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Who is going to police the secret armies?

Thankfully, apart from continuing political chaos there is still a postpeace-process good feeling factor in the North.

Published January 28, 2004

Belfast demo against racism

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Belfast yesterday demanding an end to racism.

Published January 28, 2004

Bloody Sunday testimony draws to a close

A date has been set for the end of the Bloody Sunday Inquiry.

Published January 28, 2004

Saving `Bobby Sands Street'

The following online petition to the President of Iran, launched by Danny Morrison, calls for the Iranian government to ignore British pressure to rename Bobby Sands street in the Iranian capital, Tehran. Bobby Sands was the first of ten men to die in the 1981 hunger strike in defiance of Margaret Thatcher's criminalisation of the armed struggle.

Published January 28, 2004


The 26-County Dublin government has said it is prepared to work with the unionist paramilitary UDA to advance the peace process despite the group's ongoing campaign of violence.

Published January 28, 2004

Human rights groups `a curse' - Trimble

Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble yesterday described the human rights ``industry'' as ``one of the great curses of this world''.

Published January 28, 2004

Hundreds of young men committed suicide in 2003

Suicide is the main cause of death among young men in Ireland according to official statistics.

Published January 28, 2004

PSNI harass republicans

Sinn Féin Assembly member for West Belfast Fra McCann has accused the PSNI police of `engaging in a campaign of harassment against republicans'. Mr McCann's remarks come after homes in New Barnsley and Ballymurphy were raided this morning and one man was arrested.

Published January 28, 2004

Rights for all

The following is a Sinn Féin discussion document published today, entitled `Rights for All'.

Published January 26, 2004


Main charges dropped in Stormont `spy ring' case

Prosecutors in the North have dropped their main charges against two Belfast republicans accused of involvement in an alleged IRA ``spy ring'' at Stormont.

Published January 26, 2004

Further details of FRU revealed

Members of the British Army's murderous `Dirty War' unit, the FRU (Force Research Unit), also known as JSG (Joint Services Group) have been named on a U.S. based website.

Published January 26, 2004

Detainees beaten after Galway protest

The first major protests of Ireland's presidency of the European Union took place last weekend in Galway, with a number of groups speaking out on issues ranging from racism to fishing in Connemara. They coincided with a meeting of employment/social affairs ministers in a city-centre hotel. The largest demonstration took place under the banner ``Another Europe Is Possible'', in Eyre Square, close to the venue, and was attended by around 500 people.

Published January 26, 2004

Children targeted by UDA booby-trap; Ahern meets UDA

Children escaped serious injury yesterday when an apparent booby-trap device, which had the potential to kill, failed to ignite at a west Belfast sports club.

Published January 26, 2004

Words of Freedom


WAR, wrote Clausewitz, is an extension of politics by other means. And politics is fought in many ways, not least psychologically through the deliberate use and choice of terminology. To surrender to one's opponents their definition of the world is to risk surrendering one's legitimacy.

Published January 26, 2004

British approach to Agreement `tactical' - McGuinness

Sinn Féin's Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness said today that in the five years since the Good Friday Agreement was signed, there had been ``delay, foot dragging and inaction'' in many areas where the British government has direct responsibility.

Published January 26, 2004

Brown family condemn Orde response to report

Thw family of a Gaelic sports official murdered by unionist paramilitaries has accused PSNI police chief Hugh Orde of ignoring a scathing report on the investigation by the Police Ombudsman.

Published January 26, 2004

What if Paisley used his powers for good?

President of the Irish National Caucus in Washington DC

First of all, full disclosure: I've always had a soft spot for Dr Paisley. This seems to surprise many people, although I know I am by no means the only Northern Ireland Catholic who feels this way about the good reverend.

Published January 23, 2004

British govt discusses violence with UDA group

The unionist paramilitary Ulster Defence Association cannot seriously be considered to be on ceasefire, the British government has admitted.

Published January 23, 2004

Battle for Irish-American votes

The peace process in Ireland has featured in debate surrounding the U.S. Presidential election in November.

Published January 23, 2004


Rhetoric levels rise ahead of historic meeting

A meeting in London next week with Ian Paisley's Democratic Unionist Party has been described as ``enormously significant'' and ``historic'' by the Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

Published January 23, 2004


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