Republican News · Thursday 8 May 1997

[An Phoblacht]

Historic days in words and pictures

New Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness shakes hands with a shocked
Ulster Unionist MP Ken Maginnis (Fermanagh-South Tyrone) at the
Omagh count on 2 May


One disillusioned SDLP activist admitted it had been Sinn Féin's day: ``You could see that they are the people's party. If only we could mobilise such boisterous support.''

Irish News, 3 May.


People like McGuinness are no pushover. They are not motivated by the desire for fame, fortune or political recognition. They are a lot more resolute, more capable of keeping their eyes on the big picture and a lot less corruptible than most constitutional politicians.

The Sunday Times gives rare praise to Martin McGuinness, Sunday 4 May.


[Sinn Féin] know how to win elections and they know how to celebrate when they win elections.

Barry Cowan on the scenes in Belfast City Hall after Gerry Adams's victory, Friday, 2 May.


The voters have put their faith in Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness's commitment to furthering the peace process.

Irish News editorial, Saturday 3 May.


abberation... A blank cheque for the IRA and their activities.

Seamus Mallon, 2 May.


``Welcome back again Gerry''


The historic victories by the republican leadership in Mid-Ulster and West Belfast have dramatically changed Northern Ireland's political map... The onward march of Sinn Féin marks a historic turning point in the battle for hearts and minds within nationalism.

William Graham, political correspondent, Irish News 3 May.


I just can't believe it - I'm in the City Hall, in the Sinn Féin office, sitting under a Tricolour. The biggest thrill of all was to see the photograph of Pat Beag [McGeown] over the mantlepiece. He would have been a very happy man today because he was one of our best workers.

Joe Cahill, 2 May.


What we require of the new British government is a real and determined attempt to rebuild a new peace process in this country. This is the most urgent task facing the new British Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Martin McGuinness MP, 2 May.


With flags and slogans City Hall was like a revolutionary commune.

Déaglán De Bréadún, Irish Times 3 May.


I've still got my thriving church and my gospel singing.

Willie McCrea, 2 May.


Sinn Féin has achieved its best election result for 40 years.

Daily Telegraph, 3 May.


Scenes inside Belfast City Hall and on the Falls Road as victory is savoured


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