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O’Neill to be ‘put back in her kennel’ - DUP councillor

carsononeill.jpg A DUP councillor has been condemned after he suggested Sinn Féin deputy First Minister, Michelle O’Neill, “will be put back in her kennel” by the new leader of the DUP, who he expects will be Edwin Poots.

Published April 30, 2021

Paratroopers’ confessions ruled inadmissible

joemccann150.jpg Two former British soldiers were not legally justified in opening fire on an Official IRA Volunteer as he ran away from them, a court has heard.

Published April 30, 2021

Former UVF boss survives murder bid

willieyoung.jpg Willie ‘Mr Muscles’ Young, a well known loyalist paramilitary figure, was shot through the door of his home in north Belfast on Saturday evening in the latest murderous attack linked to loyalist crime gangs.

Published April 30, 2021

Attempt to whitewash centenary opposed

partitioncentenary.jpg As Ireland approaches the 100th anniversary of its partition, Lasair Dhearg in the Six Counties has launched a campaign to highlight what it describes as “the real story of this rotten little statelet”.

Published April 30, 2021

Debenhams strike action attacked by Gardaí

debenhamsgardai.jpg Four people were arrested after garda police violently removed several workers who were staging a peaceful sit down protest outside a former Debenhams store in Dublin last week.

Published April 30, 2021

Arlene Foster resigns amid DUP heave

fosternotalks.jpg Arlene Foster is to step down as leader of the Democratic Unionist Party and as Six County First Minister. She made the statement after news emerged yesterday of a number of letters drawn up by DUP elected representatives expressing no confidence in the party leadership.

Published April 28, 2021

Rage in Derry over PSNI shooting

celandine.jpg A vulnerable Derry man has been left fighting for his life after the PSNI used CS nerve spray against him before shooting him at point-blank range.

Published April 24, 2021

Loyalist disturbances wind down

loyalistsatit.jpg Loyalist street violence dissipated this week as attempts by loyalist leaders to hold peaceful protests also failed to attract significant interest.

Published April 24, 2021

Unity referendum ‘out, out, out’ - govts

martinjohnson.jpg As a new poll pointed to a clear demand across Ireland for a vote on Irish reunification, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week effectively ruled one out, saying there will be no such referendum for “a very, very long time to come”.

Published April 24, 2021

McDonald ‘apology’ seen as possible step change

mountbattenmcdonald.jpg Despite some backtracking, a form of apology by Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald for a 1979 IRA attack in which senior British royal Lord Mountbatten was killed has raised the possibility of a broader statement of regret for the Provisional IRA’s role in the conflict.

Published April 24, 2021

Victims ‘sickened’ by loyalist mural

uffmural.jpg A sinister loyalist paramilitary mural has appeared which gloats about the mass murder of innocent Catholics.

Published April 24, 2021

Child’s plight draws attention to housing crisis

childeating.jpg Ireland’s homelessness crisis has been exposed in a striking photograph of a four-year-old girl sitting on the street eating at a soup kitchen.

Published April 24, 2021

Catholics forced out amid fears of new violence

portadownmasked.jpg A loyalist paramilitary crime gang in County Antrim has “ordered” the removal of Catholic families from housing estates in the latest episode of sectarian violence in the north.

Published April 17, 2021

Gun goes ‘missing’ at PSNI base

shedgun.jpg A gun and ammunition possibly used by a collusion gang and handed into a PSNI station last week went ‘missing’ at the station for four days.

Published April 17, 2021

Jailing of man for IRA membership a miscarriage of justice

scc600.jpg The Special Criminal Court in Dublin has admitted that the case of a County Louth man who spent more than a year in prison for IRA membership constitutes a miscarriage of justice.

Published April 17, 2021

Peggy Deery’s family to receive damages

peggydeery.jpg The family of the only woman to be shot on Bloody Sunday, are to be awarded nearly £270,000 in damages.

Published April 17, 2021

Mother of sectarian attack victim to launch action against PSNI

flynnmaguire.jpg The mother of a north Belfast teenager who was severely beaten in a sectarian attack is to launch a legal action against the PSNI over investigative failures and their ‘breach of duty of care’ to the schoolboy.

Published April 17, 2021

Family of UDA victim call for publication of report

gilbride.jpg The family of a Catholic man murdered by the UDA has called for the Police Ombudsman report on ‘Operation Achille’, withheld since 2019, to be published.

Published April 17, 2021

Nationalists urged to remain calm

burningbus2.jpg Sinister efforts to involve nationalists in the current wave of loyalist violence are continuing after a week of some of the worst disturbances seen in the north of Ireland in over eight years.

Published April 10, 2021

Loyalist claims to ‘peaceful protest’ rejected

loyalistkids.jpg The British authorities in Ireland are coming under pressure to finally dismantle the loyalist drugs gangs behind the current wave of street violence and cease the state funding that supports them.

Published April 10, 2021


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