New Year statements


A round-up of the statements issued at the turn of the New Year by various republican groups.


Gerry Adams (for Sinn Fein)

The past year has been a hard one for many. Under Fine Gael and Labour, despite the departure of the Troika, the austerity policies of the EU and IMF continue.

Citizens continue to pay back a debt that is not ours. The old, the young, the sick, citizens with disabilities, carers and mortgage holders still carry this unjust and unfair burden. Public services, including health, face more cuts while the Tax on family homes will increase and water charges will be introduced.

A change of political direction is needed. The cycle of austerity, inequality, unemployment and emigration must be broken. The Irish people deserve better.

What is needed is a fundamental realignment of Irish politics. The Irish people deserve better than the politics of two conservative blocs or parties of the left propping up right-wing governments.

North and South, in government or in opposition, Sinn Fein has pointed to a better, fairer way forward. This is about protecting families on low and middle incomes, public services, investment in jobs, fair taxes, and growing the all-Ireland economy.

It is about fairness in the economy, fairness in Government and fairness in society.

It is also about building the Peace Process which remains a work in progress. Sinn Fein is committed to ensuring the full implementation of the Good Friday and all other Agreements.

I want to thank Dr. Richard Haass, Meghan O Sullivan, Charlie Landow and their team and our colleagues in all five parties represented in the recent all-party talks.

The proposals issued by Dr Haass represent a significant step forward. When the other parties and the two Governments have had time to reflect on these, there must be a collective effort to find a way forward.

That is the will of the people as we enter into another New Year and it is certainly the intention of Sinn Fein.

Sinn Fein believes that the Irish people, listening to each other, respecting each other and working together, can replace the divisions of the past with a future based on unity and equality.

Together we can build an agreed Ireland and a pluralist, inclusive and modern republic which respects and cherishes all identities and serves all citizens.

Let’s make 2014 the year of political progress and positive change.

For now, I wish you all a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Bliain ur faoi mhaise daoibh go leir.



Eirigi extends New Year greetings to our members and supporters in Ireland and overseas. We also take the opportunity to offer ongoing solidarity to all who stand against the exploitation and domination of capitalism and imperialism across the Earth.

During the course of 2013 our party members and supporters continued to be targeted by the forces of both the Six and Twenty-Six County states. eirigi offers particular solidarity to all those who were harassed, assaulted, arrested and jailed in pursuit of the struggle for a Democratic Socialist Republic during 2013. As has been the case for centuries past the determination and courage of the individual republican activist remains the greatest strength of our struggle, a human bulwark which has defended the integrity of the Irish Republican movement since the time of Wolfe Tone.

Our comrade Stephen Murney has now been interned in Maghaberry Jail for over a year. He and others have been targeted by the British state because of their political beliefs and their political activism. eirigi repeats its demand for the immediate release of Stephen Murney and all other internees, and again calls for the abolition of the legislation that facilitates the internment of political activist on both sides of the border.

2013 was another challenging year for the Irish working class as the austerity programme of the Leinster House and Stormont regimes heaped further misery upon communities the length and breadth of the country. Unemployment and enforced emigration remained the tools of choice for a ruling class intent on driving down the living and working conditions of workers and their families. As has been the case since 2008 the ruling class have continued to use the current crisis as a pretext to erode benefits and public services that were hard fought for by previous generations of Irish citizens.

In recent months the political establishment has made a concerted effort to convince the nation that the economic situation is improving. The state and corporate media have been used to propagate the fantasy that ‘we have turned the corner’, when in fact the conditions of the working class continue to disimprove in both states. And those conditions will continue to deteriorate into the future if the right wing economic hegemony is not effectively challenged by the forces of the left.

In reviewing 2013 eirigi acknowledges the relative weakness of progressive forces in Ireland and the reality that the ruling class have been able to implement a half decade long programme of austerity with relative ease. The last twelve months have again confirmed that those who were best placed to lead effective resistance to austerity have failed the Irish working class. Instead of building resistance in the workplace and on the streets, the leaderships of the trade unions, the Labour Party and Sinn Fein have instead chosen to accept the diktats of the Troika, Westminster and the international capitalist markets.

