New Year statements
New Year statements



A round-up of the statements issed to mark the New Year by Sinn Féin and republican groups across Ireland.


New Year Message from Sinn Féin Deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill

As we enter 2024, I remain absolutely determined to lead a new Executive as First Minister for All.

Regardless of who you are, or where you come from, I see it as my duty as First Minister Elect to fully represent you, your family, and community.

And despite the recent political setback at the Hillsborough Talks when the DUP rolled back from joining the rest of us to form an Executive, we must focus once again on overcoming this in the New Year.

Negotiations between the DUP and British Government on the Windsor Framework are concluded.

It is time for the DUP to make a decision.

It’s time to move forward in lock-step, ensuring people have the Assembly and government they deserve.

And to ensure your quality of life and the opportunities, dreams and ambitions of your children and grandchildren can be realised.

Families and workers right across our society share a vision of a new future for our politics.

People deserve all parties working together to support workers and families through these challenging times.

And to seize the enormous economic opportunities ahead to attract investment, create new jobs, and to better all our people’s lives, no matter your background.

We urgently need a new Assembly that works at pace to deliver a fair pay rise for our healthcare staff, teachers, and public sector workers.

That tackles crippling health waiting lists that have left people without hope, and in pain.

And that ensures people with special educational needs and their families have access to properly funded, first-class support services.

We need an Executive back in place that listens to the voices of young people, families, and workers.

We owe it to our young people to make that progress happen.

To build opportunities for everyone.

To build a future we can all be proud of.

A future shaped by progress and prosperity.

For you, for your children and grandchildren.

A better future, together.

In 2024, I will continue to work for all, and tirelessly chart that path of progress and prosperity.


Irish Socialist Republican New Year Statement 2024 (Anti-Imperialist Action)

The leadership of Irish Socialist Republicans extends Revolutionary Greetings to our members and supporters across Ireland and abroad.

We salute the work of our mass organisations and their growing membership base over the previous 12 months, particularly Anti Imperialist Action Ireland and its youth wing Óige Réabhlóideach-Anti Imperialist Youth. We thank all our activists for your time, dedication and commitment.

We also recognise the important work carried out in 2023 by organisations such as the Revolutionary Housing League and over the last few months, Saoirse Don Phalaistín who have shown again and again that direct action is the method through which the Working Class achieve results. We renew our commitment to supporting your work in the coming year.


Today, the struggle for National Liberation in Palestine is inspiring Revolutionaries around the world. We extend our fraternal solidarity to our comrades in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and their fighters in the Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades. We extend our full solidarity and support to the Palestinian People and the Palestinian Resistance in their heroic fight against Imperialism and its puppet, Zionist settler colonialism. We call for the release of Ahmad Sa’adat, Georges Abadallah, Khalida Jarrar and all Palestinian Political Prisoners.

The war in Palestine is a war of the whole people for National Liberation. The Palestinian Resistance has demonstrated what is possible when a broad front resistance movement is established to give leadership to the struggle and have shown oppressed people around the world that resistance is the only path to victory. Despite the genocidal campaign of Zionism and international Imperialism, the resistance and the Palestinian People stand strong and cannot be defeated. We will continue to do all we can to support the Palestinian Resistance in 2024 and believe there is much that the Revolutionary Movement in Ireland can learn from the United Palestinian National Resistance.

We also extend our solidarity to those forces who have acted in solidarity with Palestine. We salute the fighters of Hezbollah, Ansar Allah and the Iraqi Resistance who have entered the war and demonstrated that Palestinian will never stand alone. We call on all those who support Palestine to extend solidarity to these movements and be ready to defend them from imperialist attack. We salute all those in Ireland and around the world who have taken to the streets. In our millions the people of the world have spoken with one voice to stand for Palestine and to resist the actions of Zionist Settler Colonialism and Imperialism.

Administrations in the west, NATO and the EU have all demonstrated that they will continue to stand with Zionism, terrified to lose imperialism’s puppet colony in the Middle East. In 2024 it is up to the people ourselves to take action to further isolate Zionism at the International level. Mass campaigns of direct action will be needed to expel the Zionist terrorist Ambassadors from countries around the world and close the embassies for good. Boycott’s of Zionist Goods and services must be developed in all communities and a blockade of Zionist Goods entering countries must be built.


