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Sports body pocketed millions over handball incident

johndelaney.jpg Confirmation that the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) received a seven-figure sum from Sepp Blatter’s FIFA as secret compensation for an infamous foul which knocked Ireland out of the World Cup playoffs in 2009 has been greeted with disgust at home and abroad.

Published June 6, 2015

A secret army of assassins

museumgun.jpg A new BBC documentary has raised awareness and prompted new questions about the scale and extent of Britain’s use of state agents to kill innocent civilians in Ireland.

Published May 30, 2015

Constitutional crisis over parliament reporting ban

obrienkenny.jpg Denis O’Brien, one of Ireland’s wealthiest and most powerful men, has been accused of gagging free speech and the Dublin parliament itself over his attempt to silence reporting about his finances.

Published May 30, 2015

Agreement in jeopardy after Stormont vote

mlas.jpg Crisis talks are to take place between the main political parties in the North this week in a bid to revive the Stormont House Agreement and sustain the political institutions in Belfast.

Published May 30, 2015

Loyalists bomb Short Strand

loyalistpipebomb.jpg Two pipe bombs were thrown by loyalists at nationalist homes in east Belfast on Monday, but they failed to explode.

Published May 30, 2015

British govt ‘attempting to break political prisoners’

eamoncassidy.jpg Republican prisoners at Maghaberry have expressed their anger after one of their number was refused permission to attend his brother’s funeral this week.

Published May 30, 2015

What next for equality?

dublincastlemarref.jpg The significance of last week’s referendums and by-election results are still being debated amid claims that Ireland’s political and social landscape have been transformed by the approval of a public vote on same-sex marriage.

Published May 30, 2015

Historic step for equality

referendumcount2015.jpg Ireland has become the first country to legalise same-sex marriage through a popular vote, with indications from all count centres across the country showing ‘Yes’ votes outnumbering ‘No’ votes by about two-to-one.

Published May 23, 2015

Stormont crisis renewed

stormontbig.jpg Legislation on welfare reform looks to be rejected by the Stormont assembly on Tuesday after the SDLP said its 14 assembly members would be joining Sinn Fein in supporting a nationalist ‘petition of concern’ to stop the bill.

Published May 23, 2015

Maghaberry authorities punishing prisoners for complaints

maghaberrybig.jpg Republican political prisoners at Maghaberry jail have condemned “aggressive” punishment procedures and unofficial reprisal actions by the prison authorities which they said are causing upheaval throughout Maghaberry.

Published May 23, 2015

U2 backs justice campaign

u2gig.jpg Relatives and survivors of the Dublin-Monaghan bombings have repeated their calls on the British government to release documents about the 1974 attacks.

Published May 23, 2015

Warning over political policing in 26 Counties

gardaraid.jpg The Republican Network for Unity has warned that a policy of selective internment is now being used against republicans by the state forces in the 26 counties.

Published May 23, 2015

MI5 men attempt to enter vehicle

mi5psniruc.jpg A member of Republican Sinn Fein in North Armagh has said he believes two men who tried to force their way into his car recently were members of British military intelligence.

Published May 23, 2015

Adams greets prince on first day of royal visit

charlesadams.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams caused controversy today when he met ‘Prince of Wales’ Charles Windsor in a meet-and-greet opportunity during the first day of his four-day royal tour through Ireland.

Published May 19, 2015

Finucane sham exposed

desilvareview.jpg Documents presented to a judicial review this week have confirmed that the British government staged a fake ‘review’ three years ago before announcing its predetermined decision to rule out a public inquiry into the killing of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane.

Published May 16, 2015

Tory Human Rights plan ‘would wreck peace deal’

cameronvilliers.jpg The new British government has already launched an ultra-conservative political agenda that could unravel the peace process in the north of Ireland.

Published May 16, 2015

Clooneys to back torture case

clooneys.jpg In a development which has electrified news coverage of their plight, top barrister Amal Clooney is set to take on the European court case of the ‘hooded men’. Her husband, famous Hollywood movie actor George Clooney, is also set to travel to Belfast.

Published May 16, 2015

Drugs gangs seeking to spread fear in Belfast

davisonfuneral.jpg Senior republicans in north Belfast have been told by the PSNI that they are under threat from criminals following the murder of former IRA commander Gerard ‘Jock’ Davison.

Published May 16, 2015

‘Yes’ vote urged in 26-County referendums

yesequality.jpg With the support of all of the political parties in the Dublin parliament, a referendum campaign on same-sex marriage could bring official state recognition for Ireland’s LGBT community and their relationships for the first time.

Published May 16, 2015

Hidden device highlights spying campaign

mcaffertybug.jpg A former republican prisoner has discovered a sophisticated listening device embedded in the ceiling of his north Belfast home.

Published May 16, 2015


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