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‘Shot on sight’ – Paddy Mulvenna and Jim Bryson

brysonmulvenna.jpg The ambush in which IRA Volunteers Paddy Mulvenna and Jim Bryson were assassinated by the British Army took place 49 years ago this week. An account of their lives cut short, based on a report by Relatives for Justice.

Published September 1, 2022

Is Liz Truss a rerun?

thatchertruss.jpg They say those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. It’s 1979 all over. Here we go again.

Published September 1, 2022

Michael Collins is a divisive figure

michaelcollins1200.jpg There is no doubting the indelible imprint Collins left on the national psyche.

Published August 25, 2022

The greatest friend to Irish republicanism

johnsonfoster.jpg The writing is on the wall for the future of the Union, but those for whom preserving it matters most are just too blind to see it.

Published August 25, 2022

Liz Truss is a prisoner of the extreme Brexiteers

liztruss1200.jpg Liz Truss has been wrecking the Good Friday Agreement by carrying out the actions the ERG has insisted on and which they insist on the DUP also obeying.

Published August 18, 2022

Arthur Griffith

arthurgriffith1200.jpg Arthur Griffith, the founder of Sinn Féin and one of the fathers of the Irish Free State, died 100 years ago this week, on August 12, 1922.

Published August 11, 2022

Change starts with the man in the mirror

hurling1200.jpg To conflate the modern-day GAA with the IRA and a battle for Irish unity is typical of the whataboutery, the pathetic attitude and lack of leadership that exists within political unionism.

Published August 11, 2022

The life and times of Rosie Hackett

rosiehackett.jpg The 1916 veteran and trade union activist Rosie Hackett was born 130 years ago this week.

Published July 28, 2022

This is a decade of opportunity

decadegreen.jpg The Irish government’s refusal to even begin the preparations for Irish unity is increasingly untenable.

Published July 28, 2022

Martin intends to do nothing to promote Irish unity

martinlemass.jpg Martin’s commentary on the north is entirely wrong. His appeal for reconciliation before developing any political or constitutional structures puts the cart before the horse.

Published July 21, 2022

The Orange Order: made to hate

twelfth2022.jpg Dare we hope that some day, a unionist leader will have the cojones to call the Twelfth for what it is, and to work towards the ending of the annual hatefest?

Published July 14, 2022

A tipping point

johnsonlewis1200.jpg It feels like we are at a tipping point, or at least a crunch point – again.

Published July 6, 2022

Goalposts being moved as unionism slides into minority

jeffreydonaldson1200.jpg Naturally all the responses to the British government’s anti-protocol bill have emphasised the plans to enable British ministers to ditch pretty well anything and everything in the protocol they want except three sections, Articles 2, 3 and 11.

Published June 30, 2022

Confronting sectarianism

orangearch.jpg We need a new legal definition of sectarianism entrenched in law with legal sanctions and robust incitement to hatred provisions.

Published June 16, 2022

Vile song about a woman’s strangulation is a new low

michaelamcareavey.jpg Sectarianism met misogyny on the outskirts of an east Belfast Orange hall last weekend, and what unfolded far surpassed the worst stereotype some regularly complain their opponents foist upon them.

Published June 9, 2022

Centenary of Border battle

borderhistory.jpg Last weekend marked the centenary of a Donegal-Fermanagh border battle, part of the doomed ‘Northern Offensive’ campaign said to have been encouraged by Michael Collins to unite supporters and opponents of the Anglo-Irish Treaty to challenge the partition of Ireland it helped to bring about.

Published June 1, 2022

Timely US visit confirms protocol is here to stay

nealtruss.jpg The visit of Richie Neal and his congressional colleagues to Brussels, London, Dublin and Belfast could not have occurred at a more opportune moment.

Published May 26, 2022

Even in death, are lies exposed

shireenfuneral.jpg Scenes from occupied Jerusalem, where the funeral of state-murdered journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was attacked by Israeli forces, have recalled for many the murderous and oppressive actions of the British forces in Ireland. Maureen Clare Murphy writes from Palestine about a dark week for the conflict there.

Published May 19, 2022

Brown family show tenacity in campaign for justice

seanbrown1200.jpg In the 25 years since the brutal murder of Sean Brown his family have been repeatedly frustrated in their campaign for justice.

Published May 19, 2022

Bobby Sands’ historic election victory

sandselection.jpg Thatcher and her government’s intransigence handed republicans a victory that not even countless IRA military operations could have achieved, according to the author of a new book.

Published May 5, 2022


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