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The shipyard and silence replaced

By Jim Gibney (for the Irish News)

In the early spring of 1964 I arrived on top of my dad’s coal lorry outside 53 Bryson Street in Belfast’s Short Strand.

Published February 16, 2004


The Provisional IRA has said it will not protect any republican alleged to have been involved in the death of a Belfast man earlier this month.

Published February 16, 2004

Murphy ‘breached Agreement’ on bombings

A Dublin parliamentary committee has accused the British government of breaching the Good Friday Agreement by refusing to co-operate with an inquiry into the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

Published February 16, 2004

St Patrick’s Day shame

In an annual display of sectarianism, Belfast unionists have again voted to withhold funding for the city’s St Patrick’s Day carnival parade.

Published February 16, 2004

Government robbed pensioners, infirm

A Supreme Court decision has found that the Dublin government has been illegally charging residents of nursing homes for their care.

Published February 16, 2004

Trimble calls for ‘savage’ attack on SF

Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble has called for the British government to use its “savage” and “significant” powers against Sinn Fein.

Published February 16, 2004

DUP angling for `Unionist' assembly

They say there are two kinds of politicians, foxes and hedgehogs. A fox knows many things, but a hedgehog knows only one thing.

Published February 11, 2004

British army bases `to close'

Two military bases in the North are to close, it was announced last night, although no date was set for the closures.

Published February 11, 2004

The Spying Game

In a dramatic development, the central charges used to substantiate allegations of a so-called `Stormont spy-ring' were dropped - without any explanation whatsoever - at Belfast Magistrates' Court.

Published February 11, 2004


British Direct Ruler Paul Murphy and his two predecessors have refused to attend hearings of an Irish parliamentary sub-committee on the Dublin/Monaghan bombings of 1974, it has emerged.

Published February 11, 2004

MPs angry at Maghaberry concessions

The British government bowed to pressure from paramilitaries by sanctioning a scheme of separating loyalist and republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail, according to a new report.

Published February 11, 2004

Ombudsman to investigate Newry murder

The Police Ombudsman's office is to investigate claims that the RUC's Special Branch allowed the IRA to carry out a mortar bombing, in which a member of the RUC died, to protect an informer.

Published February 11, 2004

Talks breakthrough possible - McGuinness

The Sinn Fein chief negotiator Martin McGuinness, has said if the DUP's Devolution Now document is a negotiating rather than a ``bottom line'' position, then it is possible that devolution can be restored.

Published February 11, 2004

Vigilance urged in north Belfast

Loyalists are believed to be scouting areas of north Belfast in preparation for possible attacks.

Published February 11, 2004

Language Belongs to All the People

In the north of Ireland today the conflict over cultural identity remains a central feature of life with few signs of a unifying identity or consensus emerging.

Published February 6, 2004

Devolution Now

Continuing our series looking at the policies and proposals of the North's parties, we present the DUP's proposals for devolution which were published today.

Published February 6, 2004


Good Friday Agreement faces gravest threat

The British government has described proposals published today by Ian Paisley's DUP for a new model of devolved government to replace that contained in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement as ``very constructive''.

Published February 6, 2004

Hume praised for peace efforts

There have been many tributes to former SDLP leader John Hume, after he confirmed that he is to step down from the European Parliament and Westminster, drawing a line under his political career.

Published February 6, 2004

No funding for Belfast's St Patrick's Day festival

A petition has begun calling on Belfast city council to provide funding for this year's St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Published February 6, 2004

No more warnings - Real IRA

The breakaway `Real IRA' has issued a `no more warnings' message to anyone who enters or supplies British army bases in Ireland.

Published February 6, 2004


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