September 26, 2005

RUC knew of UDA plot to kill Wilson

A prominent Belfast priest was targeted for assassination by the unionist paramilitary UDA with the full knowledge of the RUC police Special Branch, it has been revealed.

Ballymena paint bomb attack

The son of a Catholic woman whose home in Ballymena was targeted in a paint-bomb attack has said she was lucky not to have been hurt.

Govts urged to act

Following the first formal meeting with the 26-County government since January, Gerry Adams said that politicians, North and South and in London, had to be prepared to exploit the "enormous opportunities" that would arise from the announcement, which is expected in the next week.


An official announcement by the IICD arms decommissioning body that the Provisional IRA has fully disarmed is to be announced this afternoon.


The DUP has demanded a 'decontamination' period after the IRA disarms before it will share power with Sinn Fein.

It's later than the unionists think

Just over a week from the orgy of unionist violence across Belfast what can be said about it all?

September 22, 2005

SF advances plans for unity

Following a day-long meeting of Sinn Fein assembly members in south Armagh this Thursday, tens of thousands of republicans are expected to converge on Dublin for a historic rally on Saturday.

Unionists claim victimhood

Historians have been baffled by a unionist mural which claims that thousands of Protestant women and children fled to Liverpool from Belfast during the conflict.


Sinn Fein chief negotiator Martin McGuinness is travelling to Washington on Tuesday amid intense speculation that disarmament by the Provisional IRA is imminent and could come as soon as next week.

Sinn Fein seek progress

The edited text of an address by Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams MP to party supporters in South Armagh on Thursday evening.

Divis tower revisited

Gerry Adams  took journalists on the roof of Divis Tower in west Belfast to view the now-vacated site of an infamous British spy-post.

Shame on leaders who show moral cowardice

It's a safe bet none of those involved in rioting on the streets of Belfast and elsewhere over the last couple of weeks felt shame when the pictures of flame and destruction were flashed round the world. Why should they?

Divis tower revisited

Gerry Adams  took journalists on the roof of Divis Tower in west Belfast to view the now-vacated site of an infamous British spy-post.

September 19, 2005

UVF vendetta seen in petrol-bomb attack

Unionist paramilitaries have petrol-bombed the family of one of their murder victims.

Adams hails US support for peace process

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP, who has spent four days in political briefings in Washington DC, has expressed his confidence that the Provisional IRA leadership will honour its commitments, including that of engaging with the decommissioning body and putting its weapons beyond use.

Sectarian gangs trawl for victims

A Catholic man from north Belfast has been viciously stabbed by a unionist gang under the direction of a young woman who yelled: ‘Slice the Fenian bastard’.


Unionist paramilitaries involved in intense violence on the streets of Belfast have demanded the British government end what it described as the “suppression and containment” of Protestants in the North of Ireland.

Ferry company ships jobs

Irish Ferries is to replace hundreds of workers with seafarers from eastern Europe in a move that has shocked trade unions and political leaders.


The SAS have carried on a ‘Dirty War’ in British colonies long before their deployment in the conflict in the North of Ireland or their latest skirmish in Iraq. A look at the history of the Special Air Service, from the book ‘Oliver’s Army’ by Aly Renwick.

CIRA vow to defend nationalist areas

Hardline republicans have promised a “vicious and violent” response if nationalists are murdered by unionist paramilitaries.

Heartland’s unionism belongs in a trailer park

By Tom McGurk (for the Sunday Business Post)

Last Saturday night the unionists of Belfast treated us to an evening of truly surreal proportions. Outside City Hall, thousands waving Union Jacks were part of a live BBC broadcast of the last night of the proms. They sang lustily. Donegal Square echoed to Jerusalem and Land of Hope and Glory.

September 15, 2005

Magilligan prison to go

It was confirmed yesterday that Magilligan Prison in County Derry is to be replaced with a new jail.

UVF specified; Orange Order moves to fringe

The British government has confirmed that it no longer recognises the UVF ceasefire. However, it is continuing to claim that the largest unionist paramilitary organisation, the UDA, is abiding by a ceasefire.


Mainstream unionist politicians have withdrawn from police boards, condemning the PSNI police -- but not rioters -- after a fifth night of disturbances in Belfast.

Unionists must sit down with Sinn Féin

By Martin McGuinness MP (for the Irish News)

The recent historic initiative by the IRA created an unprecedented sense of optimism and expectation that renewed progress can be made towards a lasting peace. The response has been almost universally positive and forward thinking. Except that is within the leadership of unionism. There the response has been negative, cynical and backward looking.

Demographic change sees surge in population, immigration

Ireland’s population is booming, according to new official statistics which show a surge in immigration.

Colombia 3 case under discussion

The 26-County government has received ‘documentation’ from the Colombian authorities relating to three Irishmen falsely accused of training left wing rebels in the south American country.

Attack linked to McCartney dispute

Republicans have been blamed for an attack on a friend of Robert McCartney in east Belfast on Monday night.

