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Troops must go

The failure of the British government to make any meaningful contribution to the demilitarisation of the situation in the Six Counties is deeply disappointing and raises serious concerns about the direction of the peace process. more

ger as Fusco is detained

Widespread anger has followed the arrest and attempted extradition to the Six Counties of Angelo Fusco.

Loyalist feuding escalates

Two killings in two weeks have brought to light the tensions that have been simmering over the last few years within loyalism.

RUC avoid prosecution over Nelson death threats

The family of assassinated Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson may seek a judicial review of the decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions not to prosecute members of the RUC who threatened her life.

Tom Williams to buried next week

IRA Volunteer Tom Williams is to be buried next week in a private funeral organised by his remaining living relatives.

RUC step up informer drive

The RUC is mounting a major drive to blackmail local people and recruit informers in Tyrone, according to Omagh Sinn Féin councillor Terence Brogan.

Journalist refutes Bloody Sunday gun claims

A rehash of the claim that British paratroopers were fired on in Derry's Bogside before the Bloody Sunday massacre has caused uproar.

Sectarian murder attempt in Derry

A Catholic businessman narrowly escaped death after loyalists beat him unconscious before setting fire to his shop.

Crown forces accused of death threat

A death threat sent to a mother of two and her partner may have been the work of the crown forces, says Sinn Féin's Sean Hayes.

Respecting all sexual identities

The children of Ireland should have the freedom and resources to determine their own future - politically, economically, culturally, socially and sexually, writes Sinn Féin National Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin.

Criminal injustice

Laura Friel examines the Six-County criminal justice system's and questions whether the criminal justice review body set up under the Good Friday Agreement is up to the job.

ti-drugs activists disrupt council meetings

Anti-drugs campaigners took their frustrations over political inactivity and garda harassment to Dublin's council chambers this week.

Disastrous week for clothing workers

Roisin de Rosa reports on one of the many border-area clothing factories which announced lay-offs or closures last week.

Fire Brigades Service on verge of collapse

Most Dubliners would simply not believe what is happening to their emergency services, according to Sinn Féin Councillor Christy Burke.

Successful Derry co-option

Sinn Féin in Derry has successfully co-opted Gerry MacLochlainn onto the city council to replace Assembly member and party chair Mitchel McLaughlin.

Flu crisis funded

Six-County Minister for Health Bairbre de Brún has announced a 3.3 million plan to help hospitals cope with the flu epidemic.

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