictive and unnecessary”.

Published October 15, 2004

Looking back in sadness

Ten years ago, on October 13th, 1994.the Combined Loyalist Military Command, representing the UDA, UVF and Red Hand Commando, declared a ceasefire.

Published October 15, 2004


Unionist paramilitaries have declared Protestant housing estates to be no-go areas for Catholics.

Published October 15, 2004

Call for halt to Gaza attacks

Sinn Féin has called on the international community to urge Israel to end its two-week military operation on the Gaza strip.

Published October 15, 2004

George Harrison

George Harrison was perhaps the most unrepentant Fenian of them all.

Published October 15, 2004

Ireland may lose gold medal in doping furore

Ireland’s Olympic gold medallist Cian O’Connor has denied his horses were doped with sedatives to enhance their fence-jumping in the Athens Games.

Published October 12, 2004

The Anglo-Irish negotiations of 1921

Talks leading to a deal which saw the Six Counties partitioned from the rest of Ireland began 83 years ago this week.

Published October 12, 2004


Ireland’s new foreign affairs minister Dermot Ahern tonight said he looked forward to the day when Sinn Féin is in government in both parts of Ireland.

Published October 12, 2004

UDA, DUP blamed for intimidation

A former loyalist politician has described how he and his family have been targeted over the past 18 months in a unionist paramilitary campaign of intimidation.

Published October 12, 2004


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