At the dawn of 2024, the Revolutionary Socialist Republican Movement extends our greetings to all other Irish Republican organisations and independents, who like us, remain committed to the struggle for National Liberation. We extend our solidarity to the Irish Republican POWs across Ireland being held in gaol by Britain and the Free State and to all Republican Activists who have received harassment by state forces over the past 12 months.

Today, Ireland remains illegally occupied and partitioned, both a colony and a semi-colony of British, European and North American Imperialism. 6 Irish Counties are under direct British military occupation while the 26 counties are under the economic control of Britain, the EU and US corporations. Our country is firmly in the sights of NATO as part of their ongoing imperialist expansion and who now maintain an almost permanent presence at Shannon Airport, while the British Navy occupy our waters and the British Airforce occupy our skies.

Our people across the 32 counties are suffering as a result of an unrelenting class war which keeps the working class divided by forcing them to compete for the crumbs off the table of capitalism and imperialism. The supply of Housing, outside of limited social housing, Our Natural Resources, industry and wealth production are in the hands of imperialists while education, healthcare transport and working conditions are under attack. None of the above can be changed through bourgeois elections or British border polls, but only through the disciplined actions of Revolutionary Republicans and the Working Class. In short, they can only be addressed by Revolution. Ireland today is in as much need of a strong and United Anti Imperialist Movement as it was in 1916.

As we enter 2024 the most pressing task facing Republicans is to rebuild the National Unity of the Movement and strengthen the Republican Resistance. No one group can lead our struggle to victory nor can a divided or competing Republican family.

The Revolutionary Socialist Republican Movement believes that the way forward for the fight for National Liberation and Socialism in Ireland is through the development of an Anti Imperialist Broad Front. However, we also believe that words are not enough and action is needed to make such a Front a reality.

Over the past 12 months we have engaged with Republicans across Ireland on the need to develop a Broad Front that would work for the unity of Irish Revolutionaries around common Republican principles. Through our extensive engagement with groups and independents around the country it is clear that there is a strong desire at the grassroots for a front that could unite all Revolutionary Republicans, while at the same time being unafraid to maintain the autonomy and independence of groups and recognise differences in a comradely way.

We propose that all genuine Republicans commit that 2024 will be the year that we act together to strengthen our resistance movement by building the Broad Front. We propose that all groups and independents now enter a period of comradely discussion and debate on the form that front should take and the principles that should guide it. We propose that a Broad Front Congress should be organised before the end of this year at which all Republican groups and independents are invited and welcome and can come to the table with proposals about how we take our struggle forward together. Disunity only serves our enemies and unity will be our strength. We urge all Republicans interested in working to develop this process and the organising of a Broad Front Congress to contact us and let us together turn the demand of the Republican base into action.

In the coming year the Revolutionary Socialist Republican Movement will continue to work to deepen our base in Working Class communities across the country. Our people are demanding a change to the power relations in Ireland and Socialist Republicanism must be the engine for that change.

The weakness of the liberal ‘left’, now almost completely divorced from the working class, has played a major role to a rise in racist sentiment in Working Class communities. Such false division can only be combatted on the ground by engaging in our communities, with our Friends, neighbours and work colleagues to ensure our class enemies are clearly identified and that the focus of anger is on the forces of Capitalism and Imperialism in Ireland. Irish Republicanism is of, and rooted in the Working Class. It is a key role of Republican Community Activists to combat racist and reactionary sentiment and win our communities to support the progressive and revolutionary position of Republicansim. This takes hard work, it takes listening and engaging with our youth and communities, instead of writing them off and it means demonstrating, through direct action particularly on housing, that we have the answers to the issues our Class and communities are concerned about.

To date the small number of foreign funded, fascist and far right agitators have failed to gain a foothold in our communities and have been rejected by the Working Class. These spokespeople for the controlled opposition are closely linked to British Imperialism, Loyalist Fascism and are led by known MI5 agents. The funding for the ‘Irish’ fascists comes from the British and North American Far right. These agents operate by peddling lies, misinformation and fear to whip up anti migrant and refugee sentiment to divide the working class and they engage in actions that are designed to allow the state bring in draconian legislation that can be used against Revolutionaries. The actions of the far right, facilitated at each turn by the state, have led to the proposed introduction of facial recognition technology, new limits on protests and hate speech legislation that will be used against Revolutionaries and opponents of the state. It is clear to see that the far right annd fascists offer nothing to working class communities demanding change, as they are the tools of the reactionary state.

