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DUP urged to move on

A government report is expected to again confirm that the Provisional IRA no longer poses a threat and has moved further in what is described as “ending criminality”.

Published April 24, 2006

Anti-Catholic parades in line for aid

Member lodges of the Protestant Orange Order have applied for over two hundred thousand Euros of grant aid money to stage sectarian parades.

Published April 24, 2006

Stab victim survives sectarian attack

A 20-year-old man has described how he was stabbed in the back in a vicious sectarian attack at a busy shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon.

Published April 24, 2006

Jurists criticise inquiry legislation

Controversial new legislation which will dictate how inquiries into British Crown force collusion in a number of murders are held has been criticised by an international panel of eminent jurists.

Published April 24, 2006

Easter lily sanction suspended

A judge has ordered a republican prisoner to be released from a County Antrim prison's punishment block while a legal challenge is heard on the wearing of Easter lilies.

Published April 24, 2006

Prisoners punished over Easter Lily

A republican prisoner has been refusing food and water after being thrown into the prison's punishment block for wearing an Easter Lily.

Published April 21, 2006

Bill creates ‘transitional Assembly’

British Direct Ruler Peter Hain is rushing emergency legislation through the London parliament to enable the recall of the Belfast Assembly on May 15th....

Published April 21, 2006

Concern at Bloody Sunday delay

Relatives of the Bloody Sunday victims have described the delay in the publication of the report of the new Saville Inquiry into the 1972 shootings as 'ridiculous'.

Published April 21, 2006

Sectarian attackers ‘seen at parade’

Councillors in north Antrim have said members of a sectarian gang who stabbed a young Catholic last weekend were spotted on the sidelines of a parade by the Protestant Apprentice Boys organisation in Ballymena.

Published April 21, 2006

SF seeks to prevent export of artefacts

Sinn Fein is to put forward a motion in the Dublin parliament demanding legislation to prevent the sale and export of important historical documents.

Published April 21, 2006

Huge turnout for Rising events

The Dublin establishment has joined in the commemorations held across Ireland this Easter weekend to mark the 90th anniversary of the 1916 Rising.

Published April 18, 2006

UVF collusion scandal

A former senior RUC police officer has confirmed that a north Belfast UVF commander was involved in more than a dozen murders while he worked for RUC Special Branch.

Published April 18, 2006

Quiet start to marching season

The first of this year’s parades by the Protestant marching orders have passed off without incident.

Published April 18, 2006

IRA apologises for death of civilian

The Provisional IRA has apologised to the family of a Catholic man killed in a bomb blast almost 32 years ago.

Published April 18, 2006

Prison protest fast ended

An Irish republican awaiting repatriation from an English prison has ended a fast begun in a bid to obtain better medical attention and speed up his repatriation to be nearer his loved ones in Ireland.

Published April 14, 2006

DUP ‘disdain’ for new approach

Ian Paisley's DUP has warned London against any attempt to jointly manage the Six Counties with the Dublin government.

Published April 14, 2006

Death of Siobhan O'Hanlon

A Sinn Fein official who was heavily involved in the party’s negotiating team at the Belfast Assembly in the run up to the 1998 Good Friday Agreement has died.

Published April 14, 2006

SDLP dissidents challenge Durkan

SDLP leader Mark Durkan is set to face a leadership challenge from the former vice-chairman of the party.

Published April 14, 2006

McAllisters face deportation

In a decision filed on Monday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit decided against the McAllister family’s appeal against deportation.

Published April 14, 2006

IRA Easter message 2006

The text of the annual Easter message by the Provisional IRA, in English and in Irish.

Published April 13, 2006


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