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No surrender to DUP - Adams

The IRA is not going to respond to any ``surrender'' demand from the DUP or its leader, Ian Paisley, the Sinn Féin president Mr Gerry Adams told the party's Easter Rising commemoration in Dublin yesterday.

Published November 24, 2003

SF canvassers attacked; UUP HQ paint-bombed

Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey has said that one of his canvass teams was attacked in south Belfast.

Published November 24, 2003

John Davey remembered

A Sinn Fein councillor was remembered yesterday by family, friends and party activists on the 15th anniversary of his murder in County Derry.

Published November 24, 2003

Shoot-to-kill not covered by Human Rights Act - Lords

Britain's House of Lords has overturned a ruling by the Court of Appeal in Belfast that the British government breached the Human Rights Act by failing to carry out an investigation into the killings of three unarmed IRA Volunteers in 1982.

Published November 24, 2003

Transport strike blamed on Minister

Bus and rail workers' across Ireland mounted a four-hour work stoppage today, culminating with a rally outside the Department of Transport in Dublin.

Published November 24, 2003



At the time of writing, three days after bombs on four commuter trains in Madrid killed 200 people, a number of suspects have been arrested and are being questioned. This followed the discovery of a stolen van with detonators (and a tape of verses of the Koran in Arabic); crucial forensic evidence being adduced from an unexploded bomb; a claim from al Qaeda to an Arab language newspaper in London; and, on Sunday, a claim of responsibility from al Qaeda in a video message.

Published November 24, 2003

The Process of `Constitutionalisation'

Breandan Morley (from the Blanket)

Hopes for the restoration of a power-sharing executive in Northern Ireland now depend upon Sinn Féin and the Democratic Unionist Party, after the two parties emerged as the dominant forces at the assembly elections.

Published November 24, 2003

Church targeted by arsonists

A priest has esccaped injury after he was targeted by loyalist arsonists while he slept.

Published November 24, 2003

Armed British incursion into 26 Counties

British PSNI police and Army patrols crossed over the Border into the 26 Counties on Wednesday night, sparking local anger in north County Louth.

Published November 24, 2003

Alliance Party

Following the annual conference of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland at the weekend, we present an edited version of the speech by party leader David Ford.

Published November 24, 2003

Bloody Sunday Inquiry latest

A woman today told the Bloody Sunday tribunal today she saw four civilians fall after a British soldier raised his rifle and aimed towards the rubble barricade in Rossville Street.

Published November 24, 2003

The Story of the Catalpa

by Joseph Clarke

Of all the wonderful escapes and rescues of Irish political prisoners from British dungeons down through the years none was as remarkable as the rescue of six Fenian prisoners from the penal settlement of Western Australia in 1876.

Published November 24, 2003


The publication of the Cory reports on British Crown force collusion with paramilitaries could be further delayed by legal injunctions.

Published November 24, 2003

Dissident republicans mount attacks

A bomb exploded at a British Army base in the North of Ireland late on Monday night after PSNI police had moved into the area to carry out searches. There had been a number of telephone warnings from the dissident Continuity IRA that a device had been planted.

Published November 24, 2003


The final witness finished his evidence today at the Bloody Sunday inquiry, which has been sitting for four years.

Published November 24, 2003

Kelly family condemn PSNI inquiry into killing

The family of a Catholic councillor who was murdered in controversial circumstances almost 30 years have detailed a number of serious concerns with the re-investigation of the killing by the PSNI police.

Published November 24, 2003

More delays in Kelly case

Lawyers for the family of a murdered nationalist councillor have criticised new delays in their fight for an independent probe into his death.

Published November 24, 2003

Poll indicates election gains for Sinn Féin, Greens

The latest opinion poll on the 26 Counties ahead of June local and European elections indicate that Sinn Féin, the Green Party and possibly Labour will gain on many local authorities.

Published November 24, 2003

Petrol bomb attacks in Derry

Republican dissidents have been blamed for an attack on the home of the North's Policing Board vice-chairman, Denis Bradley.

Published November 24, 2003

Scappaticci admits taped attack on IRA

Freddie Scappaticci has confessed he secretly spoke to journalists about the IRA 11 years ago but has again denied being the alleged British agent `Stakeknife'.

Published November 24, 2003


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