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Orange Order public relations disaster

By Danny Morrison (for Daily Ireland)

It is almost the Twelfth, when Orangemen across the North march in their thousands to celebrate the victory of William of Orange over James II at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. It was 300 years ago, but doesn’t it seem as if it were only yesterday?

Published July 8, 2005

CIRA mount attack in Armagh

Dissident republicans are again targeting British Crown forces after a device was found in County Armagh.

Published July 8, 2005

The Alternative G8

AN address to the Alternative G8 Summit, ‘Ideas to Change the World’, by RSF Vice-President Des Dalton.

Published July 8, 2005


North Belfast is “a tinder box” and people could be killed amid tensions over contentious July 12 marches, Gerry Adams has warned.

Published July 8, 2005

London attacks condemned

The attacks in London on Thursday morning have been strongly condemned throughout Ireland.

Published July 8, 2005

Nationwide protests back Rossport 5

Over 1,000 people staged a nationwide protest last night to support five north Mayo residents jailed over their opposition to the construction of a high-pressure gas pipeline through their lands.

Published July 8, 2005

Ahern discusses North with Pope

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Pope Benedict XVI discussed the North of Ireland at the Vatican on Thursday.

Published July 8, 2005

PSNI accused of sectarian policing

A County Derry man has spoken out against an attempt by the PSNI to recruit him as an informer as loyalist attacks in the area are ignored.

Published July 8, 2005


A feud-related murder by the unionist paramilitary UVF in Belfast could lead to “a bloody summer of tit-for-tat killings”, according to the Ulster Unionist Party.

Published July 4, 2005

Ardyone braces for Twelfth stand-off

There are fears that serious violence will erupt after the Parades Commission allowed the anti-Catholic Orange Order to march twice through nationalist Ardyone on July 12th.

Published July 4, 2005

Protests after jailing of Shell opponents

A series of protests have been organised after five men were jailed at the insistence of the multinational Shell company over their opposition to a gas pipeline being built across their lands in County Mayo.

Published July 4, 2005

Anger over British Army shooting

People in the border town of Crossmaglen have dismissed the official version of a shooting in the town last week.

Published July 4, 2005

Sectarian attack as tensions mount

A man has been left with a deep facial wound after being attacked while walking along the Oldpark Road in north Belfast.

Published July 4, 2005

British laud Adams and McGuinness

British Direct Ruler Peter Hain has heaped praise on Sinn Féin’s leaders Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness, describing them as “visionary” for urging the Provisional IRA to end its armed struggle.

Published July 4, 2005

Silence over parades issue is immoral

There is only one route to follow. It is not with banners and bands or with rocks and bottles. It is the arduous and risky road to mutual respect and a modicum of understanding.

Published July 4, 2005

Shell and Co. come to Mayo

The Corrib Gas Field off the west coast of Ireland is being developed by three multinational companies, headed by Shell. They intend to refine the gas in a forest which is 9 km inland. Shell intend to bring the offshore pipeline to the refinery through this 9 km stretch of land along and under the public road and in close proximity to houses.

Published July 4, 2005

Malachy McAllister resumes his family’s battle

By Ray O’Hanlon (for the Irish Echo)

A few months ago, quietly and without fanfare, Malachy McAllister reached another milestone in his battle to make a new life for himself and his family in the United States.

Published June 30, 2005

IRSP Address at Bodenstown

The following speech was delivered by IRSP Ard-Chomhairle member John Murtagh last week to a gathering of about 200 members of the Republican Socialist Movement at Bodenstown, the burial place of the founding father of Irish Republicanism.

Published June 30, 2005


The heavily pregnant partner of jailed Belfast republican Sean Kelly has called on the Dublin government to do more to get the father of her children released.

Published June 30, 2005

Kerry republicans savour breakthrough

Sinn Féin’s Toireasa Ferris, daughter of Kerry North TD Martin Ferris, has been elected Mayor of County Kerry.

Published June 30, 2005


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