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Book Review - Hope and History

Hope and History: Making Peace in Ireland
By Gerry Adams
Brandon, €25

Gerry Adams has come a long way since the 1993 publication of The Street and Other Stories. Just ten short years ago, RTE refused to carry a 20-second ad for the book of stories penned by Adams, about Belfast and the people he had met there over the years.

Published October 6, 2003

Blame game over growing abuse scandal

A scandal over a controversial backroom deal with the religious orders over compensation for child abuse victims continues to grow following efforts by the former Attorney General, Michael McDowell to distance himself and his office from the deal.

Published October 3, 2003

Unionist bitterness over Tyrone victory

Fair play to Tyrone, who showed they have just what it takes to win the All-Ireland in Croke Park on Sunday last. Armagh proved themselves worthy champions and took their defeat with immense dignity.

Published October 3, 2003

British Labour party to organise in Ireland

At its annual conference in Bournemouth, delegates of the British Labour party, led by Tony Blair, have backed a change to the party's rules which now allow people in the North of Ireland to join.

Published October 3, 2003

Even the dead can't rest in peace

``I smelt the smoke and started to panic. I was crying, most in my class were crying.'' These are the words of an 11-year-old pupil of Our Lady of Mercy girls secondary school in North Belfast. The child was describing the latest in a spate of attacks against Catholic schools throughout the north.

Published October 3, 2003

Bloody Sunday para admits killing four

A former British soldier yesterday admitted he was responsible for killing four civil rights demonstrators in Derry on Bloody Sunday.

Published October 3, 2003

One week left for talks breakthrough - Trimble

The British Secretary of State has said an election in the North of Ireland would lead to a ``dysfunctional assembly'' in Belfast without a move by the IRA.

Published October 3, 2003

Gunmen vent sectarian rage at Gaelic supporters

Loyalist gunmen opened fire on a family's home in County Derry because they flew a Gaelic football flag yesterday. Three people escaped injury in the early hours attack in Coleraine.

Published October 3, 2003

Spy-ring prosecutions `politically motivated'

Prosecutions arising out of an alleged IRA spy ring at the Belfast Assembly were politically motivated, it was alleged in court yesterday.

Published October 3, 2003

Whose law? What democracy?

It was interesting to hear the chorus of condemnation from certain quarters against the bin-charge protesters last week. From the levels of outrage expressed by some establishment commentators, you'd think the protestors had captured government buildings and occupied the GPO (at least), rather than barricading a single lorry.

Published October 1, 2003

McBride campaign wins support

Sarah Teather, the newly elected MP for Brent East in London, has expressed her backing for the campaign seeking justice for Peter McBride who was shot by Scots Guards in Belfast in 1992. Kelly McBride, sister of the victim, stood as an independent in the Brent East by-election.

Published October 1, 2003

McDowell `up a pole' during abuse deal talks

The Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell has confirmed he did not take part in crucial negotiations on the controversial compensation scheme for children abused in religious-run institutions.

Published October 1, 2003

SF leaders address Labour conference meetings

As Tony Blair woos the Labour party faithful in Bournemouth with his mutually incompatible promise of both a wide ranging listening and consultation process and a blank refusal to change any actual policy, especially those the people most want him to change -- namely Iraq, foundation hospitals and student fees -- senior members of Sinn Féin have also been engaging the party membership on issues which affect the day-to-day lives of those living in the Six Counties, not least the denial of their democratic right to choose their own political representatives.

Published October 1, 2003

Sinn Féin office attacked by arsonists

Republicans battled to put out a fire after arsonists struck at Sinn Féin offices in County Tyrone on Monday. Bins were set alight at the back of the building on James Street, Omagh overnight. Flames destroyed an emergency rear entrance and scorched the carpet before the blaze was put out.

Published October 1, 2003

Leaders must earn accolades

An American university is giving a peace prize to two very deserving citizens, one English, the other Irish. ``In recognition of their work for peace in Ireland''.

Published October 1, 2003

Schools targeted again

Catholic schoolgirls were terrorised as loyalist paramilitaries set fire to teachers' cars just yards from packed classrooms on Monday.

Published October 1, 2003

Election date `crucial' for endgame talks

The setting of a date for elections to the Belfast Assembly is crucial if Sinn Féin is to make any approach to the IRA regarding the latest talks in the peace process, party negotiator Martin McGuinness has said.

Published September 29, 2003

Ahern worries mount over TD scandals

Michael Collins TD has announced that he is to resign from the Fianna Fáil Parliamentary Party following revelations that he is on a list of over 400 tax defaulters.

Published September 29, 2003

Edward Said - a fountain of humanity

We mourn with greatest sadness the death today of Professor Edward W. Said.

Published September 29, 2003

Attacks on schools continue

A pipe-bomb was left at the gates of a Catholic school in north Belfast over the weekend.

Published September 29, 2003


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