While fascism has no base outside of Loyalism, real effort must be made by Republicans and other genuine revolutionaries to combat the lies told by the far right and to prevent fascist organisations ever gaining a foothold. The most successful way to do this is for Republicans to be active in and to the fore inn defending our communities from all who who mean them harm and to take action to nip any expression of fascism in the bud. 2024 gives a real opportunity to turn the tide on racism, fascism and the far right and Republicans will not be found wanting.

As the New Year begins, the leadership of the Revolution Socialist Republican Movement are confident in the growing trend of Revolution internationally to which our fight for National Liberation is inextricably linked and we salute all those Revolutionary Anti Imperialists and the International Communist Movement around the world, who continue their own fight for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. With the correct strategy, campaigns and alliances we are confident that our struggle can continue to go from strength to strength and that the Republican Resistance will inevitably achieve victory by any means necessary.

Beir Bua- Tiocfaidh Ár Lá

An Lár Choiste
Irish Socialist Republicans


32 County Sovereignty Movement New Year Message 2023/24

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement send solidarity greetings to our membership base, friends and comrades and to all political prisoners around the world.

We extend greetings to all the Irish people at home and abroad.

We offer a special solidarity with the plight of the Palestinian people at this time of slaughter against them. The Israeli regimes onslaught is to be abhorred and we cannot stand idly by as this reign of terror is conducted with the assistance of Western allies. We reiterate that what Western governments are doing is reprehensible.

This year 2024 we believe we may be entering a new world order as a result of attempts to call for a ceasefire in Gaza being vetoed. There is clear evidence this veto at the UN Security Council is being used to allow the genocide in Gaza leaving the UN powerless in such situations.

What is now happening with the occupation of Gaza appears to be Israels intention to remain there as part of their colony. They are on record as stating they will remain for security reasons. However their record of oppression against the Palestinian people is there for all to see.

The people of Ireland can relate to these colonisation tactics and to this day our own sovereign rights continue to be denied.

In 1998 the Irish people were duped whereby Nationalist political parties, through the Good Friday Agreement, accepted the violation of our sovereignty, thus undermining the republican narrative. Today we witness the continued failure of British Rule in Ireland.

2023 has seen the continued failure of Stormont. In relation to our public services, the health service is on its knees, our education system is fractured, homelessness continues to increase and the cost-of-living crisis is creating a new work poor.

It is not enough for the political class to say blame the Tories and the British government. They sought election on the basis they could pull the Tories into line, they can’t and wont, because British Rule dictates to us how the British deal with us.

The Unionist veto in the 1998 agreement is its biggest flaw, a flaw since the artificial state was created that allows the Unionist parties to deny the Irish people their sovereign rights.

For Republicans 2024 should be the year for joined up thinking rather than a range of small organisations saying the same things. We have to challenge the political parties on their failings and their failure to protect the rights of their fellow citizens and we need the republican position articulated in cities, towns and villages across Ireland.

Our door remains open. Our children, our grandchildren deserve better.

Beir bua.


2024 New Year Statement from the Leadership of the IRSP

As we commence 2024, the Republican Socialist Movement starts the new year by sending solidarity greetings to revolutionaries here in Ireland and around the world.

In particular, we give special mention to political prisoners. Revolutionary Prisoners, no matter where they are imprisoned, suffer in defence of the working class and as such, they are the symbol of endurance that inspires all of us to continue our work, each and every day.

Here in Ireland, the costs of buying a home, renting a property, fuelling your car and covering generally every basic essentials has increased drastically. Incomes have not increased to combat this, resulting in extreme poverty all over the country, a situation the people of Ireland are unfortunately familiar with.

Whilst the DUP continues to prevent the restoration of the rotten Stormont regime, Sinn Féin and other establishment political parties argue to both Westminster, the Dail, the EU and US for political intervention to build up the northern statelet. We say let Stormont fail. We have always argued that Stormont was incompatible with basic democracy and equality. We have never advocated for an internal six county political settlement and the longer this entity remains closed down the more the people lose confidence in this institution and the closer we are to a new political paradigm in which the people have a say in the constitutional future of the island. Our cry has always been to smash Stormont and it will remain that way until our nation is united!

