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‘Long live Catalonia’

catalans.jpg Irish nationalists have united in solidarity with Catalonia and in condemnation of the attempted suppression of this week’s independence poll.

Published October 7, 2017

Catholics free ‘shared community’

cantrellflags.jpg Catholic families in a cross-community housing development in Belfast have been ordered to leave their homes in a sectarian threat from the unionist paramilitary UVF.

Published September 30, 2017

‘Freedom for Catalonia’

guardiacivil.jpg A sudden and violent attempt to suppress the Catalan independence movement by the Madrid government has shocked those struggling for self-determination across the world.

Published September 23, 2017

Injustice upon injustice in supergrass ‘trial’

portlaoisesupergrass.jpg There have been protests against the planned use of a paid informer in the non-jury trial of republican political activist Kevin Braney, the chairperson of Saoradh in Dublin.

Published September 16, 2017

Coalition closer as Adams to step back

thinkin17.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams has made the first step in his gradual withdrawal from front-line politics in a historic shift which he believes will help pave the way for a new generation of party leaders.

Published September 9, 2017

Glenanne plot ‘went to the top’

johnweir600.jpg A former RUC police officer this week said he believed the British government was aware of the activities of the Glenanne Gang’s death squads at the very highest level.

Published September 2, 2017

Loyalist bid to ‘cleanse’ Derry’s Waterside

watersidepogrom.jpg Five Catholic and mixed families have been forced out of their homes in Derry amid a pogrom by loyalist paramilitaries in the predominately Protestant Waterside area of the city.

Published August 26, 2017

Brexit blame game underway

mayflags.jpg Claims by the British government that they wish to impose no additional border reinforcements in Ireland following their departure from the European Union are being treated with scepticism.

Published August 19, 2017

Youths riot over bonfire raids

creditfallsfire.jpg A one-sided approach by council authorities to bonfires has been blamed for a riotous conflagration in nationalist areas of Belfast city centre this week which threatened to reignite conflict at sectarian interfaces in the city.

Published August 12, 2017

Historic Dáil document on peaceful unification

unitingdoc.jpg An Irish parliamentary report on achieving Irish unity has placed the republican goal of a united Ireland in the context of 26 County constitutional parliamentary politics for the first time.

Published August 5, 2017

PSNI’s Glenanne cover-up fails

glenannefamilies2.jpg In a dramatic vindication for the grieving families, the High Court in Belfast has accepted that the PSNI wrecked an investigation into collusion by Britain in the notorious Glenanne Gang, which was responsible for killing 130 Catholics.

Published July 29, 2017

Orange Order not shamed by hate fiesta

popecostume.jpg The Orange Order has refused to apologise after photographs emerged of supporters in Scotland wearing bizarre and shocking costumes expressing racist and sectarian hate.

Published July 22, 2017

Sickening sectarianism

mcguinnessbonfire.jpg The Democratic Unionist Party has caused a furore by issuing conflicting statements about the burning of a coffin effigy of the late Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness on a loyalist bonfire in east Belfast on Tuesday.

Published July 15, 2017

Culture of hate

carrickfergusbonfire.jpg Stung by criticism that it has conspired in loyalist paramilitary crime, Belfast city councillors have now attempted to limit the size of four ‘Eleventh Night’ bonfires, despite having previously funded and supported the infamously sectarian displays.

Published July 8, 2017

DUP triumphant as peace deal is shredded

dupno10.jpg A deal between the Tories and the Democratic Unionist Party could allow the unionist hardliners to control British policy in the north of Ireland for the lifetime of the current Westminster parliament.

Published July 1, 2017

‘Brexit to them gently’

queensspeech.jpg English royals Elizabeth and Charles Windsor have delivered the legislative agenda of the presumptive minority government in London for the next two years which revolves around its uncertain plans to withdraw from the European Union.

Published June 24, 2017

Peace warnings as May plays the Orange card

newsfdowningst.jpg An attempt by British Prime Minister Theresa May to placate the North of Ireland parties over her plans to form a pact with hardline unionists saw Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams tell her that her government is “in clear breach of the Good Friday Agreement”.

Published June 17, 2017

The devil and the DUP

duptheresamay.jpg Sinn Fein has played down the impact of a deal between unionists and Conservatives as it emerged the Democratic Unionist Party will support a minority Tory government in London.

Published June 10, 2017

Brazen murder as UDA rewards DUP with election support

hornerfoster.jpg A brutal murder by the unionist paramilitary UDA of a feud rival and its subsequent election endorsement of the DUP has dramatically raised the issue of collusion between unionist politicians and loyalist murder gangs ahead of next week’s Westminster election.

Published June 3, 2017

Rogue statelet

fitzpatrick.jpg The collapse of the trial of notorious Irish bankster Sean FitzPatrick has increased suspicions that the 26 County state is deliberately facilitating white collar crime.

Published May 27, 2017


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