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Connolly and the Irish Language

jamesconnolly.jpg Imposing English as the first language of Ireland was a pre-meditated project of the English invaders to attempt to condition the people they wished to oppress.

Published July 6, 2010

Remembering day in June helps build a better future

shortstrand.jpg The people of Belfast’s Ballymacarrett-Short Strand area have made a valuable contribution to the struggle for a united Ireland.

Published July 1, 2010

The battle of St Matthew’s

battleofstmatthewsbrits.jpg The geographical and symbolic position of St Matthew’s Church, facing on to the staunchly loyalist Newtownards Road, played a major factor in the events which were to unfold in June 1970.

Published June 28, 2010

New republic not possible without a united island

gerryadamsflat.jpg Both North and South have failed miserably as separate entities. The best way forward is to avoid the wastes and inequalities of partition, writes Gerry Adams.

Published June 24, 2010

Does the inquiry hide darker aspects of Bloody Sunday?

bloodysundayinquiry.jpg It would be a mistake to see Saville's report as supplying the definitive answers to what happened on January 30, 1972 in Derry.

Published June 21, 2010

How Saville reported the killings

sundayvictims.jpg How the Saville and Widgery reports differed in their findings for each of the Bloody Sunday victims.

Published June 17, 2010

Bloody Sunday - A personal reflection

bloodysundaydaly.jpg The British public has the right to know what has been done in their name and the fact that ordinary working class families, as well as all those wounded on the day, were left to carry the burden of injustice for almost 40 years.

Published June 14, 2010

Bloody Sunday - A long walk to justice

bloodysundaymarch.jpg They have fought so hard for so long, but in just a few days’ time, the families of those killed and injured on Bloody Sunday will gather in Derry’s Guildhall to see whether they’ve finally been given justice.

Published June 11, 2010

Did Israel deliberately kill civilians?

freedomflotilla.jpg There is clear evidence present that the State of Israeli may have deliberately and with forethought intended to provoke a conflict in order to assassinate civilians sailing aboard the Freedom Flotilla, and therefore violently discourage any further attempts to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians of besieged Gaza.

Published June 4, 2010

Action alert over Israeli attack

flotillaprotestsf.jpg An action alert to hold Israel to account over the murder of international human rights activists and the hijacking of their aid flotilla.

Published May 31, 2010

The course towards convergence

martinmcguinness.jpg The address by Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness to a North South Consultative Conference in Farmleigh in Dublin on Wednesday.

Published May 27, 2010

Nora Connolly O’Brien

noraconnollyobrien.jpg In an excerpt from her memoirs, Nora Connolly O’Brien talks about her father’s final days and the courage and inspiration that James Connolly gave to her and continues to give today.

Published May 25, 2010

An appalling abuse of rights

prisonerbars.jpg There are 32 republican prisoners in Roe House in Maghaberry Prison living in appalling conditions and one prisoner, Liam Hannaway, has been on hunger strike in another part of the prison for the past month.

Published May 20, 2010

Parades proposals threaten all public assembly

sectarianmarch.jpg A long-term solution to the problem caused by sectarian parades can only be found in the implementation of a policy which includes a broad acceptance of the right of host communities not to have parades forced through against their will.

Published May 17, 2010

Slick operator: The BP I’ve known too well

bpoilspill.jpg Responding to an oil spill may be easy and simple, but not at all cheap. And BP is cheap. Deadly cheap.

Published May 14, 2010

Result could underpin the future of Stormont

empeyallister.jpg In Britain, the outcome of the Westminster general election has brought uncertainty and instability, with the possibility of a second election within a year.

Published May 10, 2010

Election results round-up

westminster2010cons.jpg The election results from all of the North's 18 Westminster constituencies.

Published May 8, 2010

Westminster 2010 constituency profiles

gildernewgokart.jpg A guide to this week’s political showdown in the North and what to watch for when the newsflashes come rolling in.

Published May 4, 2010

A message from Gerry Adams

gerryadamsflat.jpg The foreward by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to the party’s manifesto for next week’s Westminster election.

Published April 29, 2010

Unionists face new scenario in hung parliament

houseofcommons.jpg Regardless of who won in the debate between the British party leaders last Thursday, the outcome points to one clear conclusion: there will be a hung parliament in Britain.

Published April 26, 2010


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