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2 And 3 Reasons To Be Cheerful

Dealing with unionists, as some of our patient elected representatives are doing at the moment, is difficult for a number of reasons.

Published October 31, 2003

Bloody Sunday victim was unarmed, Inquiry hears

A man, who attempted to get medical attention for a Bloody Sunday victim, said on Thursday that he did not see any explosives on the body.

Published October 31, 2003

Electoral officer charged with fraud

A former chief executive of the Ulster Unionist Party is to appear in court charged with theft and false accounting at an electoral office.

Published October 31, 2003

SDLP man attacks `tired old party'

Paisley launches scary campaign

A former member of the SDLP has launched a stinging attack on his own party which he claims lacks talent and is ``bereft of political ideas''.

Published October 31, 2003

Loyalists terrorise pensioner

An elderly widow's home has been attacked by loyalists for what may be the the fifteenth such attack in recent years.

Published October 31, 2003

Tories choose Hallowe'en horror

Michael Howard is set to claim leadership of the the British Conservative Party after a majority of the party's MPs pledged support for the former British Home Secretary.

Published October 31, 2003

Tories seek new leader as IDS is booted

Iain Duncan-Smith has this evening been deposed as leader of the British Conservative Party by 90 votes to 75.

Published October 29, 2003

Ahern sits on Dublin-Monaghan report

The Irish Prime Minister, An Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, has received the long-awaited report by Justice Barron into the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings which killed 33 people, but has refused to make it public.

Published October 29, 2003

Transparent Reminders

two teenagers, Gavin and Michael, stood talking at the road junction on a late Sunday night in July, near the entrance to a GAA club.

Published October 29, 2003

Attacks blamed on loyalists

A retired couple are the latest victims of a series of attacks at homes in Armagh town in the last week.

Published October 29, 2003

Blair claims he received arms info

The British Prime Minister Mr Blair has failed to clear up confusion over his claimed source of information on recent moves by the IRA to put arms beyond use.

Published October 29, 2003

Frazer, McCann to contest elections

A campaigner against the IRA tonight announced he will be standing in next month's Assembly Elections.

Published October 29, 2003


The IRA tonight called for a deal involving the Ulster Unionists and the British and Irish governments, which dramatically collapsed last week, to be honoured in full.

Published October 29, 2003

Terence MacSwiney

Terence MacSwiney was born in Cork in 1879. After completing his secondary school education at the Christian Brothers' School at North Monastery in Cork city, he went to work as an entry clerk at Dwyer and Co, a Cork Warehousing and distribution company, at the age of 15.

Published October 29, 2003

The Nature of Unionism

BILL DELANEY puts Tuesday's events into the context of unionism's dark past and uncertain future.

Published October 27, 2003

Christian Brothers clash with abuse victims

One of Ireland's biggest religious orders clashed today with an organisation representing victims of child abuse after denying it has been responsible for widespread abuse.

Published October 27, 2003

Protestors force Bolivian President into exile

Bolivia's neo-liberal political parties have regained control of the South American country's Congress after a general strike put an end to the government of President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada. The parties agreed to formalise Sanchez de Lozada's resignation, his exile to Miami and the election of Vice President Carlos Mesa as the country's new president.

Published October 27, 2003

Deal hopes fade

Trimble prepares election broadcast

As election concerns move to the fore, hopes that the peace process can be put back on track in the short term are fading.

Published October 27, 2003

Interview with Gerry Adams

The following is the transcript of an interview on Irish television on Sunday with Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams.

Published October 27, 2003

PSNI watch as Loyalists tear down posters

Sinn Féin East Antrim Assembly candidate Oliver McMullen has accused the PSNI police of standing by as known Loyalists tore down Sinn Féin election posters in Glenarm.

Published October 27, 2003


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