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Mitchell Reiss replaces Haass

A US government official with experience on nuclear disarmament is replace President George W. Bush's special envoy to Ireland, Dr Richard Haass.

Published December 12, 2003

Sinn Fein seeks to break talks stalemate

Sinn Féin is urging the Dublin and London governments to take a strong line with the DUP following its strong performance in the recent elections to the Belfast Assembly in the North.

Published December 12, 2003

Ahern denies backing war on Iraq

Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was attacked today for comments in which he claimed he had always been opposed to the war in Iraq.

Published December 12, 2003

Not by the people, not of the people

Around this time last year, you read in this publication three concerns of mine: the failure of the British government to abide by democratic norms in calling an election; the failure of all parties to engage the DUP in any meaningful way; and the failure of unionism to take part in the peace process.

Published December 12, 2003

The Future of Northern Nationalism

In a series of feature articles looking at the policies of the northern nationalist and republican parties, the following is a speech given by Mark Durkan, Leader of the SDLP as the Irish Association in April this year.

Published December 12, 2003

Govt opposes public inquiry on bombings

The Irish Government is to oppose a full judicial inquiry into the 1974 Dublin/Monaghan bombings, following publication of the Barron report.

Published December 12, 2003

The Good Friday Agreement and Beyond

The following article by Gerry Ruddy reflects the opinions of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, of which he is an Ard Chomhairle member. It was first printed in `Models of Governance: The Good Friday Agreement and beyond - Some Personal Reflections' published by Coiste Na Iarchimi.

Published December 10, 2003

Catholic children evacuated after Bushmills mob attack

A group of Catholic school children were attacked while on a residential course in County Antrim.

Published December 10, 2003

Group demands the truth on collusion

The lobby group, An Fhirinne, has handed in a letter of complaint for the attention of British Secretary of State Paul Murphy during a picket to highlight collusion between British crown forces and unionist paramilitary death squads.

Published December 10, 2003

Electoral Commission blasted for losing voters

The North's Electoral Commission has admitted that certain groups have been left without a vote by new registration requirements.

Published December 10, 2003

SF looks to extend electoral success to Europe

Sinn Fein has launched its candidates for next year's European elections.

Published December 10, 2003


Govt was `disinterested' in 1974 bombings

A report report by former Irish Supreme Court judge Mr Justice Henry Barron on the 1974 Dublin-Monaghan bombings has raised more questions than it has answered.

Published December 10, 2003

IRA quartermaster denies arms used on Bloody Sunday

A former quartermaster in the mainstream IRA today described claims that Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness was armed on Bloody Sunday as ``ludicrous''.

Published December 10, 2003

Irish poverty doubled in last ten years - report

A major new report from the Economic and Social Research Institute has found that relative poverty in the 26 Counties has more than doubled since 1994, while the depth of poverty being experienced has increased substantially.

Published December 10, 2003


Members of the British intelligence services have blocked the publication of the Cory Report, according to reports at the weekend.

Published December 8, 2003

No trouble at Lundy's Day parade

The annual Lundy's Day parade by the Protestant Apprentice Boys organisation in Derry was peaceful.

Published December 8, 2003

Shannon Warport

The Irish Anti-War Movement held a demonstration on Saturday, December 6th, at which protesters attempted to `blockade' Shannon Airport, the civilian airport in the west of Ireland where approximately half the US troops en route to Iraq and Afghanistan have stopped to rest and refuel.

Published December 8, 2003

Adams urges DUP to oppose unionist violence

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams yesterday said the DUP needed to consider the implications of its new-found prominence on violent unionism.

Published December 8, 2003

The Lollipop Man


One Sunday during the recent election SDLP leader Mark Durkan went for a photo-shoot on the bridge between Strabane and Lifford. On another occasion he stopped traffic on a main road to be photographed as a lollipop man carrying a pole bearing the circular sign, `Stop The DUP'.

Published December 8, 2003

Collusion suspected in gun attacks

Between eight and 10 houses belonging to republicans in west Belfast were targeted in gun attacks on Friday evening in the Finagy, Riverdale and Lenadoon areas.

Published December 8, 2003


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