In acknowledging the relative weakness of progressive forces in Ireland eirigi also recognises the very real potential that exists for new political forces and organisations to emerge over the coming years. Despite the shortcomings of the leadership of the trade union movement and the established political parties, grassroots resistance to austerity continues to grow apace. Growing numbers of people across Ireland are coming to the realisation that capitalism is a fundamentally amoral system which inherently favours the interests of the rich and powerful over the rest of the population.

eirigi’s activists enter 2014 as determined as they have ever been. Fifteen years after the signing of the Good Friday Treaty it is evident that it is no more a stepping stone to a free Ireland than the 1922 Treaty that preceded it. More than five years after the collapse of the private banking system, and all of the promises of change that followed that momentous event, it is clear that the socio-economic status quo remains unchanged. The need for radical change in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres of Irish life grows more pressing with every day.

2014 will see eirigi continue to build its political campaigns of opposition to British rule in Ireland and to the anti-worker and anti-community policies of the Leinster House and Stormont regimes. We will also continue to engage with other progressive individuals and organisations with a view to identifying areas of common interest and co-operation.

In line with recent internal discussions eirigi intends to dramatically increase its promotion of the Irish language during 2014. It is our intention to fully integrate the Irish language into the wider struggle for a Democratic Socialist Republic over the coming years.

2014 will also see eirigi contest the local elections in both the Six and Twenty-Six Counties. For the first time in a generation citizens from Antrim to Wexford will have the opportunity to vote for a genuinely revolutionary socialist republican political party. These elections will mark another important milestone in the building of a vibrant twenty-first century Irish socialist republican movement.

eirigi takes the opportunity of this New Year’s statement to encourage people to take the decision to become politically active in 2014, to join with eirigi in challenging the British occupation and the corrupt political systems that exist in the Six and Twenty-Six Counties. Together we can advance the cause of a new all-Ireland Republic - a Republic which will encourage co-operation not competition between its citizens; a Republic that will genuinely re-establish the sovereignty of the Irish nation; a Republic that will bring the wealth of the nation under the control of the nation; a Republic which will truly cherish all the children of the nation equally.


32 County Sovereignty Movement

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement sends New Year greetings to all republicans and republican organisations struggling to restore Irish National Sovereignty. We send solidarity greetings to the families of the fallen and to those currently incarcerated for their political beliefs.

The great momentum inherent in Irish history is the drive toward national freedom. This momentum, mandated by our right as a sovereign people to pursue it, renders resistance to British occupation inevitable. As republicans our focus is to concentrate all our efforts to bring an end to this inevitable resistance. It is a needless distraction to focus on the symptom and not the cause.

2013 ended with yet another patchwork attempt to shore up the failure known as the Good Friday Agreement. We addressed Dr Haass directly when we asked him if he was truly interested in seeking a resolution of the Flags issue why not address the issue of sovereignty upon which any National Flag flies? Unless that fundamental issue is comprehensively addressed the core cause of conflict will remain.

Republicanism faces into 2014 with as much internal challenges as those arraigned against us. For our part the 32CSM have been active with other republicans in seeking common ground upon which republicanism can move forward. We reiterate again that republican unity is the only logical way forward. A divided republican base is a fundamental derogation from any republican principle.

The Centenary of 1916 is another year closer. That means another year less for republicans to prepare to mark this watershed. Republicans must be in a position to mark the Centenary with a clear statement of ability and relevance. Noble sentiments and historical homilies are not enough: the legacy of 1916 demands maximum effort from us all. The men and women who fought in Easter Week achieved this maximum and left us a clear template in which to follow them.

2016 must equally be relevant to the people of Ireland today. The Proclamation does not belong to ghosts but must be a living blueprint to shape a better society for our people. That can only happen if we take the Proclamation down from over the mantelpiece and bring into the heart of our communities. Republicans must be the vehicle for this and the level of our success in doing so will be the true merit of our honouring of 1916.

We are preparing initiatives to advance this process in a way in which all republicans can involve themselves. We wish to demonstrate leadership and resourcefulness by first and foremost not claiming narrow ownership of the initiatives we will propose. We urge all republicans to approach these proposals with the advancement of republicanism in 2014 and beyond to their fore.


Republican Network for Unity

Republican Network for Unity sends new year greetings to members, supporters, activists and revolutionary prisoners, in Ireland and worldwide. In particular we send greetings to our imprisoned comrades in Portlaoise, Maghaberry & Hydebank wood.

2013 was a year of great change for our organisation, the adoption of our world-view document ‘Revolutionary Republicanism’ provided us with a clear program for progress, returning to the fundamental truths of Republicanism & Socialism.

