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Sinn Féin Minister injured in parade tensions

kellylandrover.jpg Sinn Fein’s Six-County Minister for Culture Caral Ni Chuilin had to attend hospital tonight after becoming involved in a bizarre incident involving the party’s policing spokesperson, Gerry Kelly, and a PSNI police Land Rover.

Published June 22, 2013

G8 shame - and pride

g8puppets.jpg The sycophantic feting of the world’s most powerful leaders in the British-occupied north of Ireland this week has disgraced politicians in both parts of the island.

Published June 21, 2013

Child survives loyalist fire-bomb

petrolbombroad.jpg As David Cameron told the world that British-occupied Ireland was a “transformed place”, a four-year-old Catholic child almost burned alive in a sectarian petrol bomb attack.

Published June 21, 2013

Protests against provocative ‘Tour of the North’

tourofthenorth2013.jpg Tonight’s ‘Tour of the North’ parade passes a number of nationalist communities in north Belfast, and is one of the most contentious parades of the anti-Catholic Orange Order’s marching season.

Published June 21, 2013

British lies on display in Bloody Sunday makeover

mikejacksonparaold.jpg A new video installation in Derry has been criticised as an attempt to rewrite the history of the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre.

Published June 21, 2013

Shell campaigner on hunger strike

liamheffernan.jpg Campaigners against the construction of a Shell gas pipeline at Rossport in County Mayo say one of their fellow campaigners is on a hunger strike over his arrest.

Published June 21, 2013

PSNI claims are ‘nonsense on stilts’, tribunal hears

breenbuchanan.jpg Attempts by the PSNI in the north of Ireland to derail a collusion inquiry in Dublin have been condemned in the strongest terms by lawyers for the chief of the Gardai police in the south.

Published June 21, 2013

Obama urges peace, reconciliation ahead of G8

obamasbelfast.jpg US President Barack Obama has urged schoolchildren and politicians in the North to work towards a more lasting peace and an end to sectarian divisions.

Published June 17, 2013

Oppressive G8 policing underway

g8protestlondon.jpg A member of eirigi has become the first person to be arrested ahead of a giant security clampdown on political protests in advance of the G8 summit in the Irish border county of Fermanagh gets under way within the next few days.

Published June 14, 2013

Garda thuggery at funeral of dedicated revolutionary

gardaifuneral.jpg There has been widespread condemnation of the intimidatory and deeply provocative behaviour of 26-County police at the funeral of former Sinn Fein President Ruairi O Bradaigh last Saturday.

Published June 14, 2013

British always knew rubber bullets were lethal

emmagrovesrubberbullet.jpg The use of rubber bullets in the North of Ireland was sanctioned by the British government despite its own tests showing they were potentially lethal, new documents have revealed.

Published June 14, 2013

Para flags raised but Bloody Sunday insult dismissed

paraflagsderry.jpg Inflammatory flags displaying the winged insignia of the British Army’s murderous Parachute Regiment have appeared at several flashpoints in Belfast and Derry.

Published June 14, 2013

‘Pro-life dissident’ faces Sinn Féin Dáil expulsion

peadartoibin.jpg Meath West TD Peadar Tóibín has said he will vote against new abortion legislation when it comes before parliament next week, making it likely he will be expelled from Sinn Fein’s parliamentary party.

Published June 14, 2013

Oration at the grave of Ruairí O Brádaigh

daltonoration.jpg The oration by Des Dalton, President, Republican Sinn Féin at the grave of Patron Ruairí O Brádaigh, St Coman’s Cemetery, Roscommon.

Published June 14, 2013

Death of a Republican legend

ruairiobradaigh4.jpg Ruairi O Bradaigh was “a towering figure” of Irish republicanism who came to embody the “very essence” of the Republican tradition, his successor as leader of Republican Sinn Fein, Des Dalton, has said.

Published June 7, 2013

Increased links between Sinn Fein and PSNI

mcguinnessbaggott.jpg PSNI Chief Matt Baggott has attended a Sinn Fein event for the first time this [Friday] afternoon, marking a new level of co-operation between the main nationalist party in the North and the British Crown police.

Published June 7, 2013

Former prisoners blocked from Stormont posts

traversallister.jpg A new law stopping many former PoWs from becoming ‘special advisers’ at Stormont is expected to be in place within weeks, after the nationalist SDLP failed to oppose it.

Published June 7, 2013

Dublin government presses ahead with Seanad abolition

seanadbig.jpg The partners in the Dublin coalition government, Fine Gael and Labour, are said to have “diverged sharply” in their attitude to the confirmation this week that a referendum is to be held to scrap the upper chamber of the Dublin parliament.

Published June 7, 2013

‘21st century’ unionists launch new party

ni21.jpg A new unionist party has styled itself as the ‘Northern Ireland party for the 21st century’.

Published June 7, 2013

London bar forced to abandon ‘Bloody Sundae’ cocktail

bloodysundae.jpg A ‘Sundae Bloody Sundae’ cocktail has been removed from a bar menu in London after provoking outrage among relatives of those killed.

Published June 7, 2013


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