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Sinn Féin and the Raj

In a corner of India lies the grave of a soldier who led an Irish mutiny.

Published September 29, 2003

Parties set out stalls

The Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble is seeking ``visible arms decommissioning'' from the IRA in the negotiations on a new peace deal.

Published September 29, 2003

Hope and History, by Gerry Adams

In his new book, `Hope and History: Making Peace in Ireland', Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams looks back at two decades of peace efforts.

Published September 29, 2003

`Investigation' into murder never took place

The family of a County Tyrone nationalist councillor murdered in 1974 was lied to by the RUC police when they were told the killing had been re-investigated in 1993, it has emerged.

Published September 29, 2003

Election date `crucial' for endgame talks

The setting of a date for elections to the Belfast Assembly is crucial if Sinn Féin is to make any approach to the IRA regarding the latest talks in the peace process, party negotiator Martin McGuinness has said.

Published September 29, 2003

Talks continue to restore Assembly

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble are meeting again today as part of a `network' of exchanges aimed at reviving the Good Friday Agreement.

Published September 25, 2003

Dublin bin tax row spreads

The bin tax dispute is set to spread across county Dublin, with Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council due to also stop collecting bins from householders who have not paid waste charges.

Published September 25, 2003

General recalled as soldiers express Bloody Sunday `elation'

The Bloody Sunday inquiry has continued this week with testimony from a series of former British soldiers who have shown no remorse for their killings on January 30, 1972. Today also saw news that their captain, now British Army General Mike Jackson, is to be recalled to explain discrepancies in his evidence.

Published September 25, 2003

Colombia, the paranoid state

The plight of the three Irishmen on trial in Colombia for allegedly assisting left-wing guerrillas must be analysed in light of how the judicial system in that country has been perverted by right-wing paranoia which seems to pervade every aspect of life in that war-torn society.

Published September 25, 2003

Seeking a debate on truth and reconciliation

Sinn Féin yesterday unveiled a new discussion document aimed at encouraging debate on how society could address past events during the conflict.

Published September 25, 2003

Court hears how PSNI interferes with forensic evidence

Sinn Féin's Pat Doherty MP said it is ``remarkable'' that the British Secretary of State Paul Murphy has not made any comment on PSNI interference with the work of the Forensic Science Agency.

Published September 25, 2003

Finucane 'shot 22 times'

A loyalist accused of murdering Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane in 1989 admitted that he was 'massacred' in a taped confession, a court was told today.

Published September 25, 2003

Protests over policing in Strabane

The first meeting of Strabane's District Policing Partnership (DPP) was adjourned twice last night due to a protest by dissident republicans.

Published September 25, 2003

Play the European card

By Fr Des Wilson

It is difficult to see how democratic people can make any further concessions to the British government or its Irish representatives.

Published September 23, 2003

The Armed Peace

The Armed Peace - Life and death after the Ceasefires
By Brian `Barney' Rowan
Mainstream Publishing
£15.99 h/b

Of all the possible titles that Barney Rowan could have chosen for his second book about the peace process, `The Armed Peace: Life and death after the Cease-fires', the phrase, `armed peace' is a good summary of what exists in the Six Counties today.

Published September 23, 2003

10-day-old child caught in petrol bomb attack

A 10-day-old child escaped injury at the weekend after the homes of four Catholic families in Newtownabbey were petrol bombed.

Published September 23, 2003

Election tension mounts as talks continue

Politicians in the North of Ireland are bracing themselves for an election as the search continues in Belfast for a breakthrough to revive the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published September 23, 2003

Interview with Caitriona Ruane

Caitriona Ruane of the Bring Them Home Campaign works on behalf of the Colombia 3, three Irishmen held in jail for over three years while on trial for aiding rebels in Colombia's civil war.

Published September 23, 2003

Schools targeted for sectarian attack

A fire which has devastated an Irish Language pre-school in Belfast is the latest in an escalating series of sectarian attacks on schools across the North of Ireland.

Published September 23, 2003

Killer British soldier promoted during investigation

Britain's Armed Forces Minister, Adam Ingram, has admitted that one of two soldiers convicted of the murder of Belfast teenager Peter McBride was promoted while an Army Board was still said to be considering the dismissal of the soldiers from the military.

Published September 23, 2003


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