Those who advocate for Stormont and debate the job title of a £130,000 per year head of state, whilst many families contemplate their mortgages, heating their homes and putting food on the table, simply show how out of touch these political parties have become. This is fundamentally wrong and is irrelevant to the vast majority of working class people across our country. Let it fail and let us build for the republic.

In the South, rental costs top the agenda, in parallel with the lack of social housing. The average rent for a mere apartment exceeds €1500, with average costs in Dublin for new renters exceeding €2000. As people are evicted from their homes, children thrown onto the street, still no credible action is taken outside of staged televised arguments in Leinster House. This needs to change and change will only happen when working class people become empowered and act in their own interests.

The shortcomings of both establishments in the north and south has however served to force the idea of a ‘new’ and ‘united’ Ireland into the national news agenda, with more and more of the Irish people becoming frustrated by the never ending cycle of poverty and inaction, overseen by rich politicians.

The IRSP, for a number of years now, have been at the coalface of the battle against aggressive landlords. Following countless successful protests against evictions, we have Letting Agencies and landlords thinking twice before even considering this course of action, and we will pursue this agenda again in 2024 as we continue our defence of working class families. We demand that the welfare of citizens is prioritised over the profiteering of landowners and action will be taken at every turn to ensure this is the case.

We reiterate our unconditional support for the Palestinian people and we salute those resisting Israeli aggression. Furthermore, we call upon International leaders to apply pressure on the Israeli and American governments to recognise the human rights of the people of Palestine.

It is evident that attempting to displace and bomb the Palestinian population out of existence, an astonishing plan but one that appears to be an actual IDF strategy, is futile.

Finally, we thank our members, our supporters and their families for their efforts, sacrifices and loyalty throughout 2023.

The work of building and maintaining a revolutionary political party for the working class of Ireland is our daily focus and should be at the core of the mindset of any Republican Socialist in 2024, as workers are bombarded with the politics of the corporates and the elites.

It is with that in mind that we again pledge our allegiance to the working class. ‘We will continue to provide leadership on the streets and we are prepared to do so also in the elected chambers’, should that opportunity arise, in the words of our founder Seamus Costello.

Saoirse Go Deo

Happy New Year


Republican Prisoners New Year Statement (Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association)

We the Republican Political Prisoners incarcerated in Maghaberry, Hydebank and Portlaoise Gaols send revolutionary New Year’s greetings to our supporters at home and abroad, and also to other anti-imperialist prisoners, and struggling occupied people around the world.

We especially want to send fraternal greetings to the freedom loving Palestinian people and their loved ones who are held captive by the Zionist regime.

It is important to understand that the plight of the Palestinian people is entwined with the Irish struggle. Sections of the Irish people are quick to rightly condemn the Zionist war machine that continues to torture the Palestinian people but are nowhere to be found when it comes to the equally immoral and illegal occupation of their own land. While they call for support of Palestinian prisoners they ignore irish political prisoners on their own door step. It seems easier and safer to shout the wrongs of imperial aggression thousands of miles away, while remaining silent when it’s closer to home.

Political prisoners held captive in Maghaberry continue once again to face the indignity of strip searching. After what was deemed as a move forward with the introduction of a body scanner, the MI5 directed regime has now regressed with strip searching once again being used to target and attack Republican Prisoners. This has the potential to lead to conflict within the walls of Maghaberry, Portlaoise and Hydebank as the three gaols holding Republican Political Prisoners now act in cohesive unison for each other.

We also send revolutionary greetings to those in Saoradh, Éistigí and the IRPWA. In the face of constant harassment, including many stop & searches, aggressive raids, and terms of administrative detention (interment ) they continue to raise the plight of the Republican Prisoners, and support our families. The IRPWA are the only organisation that represents us.

The upsurge in the use of administrative detention, the continued use of draconian bail scenarios, denial of compassionate release and the banning of our document on ending conflict within the gaols, are all a consequence of the occupations fear of genuine analysis being put forward by working class Irish Republicans who are engaging with the youth, and building solid foundations within their communities.

We ask that anyone who is interested in helping out Republican Prisoners to contact your local IRPWA representative, and play whatever role you can to highlight the plight of Republican Prisoners, the continued harassment of Irish Republicans, and ending the occupation of our country.

Finally, we wish all our comrades and supporters a Happy New Year. We thank everyone who has continued to contribute to the Republican Movement in any way they can and we ask that they encourage others to get involved in building a socialist Republic, with full national sovereignty.