Through our endorsement of Revolutionary Republicanism, we stated without apology that the defence of Irish Sovereignty, the achievement of true Independence and the struggle for Socialism were mutually inclusive tasks and that negation of one signalled a dangerous rejection of the other. We stated clearly that the mobilisation of the masses is a task which cannot be bypassed and that key to that task is the presence of Republicanism within and alongside day to day struggles of workers, campaigning groups and communities.

As such, we enter this new year armed with a solid ideological foundation previously lacking in our formative years. We enter 2014 in a stronger position than ever before.

It was with this confidence in mind that we felt able to announce our intention to participate in local elections in North & West Belfast. We are looking forward to this chance to engage with the people on a street level and ask all those who support our message to assist us in pushing forward with the election campaign.

In 2013 RNU played a full role in organising street level resistance to the right-wing political developments which our communities are facing. Below are but a few examples.

Our members were on the front line of opposing draconian Tory benefits cuts by entering Social Security offices in both ‘Protestant and Catholic’ districts of Belfast and lobbying workers to refuse to implement the ‘Welfare Reform Bill’. This was followed by intensive distribution of our recently launched newsletter ‘Republican Unity’ which was aimed at raising public awareness of the impact of the bill and encourage a fight back.

In Louth and Dublin, comrades assisted fully in helping build Anti-austerity demonstrations, with Dundalk being particularly prominent in their efforts to confront corrupt Justice minister Dr James Reilly on a visit to the Louth hospital.

In May, Dublin RNU held a fantastic and well attended vigil in memory of the 1981 Hunger Strikers, an event which also sought to raise awareness of the ongoing oppression of Republican POWs in Maghaberry.

Dundalk RNU also received particular praise for the efforts they have made this year to physically block access to disused properties which were being used by drug addicts. These attempts followed direct requests from the community and were accompanied by statements demanding better rehabilitation programs for users forced into such dire conditions.

In May, RNU Armagh joined the Belfast Cumann and travelled to Hollywood barracks to highlight the central role which MI5 British military intelligence is now playing in the ‘security’ of the six county state. Activists brushed off a tirade of abuse from passing Loyalists and stood their ground for 40 minutes before returning home, their point made.

In June we led Belfast opposition to the G8 summit with several members being assaulted and arrested by British police in the city centre. The attack upon our members occurred as we attempted to get through the massive security cordon to voice our opposition to the presence of US war monger and Israeli apologist Barak Obama at the Waterfront hall.

More recently RNU in Wexford announced their arrival by setting up a successful town centre information stall aimed at raising awareness of Internment and the ongoing human rights abuses in Maghaberry prison. Our comrades in Glasgow also played a prominent part in the prison struggle by holding successful fundraising events to provide much needed PDF to families and dependents in Ireland, their efforts are greatly appreciated.

We welcome as a blue print for active Unity, the highly successful joint Anti-internment march through Belfast in August and stress that the potential momentum which existed in that event should be explored further.

We were particularly heartened by the formation of the RNU student society in December, members of which played a full role in the recent occupation of the Coleraine University campus, in protest at the privatisation of University services and in demand of Free Education.

We state now, that the class can and must be mobilised, both in the spirit of national and class resistance; around a hatred for the injustices we still face as a nation, be it the continued occupation of our six northern counties, the appalling enforced poverty of our most neglected brothers and sisters and the increasing abuse of judicial powers which seek to intern opponents of both corrupt states which preside over the misrule of our country.

In a spirit of comradeship, we urge caution to those Republicans who in 2014 will give political priority to border polls and referendums. Within the enthusiasm of such campaigns it is easy to loose sight of the political realities; Irish Sovereignty is already a fact, yet we are under occupation and Britain cares nothing for the electoral aspirations of the Irish people as a whole. Moreover Socialism - an accepted essential ingredient for freedom - will well and truly be left on the shelf if you encourage the country to agitate primarily by referenda. You know as we do that many would be more than happy for this to be the case, and that freedom cannot be achieved where capitalism goes unchallenged.

When we understand this, we see the minimal value in proposals for a referendum, indeed we recognise the real pitfalls involved in such an approach and urge advocates to re-channel their efforts into empowering the Irish working class as an alternative to canvassing the nationalist voter base.

