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October 17, 2019

[Irish Republican News]

DUP reject draft Brexit deal after talks with UDA/UVF

dupuda.jpg A draft agreement has been reached on Brexit between the European Union and the British government. However, following consultations with loyalist paramilitaries earlier this week, the DUP continue to reject the planned deal.

Published October 17, 2019

Ivor Bell cleared as Boston project is discredited

ivorbell2.jpg Ivor Bell, an 82-year-old veteran republican, has been found not guilty of involvement in the 1972 IRA execution of informer Jean McConville.

Published October 17, 2019

New IRA to target border infrastructure

newirac4.jpg The New IRA has said any border infrastructure developed as a result of Britain’s withdrawal of the north of Ireland from the EU will be considered a legitimate target for attack.

Published October 16, 2019

John Downey extradited

johndowney3.jpg Donegal republican John Downey, who is being pursued in connection with an IRA action in 1972 in which two British soldiers died, handed himself in to Gardaí police earlier today, according to a report this evening by the Press Association.

Published October 11, 2019