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Sinn Fein hold Fermanagh/South Tyrone

Sinn Fein’s Michelle Gildernew has remarkably retained her Fermanagh-South Tyrone seat by four votes after a third recount.

Published May 7, 2010

Without majority, Cameron makes bid for power

The Tories are to attempt to form a government after the Westminster election returned a hung parliament for the first time since 1974

Published May 7, 2010

Recount drama in Fermanagh/South Tyrone

After two recounts at the Enniskillen count centre, Sinn Fein’s Michelle Gildernew is ahead by just two votes over unionist unity candidate Rodney Connor.

Published May 7, 2010

SF set to be largest party; UCUNF shut out

Sinn Fein could take over the DUP to become the largest party in the Six Counties on vote share, according to early estimates from the Westminster election counts this morning.

Published May 7, 2010

Peter Robinson defeated by Alliance Party’s Naomi Long

The result of the election in east Belfast has delivered a major shock with the defeat of DUP leader and First Minister Peter Robinson by Naomi Long of the Alliance Party.

Published May 7, 2010

Surprise exit poll indicates knife-edge election result

The result of the Westminster election is still completely unpredictable despite a major exit poll released at 10pm tonight.

Published May 6, 2010

Turnout up as DUP predicts ‘Orange Card’ election

A slightly higher turnout of the North’s electorate is predicted in today’s Westminster election following early reports from the polling stations.

Published May 6, 2010

Election push comes to shove

electoralofficeni.jpg Sinn Fein has attacked the “blanket denial” of postal and proxy vote applications by the Electoral Office in some areas of the North.

Published May 4, 2010

Former prisoners targeted in frame-up plot

mcrorytolan.jpg Two men convicted of a controversial abduction by the Provisional IRA have said the PSNI have since tried to set them up using a paid informer.

Published May 4, 2010

Border region hit by job loss ‘tsunami’

quinngroup.jpg About nine hundred staff at Quinn Insurance Ltd will be made redundant over the next 12 to 15 months as part of a major restructuring of the business by its joint administrators.

Published May 4, 2010

Limerick teens urged to join ‘Royal Irish Army’

royalirisharmy.jpg A Limerick jobs centre funded by the 26-County Administration body FAS has had to be be ordered to stop promoting careers in the British army, a criminal offence under the 26-County Defence Act of 1954.

Published May 4, 2010

Hunger strike parade passes quietly

uihscprotest.jpg The United Independent Hunger Strike Commemoration took place without major incident on Sunday despite passing the loyalist Shankill Road area en route from Belfast city centre to west Belfast.

Published May 4, 2010

Sudden death of Irish radio celebrity

gerryryan.jpg Gerry Ryan, one of Ireland’s most successful broadcasters, died unexpectedly on Friday morning.

Published May 4, 2010

Boy agent reveals frame-up plot

thomasboyle.jpg A vulnerable teenager in west Belfast was recruited by the PSNI as an informer and then put under pressure to plant explosives and weapons on his neighbours, it has emerged.

Published April 29, 2010

Vindication but no justice for McCabe family

noramccabe.jpg Perjury charges should have been brought against members of the RUC (now PSNI) police over the plastic bullet killing of an innocent mother of three, senior judges ruled in Belfast yesterday.

Published April 29, 2010

Sinn Fein launches election manifesto

2010manifesto.jpg Sinn Fein has published its manifesto for next week’s British general election based on the linked policy objectives of peace, equality, jobs and Irish unity.

Published April 29, 2010

Mass rally to say ‘enough is enough’

enoughisenough.jpg Republicans have been urged to take part in a protest march “Enough is Enough” against bank bailouts which will be taking place Tuesday evening 11th May in Dublin.

Published April 29, 2010

Independent hunger strike march in Belfast

uihsc.jpg Loyalists have said they will protest against a republican hunger strike commemoration, which is to pass through Belfast city centre en route to the west of the city.

Published April 29, 2010

Brown borks it

browngaffe.jpg Gordon Brown’s chances of retaining the position of British Prime Minister plunged this week after a stunning gaffe on the election campaign trail in which he was heard dismissing a voter who questioned British immigration policy as ‘a bigoted woman’.

Published April 29, 2010

PSNI under pressure

newtownhamilton.jpg The PSNI police is to intensify its campaign in south Armagh after coming in for strong criticism over its response to Thursday night’s bomb attack on its empty base in Newtownhamilton.

Published April 26, 2010


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