At the end of 2013, several veteran combatants of stature choose to voice their opposition to a continuation of armed actions here. From a greater to a lesser extent, these calls had some merit, yet the fashion in which they were made places a question mark over their intent. All contributors had the ability to gain an alternative audience which would have given their opinions greater weight, yet none tried.

We would urge others with such opinions to express them in a fashion which strengthens the republican position, and not the position of the state.

Collectively, the biggest obstacle which Republicans will face in the coming year will be the seeming inability to co-operate, a fact which (alongside the emergence of nefarious counter gangs) has provided great comfort to our oppressors and which should not be allowed to continue indefinitely.

Experience has shown us that through united initiatives, real bonds of comradeship can be built and old mistrusts broken down. It is precisely these types of bonds which Britain and its Irish allies fear, as they make it harder to oppress, intern and torture our comrades with minimal condemnation.

Let us all in the coming year examine our own personal feelings and organisational priorities in an attempt to discover what is really best for our collective ideals.

In 2013, Provisional Sinn Fein announced their desire to enter dialogue with RNU, a proposal which (fully confident in our position) we had initially considered. We later watched on as they began to express frustration at the failure of our organisation to respond to both televised and written invitations to talk.

We have firm grounds to believe that in the same period, members of Sinn Fein in Belfast were responsible for handing the personal details of our membership to the lowest practicing hacks of the gutter press, along with a stream of misinformation and lies designed to destroy personal reputations and pave the way for future arrests.

Those who practice such underhanded Felon setting are not deserving of our explanation as regards subsequent reluctance to sit down with them. However it is accurate to say that due to a combination their character assassination campaign as well as a raft of political maneuvers which in our opinion are incompatible with the Republican position, little or no appetite exists within RNU for dialogue with the Provisionals.

We also take this opportunity to remind the SDLP that it is not enough for your leading members to simply admit that internment is being practiced in Ireland today, like your founding leaders you should take action against it.

Whereas John Hume marched on the British Army at Magilligan strand, Dolores Kelly today sits on the Policing board with those who implement Internment by remand, this is an immense contradiction.

We urge all who claim to be opposed to Internment by remand to make their opposition known by withdrawing from policing structures in the six counties.

At this time we also keep in mind the outcome of the much lauded Haass negotiations, and as we do RNU wish to make one particular point crystal clear. We oppose and will continue to oppose manifestations of sectarianism and bigotry wherever it raises its head, in particular we stand by host communities who do not wish to allow bigots to mach past their homes. This will be our continued position, whatever the outcome of the Haas negotiations.

The year ended with the passing of Nelson Mandela. An event which away from the false mourning of the heads of capitalist states world-wide, raised the emotions of all who stood by Mandela and the South African people when they needed it most, including those within the Irish Republican movement.

RNU in Dundalk held a particularly moving candle lit vigil for Mandela at the towns 1798 memorial. The ceremony ended with a reminder that the removal of the oppressors flag does not necessarily signal the creation of Freedom for an oppressed people. We stand by those who continue to struggle for Freedom and justice in South Africa, doing so in the spirit of National Liberation, Socialism and International Solidarity, three principles which we ourselves intend to carry on into 2014.

We are confident that in the new year, with renewed effort and spirit we will continue to grow and as such play our full part in the struggle for true Irish Freedom.

Beirigi Bua.


Irish Republican Socialist Party

The Ard Comhairle of the Irish Republican Socialist Party would like to send fraternal greetings to our members, supporters and all others preparing to engage in struggle for National Liberation and Socialism both in Ireland and across the world in 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to commend the steadfast support our Republican Socialist political prisoners have shown the party throughout 2013 and to our recently released comrades who have come out of Gaol and thrown themselves into building the Republican Socialist alternative in their local communities in the face of Free State and British harassment and oppression.

For the Irish Republican Socialist Party 2013 has been a good year for political development and creating a more representative expanded collective leadership of the party. The Activist Committees created at our last Ard Fheis began to work and compliment the Ard Comhairle with every Cumann in Ireland now represented on the leadership of the party.

