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‘BC Subpoenas caused by lies and PSNI failings’

edmoloneybig.jpg A detailed statement issued today [Friday] by Ed Moloney, the former director of Boston College’s Belfast Project, in regard to the PSNI’s attempt to access the project’s confidential interviews.

Published September 14, 2012

RSF Annual Hunger Strike Commemoration

bundorancolourpartycira.jpg The oration given by Diarmuid MacDubhghlais at the annual hunger strike commemoration by Republican Sinn Féin in Bundoran, County Donegal on August 25.

Published September 7, 2012

Progress? Yes. Change? No.

bernadettedevlinmcaliskeybig.jpg Little has changed in the 40 years since Bernadette Devlin McAliskey took her seat in Westminster. There’s been progress, she says, the token gestures, the handshake. But change?

Published August 31, 2012

A reminder of the worst days of apartheid

marikana.jpg At least 34 people were shot dead and 80 more were injured when police opened fire on striking workers at a platinum mine in Marikana, in the North West province of South Africa last Thursday, August 16.

Published August 24, 2012

Arthur Griffith

arthurgriffithbig.jpg The Sinn Féin founder, Arthur Griffith, died 90 years ago this week.

Published August 17, 2012

Festival of the people marks quarter century

feilanphobailbig.jpg Plans are already being laid for the biggest and best West Belfast Féile for August 2013.

Published August 17, 2012

Operation Motorman - organised murder

motormanbig.jpg July 31 2012 marked the 40th anniversary of Operation Motorman, the British army’s invasion of the “no-go” areas in Derry and Belfast.

Published August 10, 2012

Address to hungerstrike commemoration

michelleoneill.jpg The address delivered by Sinn Fein Assembly member Michelle O’Neill at the party’s annual hunger strike commemoration in Dungiven, County Derry, last weekend.

Published August 10, 2012

Shake hands with injustice

mcgoughposterbig.jpg Martin Galvin writes a history of the Gerry McGeough case in the context of the current political sitution in the North (for the Pensive Quill)

Published July 27, 2012

The Howth gun-running

howthgunrunning.jpg In response to the Larne gun-running in arming the Ulster Volunteers, the Howth gun running was intended to redress the balance by providing arms to the Irish Volunteers. It took place in Ireland on 26 July 1914, 98 years ago this week.

Published July 20, 2012

Remembering Martin Hurson

martinhurson2.jpg Martin Hurson became the sixth republican to die on hunger strike on this day in 1981. In this archive article, his fiancee Bernadette Donnelly recalls the place where the couple grew up.

Published July 13, 2012

Ardoyne parades - a personal analysis

ardoynegraffiti.jpg Every July, young people from Ardoyne are criminalised and demonised by the mainstream media in the Six Counties and beyond because of violence associated with unwelcome sectarian marches that are forced through our small community.

Published July 6, 2012

Killer soldiers were ‘indemnified’

britishsoldier.jpg Some families of people shot dead by the British Army have found clear evidence that British soldiers were given a green light to shoot and kill civilians in the north of Ireland.

Published June 22, 2012

Bloody Sunday justice campaigns renewed on Saville anniversary

geralddonagheyolder.jpg A campaign to overturn one of the most disputed rulings of the Bloody Sunday inquiry is to make its case to both the London and Dublin governments.

Published June 22, 2012

The aftermath of Loughinisland

loughinislandvictims.jpg For 12 years the Loughinisland families silently mourned the loss of their loved ones. They kept that silence, they say, because of police assurances that no stone would be left unturned in the hunt for the killers.

Published June 15, 2012

‘Fear won’

adamsmcdonalddublincastle.jpg Both in Ireland and across Europe, the result of the Fiscal Austerity referendum -- which commits the insolvent 26-County state to years of EU-imposed austerity in return for greater access to bailout cash -- has come as a surprise.

Published June 8, 2012

The Loughgall Martyrs

loughgallmartyrs.jpg This month marks the 25th Anniversary of the Loughgall Martyrs. It occurred on the 8th May 1987 in the Armagh village of Loughall.

Published May 18, 2012

Michael Mallin, ICA Chief of Staff

michaelmallin.jpg A look at the life and death of the leader of the Irish Citizen Army, Michael Mallin, who was executed by firing squad 96 years ago this week.

Published May 11, 2012

The Stonebreaker’s Yard

stonebreakersyard.jpg On the anniversary of the execution of the leaders of the Easter Rising, Conor Caffrey describes a visit to the jail where the executions took place.

Published May 4, 2012

After the release of colonial records - what about Ireland?

hanslope.jpg The British suppression of historical papers on the north of Ireland should also now be ended.

Published April 27, 2012


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