Don’t let them break you



The following piece was published by Junior McDaid House, a new joint Irish Republican Prisoners’ Welfare Association and Saoradh office in Derry named after the late IRA volunteer, James ‘Junior’ McDaid.


It is impossible to forget certain media reports. They are engraved upon your mind at the moment you first view them. Younger Republicans will not remember certain articles and images from the war but as recent investigations have brought them back into the public domain, there is no doubt that all of us can relate to them and their meaning.

The account of Aidan Starrs, Johnny Dignam and Gregory Burns. Three British agents who had murdered and secretly buried Margaret Perry in an attempt to conceal their role within British intelligence. They were executed by the IRA and their bodies left on the road. The recently aired confession of Caroline Moreland, a Belfast woman who confessed to being a British agent inside the IRA and who was subsequently executed with her body being left on the Fermanagh Monaghan border in July 1994.

The recent lonesome and pathetic death of Derry British agent Raymond Gilmore who had worked for British intelligence against his own people before ironically being exposed by his handlers. This forced him to flee his home and to rot in isolation and alcoholism in various shabby English flats until his pathetic existence was finally extinguished. His rotting corpse lay undiscovered for days. No-one cares about an informer, they do not have loved ones.

All of these horrid images and stories raise the question, “What happened to send these people into such pathetic lonely deaths?”

It begins with an approach. Caroline Moreland claims to have been threatened with the loss of her children, Johnny Dignam & Co offered various reasons. Raymond Gilmore pretended he had a justification for turning on his own but an informer is a narcissist and by virtue of their existence will do or say anything to protect only themselves and only for their own selfish interest.

The intelligence world is a dark place that we know is bereft of law, morals or justice. British intelligence controls everything in the 6 Counties, from the Prisons to the so-called ‘Police’. Over the past 10 years Nationalist politicians aided by the NIO have rammed an image of the RUC down our throats that simply doesn’t exist.

They have told us that the RUC has changed its ways and swore that it is no longer at war with the Nationalist community. They have ordered us to endorse it and they have forced it into every aspect of community life to such an extent it is impossible to live without “them” being “there” somewhere.

Last year PSNI commander Will Kerr stated on radio that “MI5 and the PSNI” are “the same thing”. No-one seemed to raise an eyebrow at this revelation but it was the first time that someone so senior conceded what Republicans have known always.

At the weekend National Organiser for Saoradh, Joe Barr, arrived home to find that a letter signed by “Caroline” awaited him. Joe does not know who “Caroline” is. The letter is a disgusting attempt by British intelligence to recruit an agent within the Revolutionary Republican Party Saoradh.

This letter arrived a week following the publication of a newspaper article. The article detailed how Joe had been forced from the U.S. by FBI agents working on the instructions of British intelligence while on a business trip and how he has been left unemployed as a result.

“Caroline’s” attempt to exploit the very circumstances which British intelligence created in order to facilitate an approach is truly shocking in 2017.

“Caroline” tells Joe in the letter that only she can help him. In an attempt to manipulate him, she tells him that he is smarter than his comrades and has already proven an ability to act and think differently than them. It is probably the same theme that was once applied to the narcissistic Raymond Gilmore and one that appealed to him.

British intelligence have targeted Joe in a number of ways over the last 12 months. He has been arrested, charged, constantly harassed by the RUC on a daily basis, they terminated his employment and have applied so much pressure upon him, that both his family and personal relationships are inevitably enduring stress.

Having directed this vendetta against Joe, MI5 now believe that he is ready to break and enter the arena for MI5 against his people, his friends and his Country.

They want him to inflict damage on Saoradh and the Republican movement. They want him to engage in the activities Johnny Dignam and Co. did and they want his life to extinguish in a dirty oul’ flat in England in the same isolation as Raymond Gilmores.

British intelligence set about to destroy this young mans life last year because of his legitimate Republican beliefs. They targeted a very hard working, well educated and decent young man until he had lost his employment, was before the courts and had featured in the local media. They did so in order to make him vulnerable enough to recruit him into a life of unthinkable crime. Former agents include Mark Haddock, Torrens Knight and Freddie Scappaticci. The pathway to a better life that “Caroline” has offered to Joe is the road to pure evil.

Saoradh demand that the British explain them-selves in relation to this disgusting attempt at wreaking havoc upon the people of Derry through agency. We call on the forces of Nationalism, who have been driving the Normalisation process for a decade, to come out now and to condemn this horrific and now wholly exposed agenda. The RUC and MI5 are one and the same body. They have no place around any Irish person and have been exposed by “Caroline” for what they are and always have been.

Do not be fooled by British intelligence or flattered by their overtures. They possess the same consideration for Joe or indeed any other Republican, as they did for the rest of those whom they gleefully sent to lay dead on border roads, in England’s dirty war games.

We make an appeal to anyone who has been approached by British intelligence and has accepted their false promises of a better life to come forward and to make it known. Do not allow yourselves to end up in the same sorry state that others did. As revolutionaries we understand how England works and why they work in this manner. We therefore are truly here to help all victims of British rule.

In response to Caroline who asked that Joe keep her little letter to himself. We hope you enjoyed this statement.

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