The IRSP have been to the forefront on many issues that faced our class in 2013. We led in opposing Stormont’s privatisation of the Housing Executive in the North, we have been vocal in calling for immediate legislation to make abortion available; free of charge and on demand, through the health services both sides of the border. The IRSP has been battling for gender equality and liberation. We have been running education events for our members and supporters building vital skills and capacity. We have acted in opposition to the establishment media’s sickening genuflecting portrayal of Thatcher. The Party has been heavily involved in commemorating and remembering the spirit of those Irishmen, Protestant and Catholic and Dissenter, who fought in the XV International Brigade by unveiling plaques and a huge mural to their memory on the International Wall in Northumberland Street, Belfast.

In 2013 the IRSP has also acted in opposition to the continued selective internment of political activists. We have highlighted the inhumane treatment of Republican political prisoners, from all groups, and will continue to do so. We have strengthened our links with our Basque and Catalan comrades by examining our shared experiences in opposing Imperialism and in prison struggle. We have internally analysed the tepid response by the revolutionary Left to the hosting of the G8 summit in occupied Irish territory. The IRSP has opposed the use of PSNI harassment and political policing; we oppose MI5s complete control over policing, prison and justice systems this is causing considerable anger within all sections of the RSM. We have opposed the right wing economic austerity measures being forced on our class by the national and international Bourgeois. We have been heavily involved in the repatriation of Irish republican political prisoner Michael Campbell. We have fought for LGBT rights, taken part in republican unity initiatives, held statutory bodies to account, taken deadly drugs of our streets, unveiled another Hunger Striker Mural in Belfast, commemorated our fallen whilst doing vast amounts of work representing the interests of our class out of our four offices in Derry, Strabane and Belfast. We are stronger going into 2014 than we where the previous year but we must not rest on our laurels. We must continue to grow the Republican Socialist alternative within your community, your workplace and from within your Union.

2014 is also a significant year for us in the IRSP as it will mark forty years since the formation of the Republican Socialist Movement. Looking back over the forty years we see sacrifice and renewal. Dozens of our comrades have given their lives in the pursuit of our political aims; many hundreds more have been imprisoned but each time this organisation has emerged stronger and more determined to reach our goals. The path of the revolutionary is not an easy one and we take inspiration from those before us who after successive violent politically inspired attacks from either state or their lackeys both armed and unarmed, this party has re-emerged and rebuilt to the dismay of our enemies in Stormont, Westminster and the Dail. Our task in 2014 is to carry on building a relevant viable alternative that can inspire and educate our class. We plan to mark our 40th anniversary with a massive conference to discuss all issues facing our party and the Irish working class with the intentions of rejuvenating the struggle for National Liberation and Socialism on the core ideal of the primacy of politics.

2014 marks a significant milestone in the history of one of Ireland’s most revolutionary body’s as it is the centenary year of the formation of Cumman na mBan. Historically the women of Cumann na mBan have played a significant role in every major phase of the Anti-Imperialist struggle in Ireland and more importantly have helped blur the preconceived gender roles that kept women in a strictly logistical role, if a role at all. Along with the women of the ICA, such as Constance Marxievicz, Cumann na mBan has empowered women on this Island to not only face up to society’s oppression of women but to stand against the oppression of the Irish working class by invading Imperialists. Much like the ICA the Republican Socialist Movement, as a Marxist organisation, never separated the genders and proved that in all arenas of struggle women have a major contribution to make. The IRSP and indeed republicanism collectively needs to address the gender imbalance that exists within modern Irish society. We need to use this Cumman na mBan centenary year to focus on breaking down Irish cultural gender barriers. Neither Church nor State should hold any sovereignty over a woman’s body or negatively impact on a woman’s life.

Another key area of struggle which must not be neglected in 2014 is the internal battle within Irish Trade Unionism. The failure of the Irish working class to mount a successful fight back against austerity has to be laid out at the door of the reformist elements within the Irish Congress of Trade Unions. These elements are guilty of the worst type of class collaboration and we believe the only way to oust them is to grow the Republican Socialist presence within the mainstream workers movement. The differences between the various European countries fight backs against austerity can be summed up by looking at how radical each country’s Trade Union movement is. In Spain, Greece and Portugal radical elements within the Trade Union movement took those implementing international capitalisms austerity agenda head on in the streets. In Ireland our reformist Trade Union leadership accepted and actually was culpable in implementing austerity. Republican Socialists need to be more involved in their Unions, join the various Trades Councils and fight internal Trade Union elections for positions of power within their Union and within the ICTU. These are the most important elections Republican Socialists should be fighting in 2014. The conditions for a radical Trade Union movement exist in Ireland, the existing radical element within the main stream workers movement must not be silenced, marginalised or oppressed it must be grown. It’s up to us to create a fighting Union, to bring back the revolutionary spirit of the Irish Transport and General Workers Union and the Irish Citizens Army.

