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Controversial peace proposals discussed

The Irish and British governments are presenting their formula for a deal to the DUP and Sinn Féin later today [Wednesday] in the hope of striking a deal involving a return of power-sharing government in the North and a public move by the Provisional IRA to wind up its activities.

Published November 16, 2004

Seamus Doherty cleared after case collapses

Derry man Seamus Doherty has been cleared of charges of having a booby trap car bomb, just 24 hours before a police informer was due to give evidence in the trial.

Published November 16, 2004

Shock at killing of Margaret Hassan

A video depicting the brutal death in Iraq of an Irish-born aid worker appears to confirm the worst.

Published November 16, 2004

SDLP man battles UDA after ‘ceasefire’

A nationalist councillor was forced to open fire to defend his home from UDA paramilitaries -- less than an hour after the group’s ‘ceasefire’ was officially recognised by the British government.

Published November 16, 2004

Jackson urges tolerance, peace

U.S. civil rights veteran Jesse Jackson visited Ireland this week and called on all sides to oppose the growth of racism.

Published November 12, 2004

Orange Order linked to sectarian land grab

The anti-Catholic Orange Order has been linked to a company founded to prevent “property falling into nationalist hands”.

Published November 12, 2004

Paisley defies change

DUP leader Ian Paisley is increasingly at the centre of a political battle over a possible deal to revive the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published November 12, 2004

SDLP concern over British censorship

The British government is trying to end public inquiries as we know them and replace them with ones that are state-controlled and censored, according to the leader of the SDLP.

Published November 12, 2004

Palestine Greater Than Arafat

The Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence is larger than the late President Yasir Arafat.

Published November 12, 2004

Holy Cross: The Untold Story

extract from a new book. ‘Holy Cross: The Untold Story’ by Anne Cadwallader.

Published November 12, 2004


The British government tonight again recognised the UDA to be abiding by its professed ceasefire, three years after it was declared meaningless.

Published November 12, 2004

A Politician to Watch

By Danny Morrison

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a President who was voted into office by inbred, hillbilly, Bible-thumping, ignoramous hicks. We just happen to live in a country with 58 million of them. That’s why the rest of the world is so confused by us”.

Published November 9, 2004

De Brun gives up Assembly seat

Sinn Féin’s Member of the European Parliament for the Six Counties, Bairbre de Brun, has resigned as a member of the suspended Belfast Assembly.

Published November 9, 2004

The forgotten million

By Angelique Chrisafis (for the Guardian)

Con Scully lit a candle in the gloom of his decaying house in Coventry. There was no heating, electricity or natural light. The windows were boarded up against vandals and drug addicts.

Published November 9, 2004

Fianna Fail moves North

Fianna Fail has decided to admit members from the North for the first time in its history. The move could lead to the party organising in the North or establishish an alliance with the SDLP.

Published November 9, 2004


Hardline unionist demands for the Provisional IRA to undertake a public show of disarming is now the biggest stumbling block to the restoration of the Belfast Assembly at Stormont, it has been confirmed.

Published November 9, 2004

PSNI recruiting in Strabane

A 37-year-old man has revealed that PSNI Special Branch police offered to pay him an escalating sum of money to spy on suspected hardline republicans in the Strabane area of County Tyrone.

Published November 9, 2004

Vicious sectarian attack on kids

A brutal sectarian assault took place on two Catholic schoolboys in Derry on Thursday.

Published November 9, 2004

Sinn Féin unveils plans for ‘day of reflection’

Sinn Féin mayors and council chairs are to take part in tree-planting ceremonies and civic events next month in memory of those killed in all conflicts, it has been revealed.

Published November 9, 2004

Direct rulers seem awfully camera shy

Sunday week ago on Diarmaid Ferriter’s RTE radio programme What If?, journalists Fintan O’Toole and John Waters discussed the question, what if there had been no Magill magazine?

Published November 5, 2004


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