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US congress holds hearings on anniversary of Nelson murder

A committee of the US congress are currently holding hearings on the peace process and the issue of human rights.

Published November 24, 2003

Vote for change and vote for the future

(for the Irish News)

There has been enormous progress across Irish society over the last 10 years. There has been a political transformation, which many people thought was not possible.

Published November 24, 2003

`Real IRA' mistrial at Special Criminal Court

THE trial of three men accused of membership of the breakaway `Real IRA' was aborted at the Special Criminal Court in Dublin yesterday after the Garda police said they had ``mislaid'' documents relating to the trial.

Published November 24, 2003

Ardoyne Suicides

Virtually every piece of commentary on the recent suicides of young men in Ardoyne mentioned the area being left behind by the peace process. But few ventured to suggest what it was about the process which had brought this about.

Published November 24, 2003

Call for Irish language legislation

Sinn Féin has called for the introduction of an Irish language bill in any new assembly. Launching the party's manifesto on language yesterday, Bairbre de Brun said: ``Sinn Féin has been to the forefront in promoting the importance and safeguarding the position of the Irish language and culture during the negotiations leading to the Good Friday Agreement and since, on an all-Ireland basis,'' said Ms de Brun.

Published November 24, 2003

Sense of drift

The following comments were made by Sinn Fein EU candidate Pearse Doherty at the twelfth annual Joe McManus/Kevin Coen lecture.

Published November 24, 2003

Attacks in Larne and Derry

A number of sectarian attacks have made a mockery out of the so-called 'ceasefires' by unionist paramilitaries.

Published November 24, 2003

Attacks in Derry

A Catholic teenager has been treated in hospital after being assaulted by up to 12 youths in a suspected sectarian attack in Derry.

Published November 24, 2003

Election previews - West and Border areas

This is the fourth installment of a five-part constituency by constituency analysis of the parties and candidates in the up-coming Belfast Assembly elections, to be held on November 26th.

Each of the 18 parliamentary constituencies will return 6 members by single transferable vote (STV) to sit in the Stormont Assembly, thus making up its 108 members.

Published November 24, 2003

Catholic home torched

Unionists were last night blamed for an arson attack on the home of a Catholic family in west Belfast.

Published November 24, 2003


The focus of efforts to revive the Irish peace process moves to Washington this week as meetings have been organised in the US Capital for the annual gathering of Irish political leaders at the Whitehouse.

Published November 24, 2003

Easter Address by Gerry Adams

The following is an edited version of the address by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams at this year's Dublin Easter Commemoration

Published November 24, 2003


The British government is to begin a review of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement next month following Wednesday's election to the Belfast Assembly, it has confirmed.

Published November 24, 2003

Council votes against Long Kesh museum

Proposals to retain part of the Long Kesh prison site as a museum have been set back after the local council voted against the plan.

Published November 24, 2003

Irish horror at Madrid atrocity

There has been strong cross-party condemnation in Ireland for yesterday bombings in Madrid, which left some 200 dead and over a thousand injured.

Published November 24, 2003


There has been growing concern at the proposed citizenship referendum in the 26 Counties, which could effectively rewrite the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published November 24, 2003

A Handful of Nationalists

The first I ran for election was in Mid-Ulster twenty-one year ago.

Published November 24, 2003

DUP must `play ball' - SF

Sinn Fein has called on Ian Paisley's DUP to begin direct negotiations with republicans and called on the British government to push ahead with justice and human rights reforms.

Published November 24, 2003

Omagh victims blast Nally 'whitewash'

Relatives of the Omagh bomb victims today branded the report by the 26-County government into the atrocity a ``whitewash'' at a meeting with the Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

Published November 24, 2003

Groups hold rallies to mark Easter Rising

The anniversary of the Easter Rising saw commemorations from many different republican groupings at Milltown Cemetery in Belfast.

Published November 24, 2003


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