The Ard Comhairle of the Irish Republican Socialist Party not only looks forward to working with our members and supporters in 2014 but all those in Ireland and abroad who fight for National Liberation and Socialism.


Republican Sinn Fein

Republican Sinn Fein extends fraternal New Year greetings and solidarity to our friends, supporters and comrades both at home and abroad. The coming year will be one of ongoing struggle for working-class people in Ireland and across the world. Ireland’s struggle for national independence is not an isolated one but is part of the wider fight against imperialism across the globe. It is this realisation which must inform our thinking and also gives us heart as we once more take up the banner of Irish Republicanism in 2014.

The recent Haass talks were served up by the British and Stormont political establishments as a distraction from the real issues. No amount of political window -dressing can disguise the fact that the Six-County State is an abnormal and undemocratic political entity. The right to political protest is denied to those who refuse to conform to the parameters of the Stormont Agreement.

For the Stormont regime and its British masters civil rights only apply to those who accept the writ of the British Crown in Ireland. The age-old methods of repression continue to be used, such as internment without trial and internment by remand. Special laws and special prisons are used to silence and contain any voices that advocate any alternative to the failed partionist system.

We extend our greetings to the Republican prisoners in Maghaberry who refuse to allow themselves or their struggle to be criminalised and pledge them our continued support. We call for the unconditional release of Martin Corey who in now entering his fourth year as a political hostage, imprisoned without trial or sight of any evidence against him. We believe that EIRE NUA provides the best means of breaking the logjam and creating the basis for a just and lasting peace. It is a political programme that is based on true All-Ireland democracy empowering people in a real way in contrast to the undemocratic sectarian carve-up that is Stormont.

In the 26 Counties the economic and social struggle must be an integral part of the drive for a New Ireland. The policies of the Leinster House regime are designed to force our young people to emigrate and to disenfranchise those who remain at home. The social infrastructure of the 26-County State has been sacrificed in order to prop up the neo-liberal economic system of the EU.

As we approach the centenary of the 1916 Rising the only fitting way to commemorate that historic event is to complete its task by re-establishing the All-Ireland Republic as set out in the 1916 Proclamation. In this decade of centenary our history has become part of the battle-ground as the 26-County Administration attempts to politically neutralise the coming generation by denying them access to the inspiration of their revolutionary history.

Already we have calls for the GAA to commemorate World War One as part of an attempt to dilute the meaning and message of 1916 in a torrent of imperialist nostalgia. There is no equivalence between the 1916 Rising and the First World War. The 1916 Rising was part of a democratic revolution to secure national liberation for the Irish people and to establish the ownership of Ireland for the people of Ireland. Its radical and progressive programme set out in the Proclamation of Easter Week still resonates with people in the Ireland of the 21st Century. World War One on the other hand was a war of imperialist conquest, fought out between the imperial powers of Europe, turning the continent of Europe into a charnel-house for the working-class. Its aims were neither democratic nor progressive but merely about consolidating the grip of the big imperial powers. James Connolly was very clear about the nature of that war: “Would it not be better for all capable of bearing arms to resolve to fight, and if need be to die, for Freedom here at home rather than be slaughtered for the benefit of kings and capitalists abroad?”

This year we will commemorate the centenary of the founding of Cumann na mBan and the landing of arms in Howth and Kilcoole as part of the build-up to 2016. We are engaged in a fight not only against political and economic imperialism but also a cultural imperialism which seeks to rob us of the very markers of a separate identity such as our language and history.

In the forthcoming 26-County Local Elections our candidates will be standing on a revolutionary and truly democratic programme. Due to the undemocratic political test oath Sinn Fein have been precluded from contesting local elections in the Six Counties. This effectively disenfranchises those who wish to support candidates standing on a truly Irish Republican manifesto.

We in Republican Sinn Fein stand unequivocally for the re-establishment of the All-Ireland Republic of Easter Week. We reject any dilution of Ireland’s right to national independence. In our political, social and economic policies EIRE NUA and SAOL NUA we have a programme that realises the dreams of the revolutionary generation of a century ago and importantly meets the needs of the Ireland of the 21st Century.


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