[Irish Republican News]

September 9, 2020

[Irish Republican News]

Tories admit to breaking international law on Ireland

roguestate.jpg The British government has been accused of creating a “rogue state” as it published a bill to violate the Irish protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, an international treaty.

Published September 9, 2020

British backsliding could wreck Brexit peace deal

johnsoncummings.jpg Reports that legislation is to be introduced by the British government to “eliminate the legal force” of parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, and specifically in relation to the border through Ireland, have sent shock waves around Europe.

Published September 7, 2020

Entrapment alleged as top Saoradh official named as MI5 agent

dennismcfadden.jpg A man presenting himself as a lifelong republican activist, Dennis McFadden, has been accused of working with British military intelligence to help imprison leading members of Saoradh.

Published August 24, 2020

Minister quits amid outrage over virus double standards

daracalleary.jpg A Minister in the Dublin government has resigned this morning for attending a parliamentary jolly with more than 80 people, including several other politicians and ‘elite’ figures, which breached Covid-19 regulations.

Published August 21, 2020