Republican Political Prisoners
Maghaberry, Hydebank, Portlaoise


Saoradh New Year Statement 2024

Cuireann Saoradh beannachtaí réabhlóideacha chuig ár mbaill agus chuig ár lucht tacaíochta uilig agus muid ag tabhairt aghaidh ar 2024.

Smaoiníonn muid go háirithe ar ár gcomrádaithe atá fós i ngéibheann timpeall na tíre agus a muintir

Saoradh would like to wish all our supporters and members a Revolutionary New Year. We would also like to send all our imprisoned comrades held in captivity in gaols across the country, and their loved ones, Revolutionary New Year greetings.

Like previous years, 2023 has seen British intelligence services direct political policing in the Occupied Six Counties, with several party members reporting approaches by shady agents of MI5 and scores more being detained on spurious charges. Listening devices have been found in various Republican communities, placed no doubt by these same MI5 spooks. In the Free State, the willing lackeys of the Special Detective Unit under the direction of MI5 agent, Drew Harris, have continued their harassment, surveillance, intimidation and raids. The stop and searches against our members have continued unabated and the daily harassment at the hands of both the Crown Forces and Gardai has continued.

The struggle inside the occupier’s gaols has continued in 2023. Republican Prisoners remain steadfast behind the Republican Movement and the Republican Movement in return supports them. In Maghaberry Gaol prisoners find themselves again facing a degrading forced strip searching policy. Saoradh demand an end to forced strip searching.

Internationally Saoradh have strengthened ties with allies and comrades around the world and in 2023 we continued to build solidarity with many anti-imperialist and left-wing groups at home and further afield. This was evident by the solidarity messages from around the world, particularly our ongoing communications with our comrades in Palestine who continue to face the onslaught of Zionist occupation.

In terms of publicity, Saoradh continue face censorship challenges as the traditional Republican analysis being put forward by ourselves is repeatedly proven correct. The Saoradh website remains a huge success and has given the party the ability to get our own news and statements out, free from censorship. Saoradh will continue to spread our message of the Unfinished Revolution on a range of platforms.

Despite setbacks and challenges, we have continued to grow our party membership at a steady rate. Clearly our revolutionary message is resonating with many across Ireland and we will continue to grow across the island. We remain involved in relevant community groups, sporting organisations, residents associations, Irish language groups, and cultural bodies.

We have been to the fore in resisting the far-right across the island. We have supported workers on strike and those facing eviction. We have supported communities in standing up to anti-community behaviour. We have commemorated our Republican dead. We have highlighted internment and supported Republican Prisoners and we have campaigned against Crown Force and Free State harassment.

The British, the Free State, and their international capitalist cohorts will continue their campaigns against us. They will stop at nothing to disrupt and hinder our legitimate political activities. We know that they will not be successful.

All of our continued activism in grassroots communities mean that the establishment fears us and fears what we can achieve. We are a Revolutionary Republican Socialist party, dedicated to the establishment of a Socialist Republic and for that we make no apologies.

We are here to stay. In 2024 join us in the Unfinished Revolution!

Nílimid ag imeacht ar chor ar bith, tá dúshlán mór os ár gcomhair ach tá muid dírithe ar an obair idir lámha againn. Táimid muiníneach as an dtuiscint atá againn ar fhadhbanna na tíre agus tá an fhís agus an inspioráid againn chun an réabhlóid a chur i gcrích.

Ar aghaidh linn chun na Poblachta.


Irish Republican Army New Year Statement (New IRA)

The leadership of the Irish Republican Army wish our activists, supporters and friends a Revolutionary New Year.

We wish to extend solidarity greeting to the political prisoners of the Irish Republic across the 32 counties of Ireland.

To the active volunteers of the IRA, you have yet again shown your dedication, fearlessness and commitment to our cause for Irish liberation, we salute you!

We also wish to extend revolutionary greetings to all like minded and anti-imperialist organisations currently involved in the many conflicts across the globe.

The treatment of the occupied Palestinian people by the western backed Zionist Israeli army, tells the world that colonialism and imperialism is the biggest threat to any persons freedom and sovereignty. We fully support all action against these forces.

In the context of Ireland, British occupation and EU prominence of our national affairs continues to promote the occupation of our country and the erosion of our national sovereignty.

We also note with interest the revival of Republican commemorative events across the country by various groupings, we would like to remind people that our fallen comrades did not give their lives to be commemorated.

