A tale of two bail systems
A tale of two bail systems



Inequality in the treatment of republicans and loyalists when it comes to receiving bail was highlighted this week when a loyalist charged with possession of an assault rifle and large quantities of drugs and cash, and two others accused of forcing a young Catholic family to flee their home, were all quickly released on bail.

In contrast, over half of republican prisoners at Roe House Maghaberry have now been held without trial for periods of up to three years, while two female prisoners have now been held without trial for a total of 5 years and 6 months.

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association has hit out at the systematic use of internment by remand against republicans.


Republicans have faced the British Diplock Courts for decades knowing full well that this form of British imposed judiciary system was and is used as just another axis to cement partition by crushing Republicanism, and removing any opposition to the denial of national sovereignty.

While in the past the British diplocks were used to hand down extremely long sentences, they have evolved, so not only do they incarcerate Republicans with long sentences, they now weild long remands in their arsenal.

There are former Republicans and constitutional Nationalists who would like to be seen championing the Palestinian cause and highlighting the Israeli use of “administrative detention” by that apartheid state against the Palestinian people. Yet on their own soil these British puppets suport its use against Republicans, the only difference is that in this corrupt and occupied statelet the title “administrative detention” is known as “remand”.

It comes as no surprise to Republicans that the tool of administrative detention is now being willingly used by the British judiciary at the behest of MI5 to extract from Republican Prisoners the most lengthy gaol time they can. This, without being found guilty or without facing a trial and all along life goes on, family members pass away, children grow up, yet “No Bail For Republicans Allowed’ or “No Compassionate Bail For Republicans Allowed”.

Loyalists on the other hand get bail at the drop of a hat or repeatedly at the whim of a diplock judge who is directed by MI5 to grant bail. No matter how serious the charge, a loyalist or a drug dealer will get bail.

Why is that ? Why is it only Republicans who see and highlight this illegal practice ?

No soundings from the Catholic Church, no noise from the law society, nothing from humanitarian organisations. Why?

The reasons are clear; this is a statelet under direct occupation and run by MI5. They have bought and paid for its quislings and have cowed the rest, whilst they control all aspects of the media. But this only goes to shine a light on our view, our analysis:

“It lights the dark of this prison cell It thunders forth its might It is the undauntable thought my friend That thought that says ‘I’m right’”

Remand times until end of April 2023:

Roe House:

Sean Farrell - 3 years
DD Mc Laughlin - 2 years 9 months
Shea Reynolds - 2 years 9 months
Gary Hayden - 2 years 9 months
Kevin Barry Murphy - 2 years 9 months
David Jordan - 2 years 9 months
Ciaran Maguire - 2 years 9 months
Joseph Donnelly - 9 months
Gary Mc Nally - 9 months
Charlie Love - 5 months


Mandy Duffy - 2 years 9 months
Sharon Jordan - 2 years 9 months

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