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UUP feud ends amid poll threat

Three dissident Ulster Unionist MPs are to rejoin the party's group at Westminster following a hardening of the party's attitude to the Good Friday Agreement.

Published October 10, 2003

Warped economic agenda


What is going on with cutbacks in jobs in education and health? Isn't there a crisis in these sectors? What is the government doing?

Published October 10, 2003

Bad week for Peace Process optimists

To date, Sinn Féin's discussions with the two governments and the UUP have focused on the need to secure firm commitments - guarantees - on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the sustainability of the institutions.

Published October 10, 2003

Wishful thinking in the Dáil

By Mícheál MacDonncha

All parties in the Dáil agree that it was wrong for the British government to unilaterally cancel the Assembly elections in the Six Counties. They voted accordingly after a debate called by Sinn Féin TDs before the summer recess and on Tuesday in the Dáil the Taoiseach repeated that the postponement was a move ``we opposed and continue to oppose''.

Published October 8, 2003

British army harassment in Fermanagh

Sinn Fein has criticised the level of British army activity in the Fermanagh area after a Sinn Fein activist was verbally abused and held for 45 minutes on Thursday night 2 October.

Published October 8, 2003

Bloody Sunday soldier accused of murder

A British soldier who fired a total of 22 shots in Derry on Bloody Sunday yesterday denied that he was a ``systematic liar'' and that he was a member of a ``murder squad'' on the day the British Army shot dead 13 civilians and wounded 13 others.

Published October 8, 2003

Coroner finds MoD, PSNI in contempt

The PSNI police and the British Ministry of Defence are in contempt of court after they failed to comply with a coroner's ruling to provide unedited material and video tape linked to the SAS and Loyalist killings of 10 people in Tyrone.

Published October 8, 2003

Family recounts night of masked loyalist terror

A Catholic family of four have told how they were forced to flee their home on the Parkhill estate in Antrim after an attack by a gang of masked unionist paramilitaries on Sunday night 5 October.

Published October 8, 2003

Who's policing the police?

A series of two articles by JOANNE CORCORAN on the police in the 26 Counties, An Garda Síochána [Guardians of the Peace]

Published October 8, 2003

The Great Experiment

I see the ongoing revolution in Ireland as an amazing, extraordinary, path breaking project on the world stage of the struggle for justice. However, I am not sure that everyone sees it like this. This article is to explain, and put the amazing events of the last 30 years in context - so that we can stand back and see the wood for the trees.

Published October 8, 2003

Judge finds police investigations were incomplete

The Canadian judge investigating collusion between the security forces and paramilitaries in Ireland has said he has uncovered lines of inquiry that have not been followed by detectives.

Published October 8, 2003

One in three in Six Counties living in poverty

A recently-released report has revealed that one in three people in the Six Counties is living in poverty.

Published October 8, 2003

Talks for pre-election deal go `down to the wire'

The Sinn Féin president, Mr Gerry Adams, has warned that unionists and the two governments ``have set the bar too high'' for republicans.

Published October 8, 2003

Book Review - Hope and History

Hope and History: Making Peace in Ireland
By Gerry Adams
Brandon, €25

Gerry Adams has come a long way since the 1993 publication of The Street and Other Stories. Just ten short years ago, RTE refused to carry a 20-second ad for the book of stories penned by Adams, about Belfast and the people he had met there over the years.

Published October 6, 2003

Call for end to `spy ring' prosecutions

The families of four people accused of operating an `IRA spy ring' at the Belfast Assembly have called for the charges against their relatives to be dropped.

Published October 6, 2003

Celtic supporter survives serious assault

A 21-year-old North Belfast man had his skull fractured in a sectarian attack yesterday morning.

Published October 6, 2003

Irish children facing exile

They came in their hundreds. There were the anti bin charge protestors. There were the little children from Drogheda, who, amongst so many in the state, want a decent school. There were the people who wanted Ireland to have no part in the warmongering that is happening around the world. There were the people who were abused as children in state and Church run institutions, who have been treated with disdain and contempt by the government, which wants to talk of `sample cases' in place of justice and full disclosure of the terrible things that happened to these people as children when they were `sentenced' to be incarcerated.

Published October 6, 2003

Arms move could bolster 'progressive unionism'

Sinn Fein's chief negotiator Martin McGuinness has suggested that any future IRA move on arms should be more convincing for unionists.

Published October 6, 2003

Ombudsman urged to investigate O'Hara killing

The family of a Catholic student who was shot dead by unionist paramilitaries 11 years ago is to ask the Police Ombudsman to investigate allegations that the RUC police colluded in the killing.

Published October 6, 2003

UDA plotted to kill Kennedys

Unionist paramilitaries planned to assassinate members of America's most famous family nearly a decade ago when they attended a miscarriage of justice hearing at a Belfast court.

Published October 6, 2003


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