Commemorations will not bring us one step closer to a United Ireland and we would encourage anyone looking to honour our fallen comrades to do so by joining the IRA and fight for the same cause for which they died.

The IRA today reiterates it’s fight for Irish independence in all forms that might take. We have shown in the past 12 months that we still have the volunteers and capability to target members of the Crown forces where and when we see fit, we will continue to do so.

We conclude the past year with the words of Padraig Pearse:

“The Defenders of this Realm have worked well in secret and in the open. They think that they have pacified Ireland. They think that they have purchased half of us and intimidated the other half. They think that they have foreseen everything, think that they have provided against everything; but the fools, the fools, the fools!– they have left us our Fenian dead; and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace”

T O’Neill


Republican Network for Unity

Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh, Republican Network for Unity extends greetings to our comrades at home and abroad, we send solidarity and well wishes to Republican Political Prisoners in particular our comrades Carl Reilly and Paul Crawford. With every year that passes the British establishment continues to exert force against the Republican Movement, probing for weaknesses they are all to keen to exploit, yet with every year that passes we are becoming stronger and more versatile, changing, and growing, all while continuing to push our agenda, which is securing a 32 county Socialist Republic.

This past year we have engaged a lot internally regarding our direction and how our movement can grow and flourish, we have begun a process of engagement with the Irish Unity project, our intentions are to ask the questions that are necessary while also injecting Irish liberation into everyday conversation. The days of shouting from outside the room are over, we will be present and accounted for inside the room and are more than capable of debating any subject, with anyone. It’s Time for Change.

This year like many others have yet again demonstrated the complete failure of both political institutions in Ireland, Stormont continues to languish and fail, long may it continue to the day we free ourselves from the oppressive institution, not to forgot the HSE scandal, where the Leinster House administration was warned that children would die if the mismanagement of the service continued, and instead of helping they flooded funding into private hospitals owned by Larry Goodman and Denis O’Brien. Leinster House is an institution of the capitalist class that administers austerity upon the Irish people and the gap between the rich and poor continues to widen. This is not some type of conspiracy, it is widely known and accepted, multinational businesses such as google, thrive here due to low taxation but also a reluctance on the part of the administration to effectively collect tax from these major corporations and billionaires. The same institution ignored calls and demands for the tv licensing to be scrapped, mainly because it gives those in power a stranglehold over the media and what is being presented to the people of the nation, which is everything but the truth.

One of the most positive aspects in the 26 counties this year is our party’s growth, our new Cumann in Cork has been extremely active, building the social cohesion within the communities they live, rallying against the international tyranny of NATO, challenging political parties and individual TD’s on issues within the community such as school closures. We will continue to build in strength in the 26 counties, we need a resolutely strong Republican presence across the nation, one that is open, honest, and hard working for the people in our communities, we, the people, together are the strongest vehicle for change in this country, everyone is welcome to contribute to our journey as we continue steadfastly forward.

As we write this statement the Israeli genocide against the Palestinian people continues with Netanyahu vowing to continue the war. We absolutely condemn Israel and ask for the international community to continue to support Palestine and continue the supportive efforts of exerting pressure on their governments to intervene. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

Republican Network for Unity continues to support the ceasefire called by ONH in January 2017, which has allowed for our party to grow and explore different routes forward for liberation. We continue to believe that this decision was right and honourable. The British State continues to attack our movement using the corrupt PSNI, despite the provocation the ceasefire has been kept intact.

This year also seen RNU hold an event to discuss the PSNI and its tactics employed within out communities, there was a lot of positive debate and although each speaker came from a different direction, the fundamental flaws of the state where open for all to see. One of the many ideas floated at our event was the possibility of another Patton style reform, this idea was well presented and debated, but our party resolutely believe that the complete disbandment of the PSNI is warranted as it is a wholly corrupt and unrepairable institution. Although like Stormont perhaps the PSNI is corrupt by design, to further hold us back on our journey towards liberation.

“While Ireland is not free, I remain a rebel, unconverted and unconvertible. There is no word strong enough for it. I am pledged as a rebel, an unconvertible rebel, to the one thing - a free and independent Republic.”- Constance Markievicz

We embody those words and the visions, aspirations and hopes of all our leaders and fallen comrades, who come before us. We forge a new path but remain ardent in our opposition to British Rule and continue the long and honourable tradition of rebellion and revolution.


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