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High Court recognises torture of Hooded Men

hoodedman.jpg In a significant legal development, a High Court judge has admitted that a group of 14 Irish nationalist internees were tortured by British state forces in 1971.

Published October 28, 2017

Judge’s concern over ‘inhuman’ strip searches

stripsearchmock.jpg A judge in Dublin has warned that a republican facing extradition to British jurisdiction could be subjected to inhuman and degrading conditions in Maghaberry Prison.

Published October 28, 2017

Campbell extradition hearing proceeds; Corry returns home

liamcampbell600.jpg An Irishman facing prosecution for alleged IRA actions and gunrunning should not be surrendered to Lithuania because of concerns over whether he would receive a fair trial, the High Court has heard.

Published October 28, 2017

Dublin refuses to recognise Catalonia’s independence

catalprotest.jpg The 26 County state has said it will not recognise Catalonia’s declaration of independence from Spain, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin.

Published October 28, 2017

Catalonia declares independence

independentcatalonia.jpg Catalonia has declared independence from Spain, ahead of an expected attempt by Madrid to invalidate its autonomous powers.

Published October 27, 2017

Britain ready for border conflict

britsborder.jpg The British government has said it is ready to send British soldiers into Irish border areas if Britain leaves the EU without a Brexit deal.

Published October 21, 2017

Varadkar casts doubt on unity clause in peace deal

varadmouth.jpg Fine Gael leader and 26 County Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has suggested the north of Ireland should remain under British rule in the short term, even if there a majority in favour of unification with the south.

Published October 21, 2017

Spain interns Catalan leaders as crisis deepens

catalansinterned.jpg Leaders of two of the main pro-independence organisations in Catalonia have been sent to prison without bail on charges of “sedition” by the Spanish government as fears grow that Madrid is on a course to ignite civil war.

Published October 21, 2017

Documentary exposes Loughinisland cover-up

nostoneunturned.jpg One of loyalism’s most notorious mass murderers has been protected by the British state, according to a new documentary, as the former British soldier was named for the first time.

Published October 21, 2017

PSNI double standards on display

flaguvfcouncil.jpg The PSNI police has insisted that unionist paramilitary flags are “historic” and break no laws -- but that a sign reading “F**k the DUP” constitutes a hate crime.

Published October 21, 2017

Banks stole half a billion from mortgage customers

philiplane.jpg New investigations into the criminal actions of Irish bankers during the financial crisis have revealed that some of their customers committed suicide after being swindled out of their homes in a mortgage fraud.

Published October 21, 2017

Irishman freed by Egypt

ibrahim2.jpg An Irish political prisoner of the Egyptian government, Ibrahim Halawa, has been released following an internment of more than four years.

Published October 20, 2017

Historic storm batters Ireland

turnerscross.jpg A woman in her 20s has been killed by a falling tree as hurricane force winds began hitting every county today in the worst storm Ireland has seen in fifty years.

Published October 16, 2017

UVF case abandoned

garyhaggarty600.jpg Another loyalist ‘supergrass’ case has collapsed with the news that not one of the loyalists or Special Branch police named in court by informer Gary Haggarty will face prosecution.

Published October 14, 2017

How the DUP bought UDA votes

robinnewton.jpg New details of a corruption scandal have undermined efforts to restore the Stormont Assembly in Belfast, despite reports of progress in negotiations.

Published October 14, 2017

Judge ignored ‘not guilty’ statement

christineconnor2.jpg A republican jailed on IRA charges has launched a bid to overturn her conviction.

Published October 14, 2017

PSNI withhold report on Special Branch reform

johnmorton.jpg The PSNI police in the north of Ireland has refused to release a report on policing reform in the 1970s written by a British intelligence officer with openly racist views.

Published October 14, 2017

Independence on hold for Catalonia

puigdemont.jpg Members of the Catalan parliament have signed a declaration of independence from Spain but have agreed to suspend its implementation pending talks with the Madrid government.

Published October 14, 2017

‘Bonkers’ budget a media exercise

paschaldonohue.jpg The Dublin government has set aside five million euro for a new public relations department but said it has no funds to pay thousands of pensions blocked by a rule described by the Minister for Finance himself as ‘bonkers and unbelievable’.

Published October 14, 2017

‘Long live Catalonia’

catalans.jpg Irish nationalists have united in solidarity with Catalonia and in condemnation of the attempted suppression of this week’s independence poll.

Published October 7, 2017


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