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Thousands call for truth on collusion

One of the largest republican rallies in Belfast City Centre in recent times saw upwards of 10,000 people gather in front of the City Hall on Sunday. more

Handshakes and gestures make peace

Personal qualities, handshakes and gestures were topics for discussion at several of the debates during the West Belfast Féile an Phobail.

March for the right to vote

The exercise of basic civil rights in the North of Ireland is again a burning issue, writes LAURA FRIEL.

Confidence in the Process needs to be rebuilt

Sinn Féin Vice President Pat Doherty MP has said that politics has been allowed to be reduced to little more than internal unionist squabbles.

PSNI search homes of former UDR soldiers

PSNI officers are investigating the nearly 30-year-old killing of independent nationalist councillor Patrick Kelly.

Curran calls for removal of British Army patrols

Sinn Féin Councillor Brendan Curran has called for the removal of British Army foot patrols in the centre of Newry.

Ex-RIR soldier to seek compensation

An unemployment tribunal in Belfast has found that a former British soldier was driven to attempt suicide

McBride mother brands British minister "a disgrace"

The mother of a north Belfast teenager killed by British soldiers in 1992 walked out of a meeting with an NIO minister.

UDA issue new threats in North West

The UDA in Derry issued a new threat of violence at a loyalist press conference in the Waterside on Thursday 7 August.

Father Brown in the States

The second part of republican stalwart Joe Cahill's interview with JOANNE CORCORAN.

Lissadell House sold privately

Sinn Féin's Mayor of Sligo, Sean MacManus, has expressed extreme disappointment at the failure of the government to purchase Lissadell House and Estate.

Report calls for end to asylum seeker detentions

A new report has called on the British government to end its practice of detaining asylum seekers at Maghaberry jail in Co Antrim.

Drogheda doctors oppose incinerator

Eighteen family doctors in Drogheda have serious concerns about the building of the 26 Counties' first incinerator.

Tawdry splendours of our new aristocrats

For the new elite enriched by the Celtic Tiger, it is a republic only in name, writes PAUL O'CONNOR.

Cullen's disregard for workers' health and safety

Arthur Morgan TD has criticised comments by Minister Martin Cullen, expressing opposition to the forthcoming ban on smoking in all workplaces.

11,000 Irish nationals to be deported - from Ireland!

Over the past ten days, 700 deportation notices have been issued to parents of Irish-born children.

Speculators fuel house prices

Revealing financial statistics from Britain and a damning IMF report have underpinned the perilous state of the housing market.

Who will pay for missing millions?

Inflation figures last week showed slowing price rises and an annual inflation rate of 3.1%.

Electronic voting tally to be released

Tally figures will be available in next year's Local Government and European Union elections.

GAA heroes of the future

One of the highlights of West Belfast's Féile for children was the Cúige Uladh Féile, the Challenge GAA Football Tournament

Jack Lawlor honoured at Ballyheigue

A large gathering gathered to honour Jack Lawlor in Ballyheigue recently.

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