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Tributes to Dickie Glenholmes and Fr Des Wilson

glenholmeswilson.jpg Republicans have been paying tribute to IRA veteran Richard ‘Dickie’ Glenholmes, who died on Monday after a lengthy illness, as well as Fr Des Wilson, who passed away on Tuesday.

Published November 9, 2019

By-elections bring test for republican politics in South

pollingstation2.jpg Four by-elections in the 26 Counties are to go ahead on 29 November -- two in Dublin, one in Cork and one in Wexford. The by-elections follow the recent election of four TDs to the European Parliament, requiring them to relinquish their seats at Leinster House.

Published November 9, 2019

University fails to defend academic freedom for campaigner

profharvey.jpg Queen’s University Belfast is once again being accused of discriminating against nationalists after a Law Professor at the university revealed he had come under pressure to end his involvement in a public debate on Brexit and Irish reunification.

Published November 9, 2019

UDA’s election coercion for DUP

aikenudadodds.jpg Loyalist paramilitaries have issued threats against the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) in a bid to force it to withdraw from the Westminster election in north Belfast against Nigel Dodds, the Deputy leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Published November 2, 2019

Arsonist wrecks car of Sinn Féin justice spokesperson

martinkennycar.jpg The home of a Sinn Féin TD has come under firebomb attack after he defended the rights of immigrant asylum-seekers. Party leader Mary Lou McDonald condemned what she said was a “very deliberate and targeted attack” which she described as a “deeply serious and sinister development.”

Published November 2, 2019

Election provides opportunities, risks for SF

finucaneoneill.jpg Sinn Féin is set to contest all 18 Westminster constituencies after its efforts to form a pact of parties opposed to Brexit failed to get a positive response from other party leaders.

Published November 2, 2019

Protest after dawn operation to arrest elderly woman

strandroadprotestsadie.jpg Sinn Féin has hit out after a 63-year-old woman was arrested by the PSNI police on Thursday following an early-morning operation in the Creggan area of Derry. Sadie Callan, an active Sinn Féin party member, was taken to Belfast for interrogation under new “terror” legislation.

Published November 2, 2019

PSNI accused of delaying reports on collusion killings

seangraham.jpg The Police Ombudsman in the north of Ireland has again delayed publication of three reports on loyalist murders after previously undisclosed files were uncovered. The material was found due to a recent computer upgrade, according to the PSNI.

Published November 2, 2019

Desperate scenes in Waterford hospital

waterfordpsychiatric.jpg Overcrowding at University Hospital Waterford has been described as unacceptable after photographs emerged this week of dire conditions in the psychiatric unit.

Published November 2, 2019

Westminster election confirmed for December 12

commonsdivision.jpg Legislation for an early British general election on Thursday, December 12 has been passed by the House of Commons. It brings down the curtain on a deeply divided parliament in which the hardline unionist DUP held the balance of power for almost two and a half years.

Published October 29, 2019

EU extends Brexit to January; election looks set for December

tusk600.jpg The deadline for Britain to leave the EU has been extended until January 31st, or earlier if the Westminster parliament passes legislation to implement the Withdrawal Agreement.

Published October 28, 2019

Loyalists beat the drum

loyalistsconclub.jpg The leaders of a number of loyalist paramilitary factions have held talks to discuss how to force the British government into a u-turn over a draft Brexit deal agreed this month between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the European Union.

Published October 26, 2019

Unionist demands for return of veto rejected

donaldsoncommons.jpg The issue of a unionist veto over political change has become central to politics in the north of Ireland after attempts were made by unionists to include it in the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

Published October 26, 2019

Brexit deadline set to be extended amid election call

johnsoncommons3.jpg A failure of Westminster MPs to support British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s timetable for passing legislation on a Brexit deal has left the project in a new limbo, although one which is likely to be resolved this coming week.

Published October 26, 2019

New controls ‘a breach of fundamental rights’

saoradhregister.jpg There is growing concern about a draconian new registration procedure for former republican prisoners which requires those targeted to notify the Crown Forces of an extensive list of personal details, activities and movements.

Published October 26, 2019

McGuinness tape was spiked by MI6 - claim

mcguinnessbell.jpg British military intelligence withheld documentary footage from 1972 of the late Sinn Féin leader Martin McGuinness engaging in IRA activity, according to an investigation by the BBC Spotlight team.

Published October 26, 2019

New images of IRA martyr Bobby Sands

sandsnewpics1.jpg New photographs of hunger striker Bobby Sands have been discovered in an archive of French photojournalist Gérard Harlay. Taken at a rally in August 1976, they are believed to be the last photographs taken of him before his arrest and imprisonment at Long Kesh.

Published October 26, 2019

Theatrical walk-outs as Stormont resurrection fails

zombiestormont.jpg A bizarre publicity event organised by the hardline unionist DUP at the defunct Stormont Assembly ended quickly today when an attempt to revive its lawmaking powers failed.

Published October 21, 2019

Nationalists told they are British, not Irish

desouza1910.jpg The British government has been accused of deliberately failing to implement the provisions of Good Friday Agreement in its domestic law following an appeals court ruling which found that an Irish woman from County Derry is legally British and not Irish.

Published October 18, 2019

Vindictive treatment of John Downey

johndowneycuffs.jpg The treatment by the PSNI of a Donegal pensioner has been widely condemned after he was seen to be dragged around in handcuffs following his extradition into British jurisdiction last week.

Published October 18, 2019


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