Destroying Ulster, not loving it

Last week’s rioting shows that unionists still remain leaderless and have learnt little from the clear PR disasters that were Drumcree, Harryville and Holy Cross.

September 12, 2005

Movement seen on IRA weapons, policing

The Provisional IRA is reported to be engaged in putting its weapons beyond use this weekend, at the start of another week of significant movement in the peace process.

Rip-off backlash hits Government support

Support for Taoiseach Bertie Ahern’s Fianna Fail party has declined dramatically, as voters blame the 26-County government for higher prices.


Unionists riot to block process

A wave of intense street violence has gripped Belfast and other towns in the North of Ireland as unionists seek to send a message over recent developments in the peace process.

Colombia may seek extraditions

Jeffrey Donaldson of Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionist Party has said that the Colombian foreign minister is to serve papers seeking the extradition of the Colombia Three.

Ceasefire to be declared over

After days of open warfare, British Direct Ruler Peter Hain is finally to admit that the unionist paramilitaries are no longer on ceasefire.

Belfast fearful as mobs rampage

Nationalist residents of west Belfast’s Springfield Road were subjected to hours of unionist intimidation and threats on Saturday as the PSNI police stood by.

Hurricane of violence reaches Antrim

Several towns in County Antrim witnessed their worst ever street violence over the weekend.

PSNI ignores incitement to hatred

In the bad old days of The Troubles there was a term coined called “selective horror”. People were horrified by certain acts, but not by others.

September 8, 2005

Ballymena butchers still at large

A Catholic man has described how loyalists discussed cutting up his body with a saw after they mistakenly thought they had stabbed him to death.

Catholics attacked as PSNI look on

Tension is mounting in west Belfast ahead of tomorrow’s anti-Catholic march by the Orange Order in the Whiterock area.

Hain lets UVF ‘away with murder’

A report of the British government’s IMC sanctions body has blamed the unionist paramilitary UVF for recent killings, putting pressure on the British Direct Ruler Peter Hain to admit that the group is in breach of its ceasefire.


Irish President Mary McAleese provoked controversy yesterday by publicly hugging a unionist paramilitary leader, despite being forced to cancel a visit to the Shankill in Belfast under the threat of violence.

McBrides find backing in battle for justice

By Barry McCaffrey (for the Irish News)

A north Belfast mother sat alongside the families of British soldiers and the loved ones of murdered Iraqi civilians.

Irony of voter registration drive

Electoral officers in the North are said to have launched a campaign to return the votes of hundreds of thousands of people disenfranchised by recent legislation.

‘Little Irelanders’ lack vision of the nation

Nationalists in the north are once again feeling the heat, caught between two states.

After the border nothing exists

By Jude Collins (for Daily Ireland)

When a TV programme is watched by one in four of the viewing population and puts the wind up politicians, it’s worth having a look at. So Monday found me switched on to the final episode of RTE’s Rip-off Ireland.

September 5, 2005

PSNI go easy on UVF rioters

The handling of a loyalist riot by the PSNI police in north Belfast on Monday stands has sharply contrast with violent clashes with nationalists over the weekend.

Omagh bomb trial to go ahead

There are fears that a miscarriage of justice could take place in the case of a man accused of making the Omagh bomb.

Irish respond to US hurricane

The 26-County government will donate O1 million in aid towards Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and is considering sending troops to the region.


An inquest into the death of a County Louth man shot dead by a unionist paramilitary/British Army murder gang has been told that the 26-County Gardai police knew the identity of his killers within 18 months, but never sought their extradition.

The Seamus Ludlow campaign

Decommissioning ‘imminent’

Ian Paisley’s demands on decommissioning will fall on deaf ears unless his party engages in direct talks with Sinn Féin, Martin McGuinness has said.

Unionists and Gardai head to Colombia

The Irish Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said the plight of the Colombia Three now rests with the legal process -- even as unionist hardliners and Ahern’s Minister for Justice campaign for their prosecution.

Colombia Three - A Damning Case

Those who call for the Colombia Three to be forcibly returned to jail are full of hate and blind to reason when it comes to discussing justice for Irish republicans.

September 1, 2005

UVF considering peace move - reports

Reports have claimed that the unionist paramilitary UVF may be preparing to make a significant move in the peace process, including ordering its members to ‘stand down’.

Blockade of oil depot planned

The main entry point for Shell Oil into Ireland is to be blockaded as part of escalating protests against a controversial new gas pipeline and onshore gas refinery.

Decision on Omagh bomb trial due

A magistrate will rule tomorrow on whether South Armagh man Sean Hoey should stand trial for the murders of the 29 people killed in the Omagh bomb of 1998.


Two primary schools in Ballymena have been struck by unionist arsonists in a start-of-term message of hate.

John Devoy

John Devoy was a persevering, courageous man -- involved in every aspect of Irish revolutionary politics for over 60 years.

Ever get the feeling no-one’s in charge?

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Tomorrow Sir Hugh Orde meets the Policing Board for the first time since July.

Keep your eye on the case of Sean Hoey

By Fr Des Wilson

The case of Sean Hoey will have to be watched with great care.

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