October 16, 2017

Historic storm batters Ireland

turnerscross.jpg A woman in her 20s has been killed by a falling tree as hurricane force winds began hitting every county today in the worst storm Ireland has seen in fifty years.

October 14, 2017



Another loyalist ‘supergrass’ case has collapsed with the news that not one of the loyalists or Special Branch police named in court by informer Gary Haggarty will face prosecution.

How the DUP bought UDA votes

robinnewton.jpg New details of a corruption scandal have undermined efforts to restore the Stormont Assembly in Belfast, despite reports of progress in negotiations.

Judge ignored ‘not guilty’ statement

christineconnor2.jpg A republican jailed on IRA charges has launched a bid to overturn her conviction.

PSNI withhold report on Special Branch reform

johnmorton.jpg The PSNI police in the north of Ireland has refused to release a report on policing reform in the 1970s written by a British intelligence officer with openly racist views.

Independence on hold for Catalonia

puigdemont.jpg Members of the Catalan parliament have signed a declaration of independence from Spain but have agreed to suspend its implementation pending talks with the Madrid government.

‘Bonkers’ budget a media exercise

paschaldonohue.jpg The Dublin government has set aside five million euro for a new public relations department but said it has no funds to pay thousands of pensions blocked by a rule described by the Minister for Finance himself as ‘bonkers and unbelievable’.

Stop political extradition

ddmclaughlin.jpg An open letter to the Irish people from Portlaoise jail by republican political prisoner DD McLaughlin.

The United Irishmen

unitedirishmen.jpg The Society of United Irishmen, founded in 1791, embraced Catholics, Protestants and Dissenters in its aim to remove English control from Irish affairs.

October 7, 2017

‘Long live Catalonia’

catalans.jpg Irish nationalists have united in solidarity with Catalonia and in condemnation of the attempted suppression of this week’s independence poll.

Sinn Fein facing potential split

melissaoneill.jpg Sinn Fein could be facing a damaging split over its internal party management, according to reports. A number of rows and expulsions in recent months has seen some members already link up in a potential new national structure.

Hamilton admits UVF behind shared-space intimidation

cantrellflee.jpg The PSNI has been forced to admit unionist paramilitaries were behind threats which caused four Catholic families to flee their south Belfast homes.

Stormont talks approach ‘decision time’

oneillfostertoryconf.jpg With only weeks left until a British-imposed deadline for a deal on power-sharing talks, Sinn Fein’s Michelle O’Neill and the DUP leader Arlene Foster have clashed in an unusual public event.

Protests over PSNI harassment

stopandsearchcar.jpg A republican protest is set to take place against the PSNI after dozens of incidents of harassment in recent weeks.

Legal action over Ireland’s unwanted billions

apple13billion.jpg The Dublin government is being taken to the European Court of Justice over its refusal to collect 13 billion euro in taxes from US tech giant Apple.

Votarem - We will vote

rucdukest1968.jpg The response of the people of Catalonia to the violence of the Spanish state was astonishing and I want to commend their bravery.

Mind what you say

foster600.jpg Say you don’t consider this part of Ireland British and you’re likely to provoke anger from unionist politicians.

October 1, 2017

Independence voters attacked by Spanish riot police

catalpensioner.jpg Scores of polling station workers and voters alike have been injured in Catalonia as an official referendum on independence today was violently suppressed by the Spanish authorities in Madrid.

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