Irish Republican News · October 20, 2005
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US action alert
The US State Department has denied Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness the ability to fundraise while in the country. Sinn Féin supporters in the US have been asked to send letters, e-mails, and call officials to reverse the policy.

The following action alert is from Irish Northern Aid.


The US Department of State’s banning of Friends of Sinn Féin California fundraisers was a curious penalty, considering Sinn Féin’s role in the long called for and verified “act of completion” with regards arms decommissioning by the Irish Republican Army.

Susan Garraty of The Irish Echo [8 Oct 2005] stated, “According to US officials, decommissioning alone was not enough to restore the fundraising component to the visas issued to visiting Sinn Féin party leaders.”

An anonymous State Department official put in doubt the status of Gerry Adams’ New York City fundraiser in November, the highlight of Sinn Féin fundraising in the States, “We’re still not sure right now what the decision will be. Every time Gerry Adams or Martin McGuinness comes over here they have to ask to raise funds and that’s not happening right now.”

Congressman Joseph Crowley said, “Sinn Féin continues to be the party to push for peace while unionists have come no farther in meeting this [Good Friday] agreement.”

The Good Friday Agreement calls for the propagation of political alternatives to armed conflict.

The US government apparently only superficially endorses this and acts to restrict it.

The banning of fundraising for the number one democratic party among nationalists in the north, the only party who appears to have the will and the power to make peace, sends the wrong message.

What is the State Department thinking? Another anonymous source, this time a senior Bush administration official, said, “This is a lot about criminality.”

While unionist criminality is rampant in the streets of the north of Ireland and the British military/government are accused of murdering hundreds of its own citizens? May we at least have common sense in our foreign policy.


Contact the US Department of State with your concerns:

  • Secretary of State, Dr. Condolezza Rice
    220 C Street NWWashington, DC 20520
    [202] 647-4000

  • Special Envoy, Dr. Mitchell Reiss
    [202] 647-2972 ext 7312

  • Contact both by email:
    [go to “Send a message to the Sectary of State”]

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