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April 8, 2021

[Irish Republican News]

PSNI attempt to provoke nationalists on Springfield Road

psnispringfield.jpg An attempt by the PSNI police to draw nationalist youths into conflict near a tense west Belfast interface failed tonight thanks to the efforts of community leaders.

Published April 8, 2021

Loyalists riot at West Belfast ‘peace line’

peaceline2021.jpg Another night of intense loyalist rioting has been criticised by politicians including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, although DUP leader Arlene Foster blamed Sinn Féin as “the real law breakers” over a lack of social distancing at a Sinn Féin funeral last year.

Published April 8, 2021

Easter statements 2021

1916executed.jpg A round-up of the annual speeches and statements released by republican organisations to mark the 105th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

Published April 5, 2021

DUP rhetoric blamed as UDA sustain disturbances

loynewtownabbey.jpg Petrol bombs have been thrown at the PSNI for a second night in County Antrim as loyalist paramilitaries have continued to orchestrate violence.

Published April 4, 2021

Bobby Sands’ Hunger Strike Diary


Forty years ago today, Bobby Sands began his hunger strike. In order to fight Thatcher’s policy of criminalisation and secure their status as Irish political prisoners, he and his comrades were willing to fast until death. In doing so, they changed the course of Irish history.

Published March 1, 2021