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McBride anger at US contract for discredited Guardsman

A former British Army officer who falsely suggested that murdered Belfast teenager Peter McBride may have been carrying a bomb when he was murdered by two soldiers under his command has been awarded a major private security contract in Iraq by the US Department of Defence, according to the Pat Finucne centre, a Derry-based human rights group.

Published June 14, 2004

MI5 man says IRA campaign was successful

An MI5 officer has stated publicly that the IRA “fought a just cause” and won a “successful campaign” during the 30-year conflict in the North.

Published June 14, 2004

Election results summary

Latest results from the European and local elections.

Published June 14, 2004

Referendum result undermines Agreement

The citizenship referendum in the 26 Counties has caused political damage to the Good Friday Agreement, nationalists have warned.

Published June 14, 2004

UVF issue threats in Ballymena

A number of Catholics in a County Antrim town have been warned they are under threat from unionist paramilitaries.

Published June 14, 2004

‘Recreational’ riots in Derry

Clashes erupted last night between local youths and the PSNI police as they entered republican areas at the close of polling in Thursday’s election.

Published June 11, 2004

UVF blamed for Ballymena bomb

The so-called ‘ceasefire’ by the unionist paramilitary UVF has again been discredited after the group was linked to recent attacks on republicans in Ballymena, County Antrim.

Published June 11, 2004

Call off this sad witchhunt

By Mark Brennock (for the Irish Times)

You could be forgiven for thinking the State itself was under threat. A matter has arisen that is so grave that the Cabinet has now discussed it at least three times in recent weeks. Legislation has been rushed through the Oireachtas. The Taoiseach and Minister for Justice speak with growing solemnity about the situation.

Published June 11, 2004

Blair gets election drubbing

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is facing a bleak future following huge losses in the local elections in England and Wales.

Published June 11, 2004

British cabinet linked to Finucane murder

Judge Peter Cory, who investigated the controversial murder of Pat Finucane, has revealed that documents relating to the conspiracy to kill the Belfast defense lawyer were seen by the British government cabinet.

Published June 11, 2004

Torture photos of Irish Republicans

By Gerry Adams MP (for the Guardian)

News of the ill-treatment of prisoners in Iraq created no great surprise in republican Ireland. We have seen and heard it all before. Some of us have even survived that type of treatment. Suggestions that the brutality in Iraq was meted out by a few miscreants aren’t even seriously entertained here. We have seen and heard all that before as well. But our experience is that, while individuals may bring a particular impact to their work, they do so within interrogative practices authorised by their superiors.

Published June 11, 2004


British Crown forces in the North engaged in widespread harassment and intimidation of voters on Thursday, patrolling around polling stations and photographing voters as they arrived.

Published June 11, 2004

Turnout points to battle for last seat in North

Turnout in the Six County European election is down by more than 5% on the 1999 poll, with large regional variations in the number of those who cast their vote.

Published June 11, 2004

Watching Paint Dry, Or ...

by Danny Morrison

A few weeks ago, just on the eve of the European election campaign, but not, as far as known, in competition with it, satellite channel UKTV announced that it was to stream a new reality show called ‘Watching Paint Dry’ on the internet. Viewers can watch a different kind of paint dry on an empty wall each day and will be able to vote for their favourite paint.

Published June 9, 2004

Bloody Sunday Inquiry hears submissions

Soldiers “probably” were responsible for all of the deaths on Bloody Sunday, their legal representative admitted today.

Published June 9, 2004

Dublin Mayor ignored bombs inquiry

One of the Dublin government’s main prospects for retaining a European Parliament seat has confirmed that he fáiled to pass on information about the Dublin attacks to the recent inquiry into the bombings.

Published June 9, 2004

An agenda for change

By Bairbre de Brun
Sinn Féin candidate for Six County EU election

Is tráthúil an ócáid í seo do Shinn Féin. Tá deis ann anois Feisirí Eorpacha Shinn Féin ar fud an oileáin a thoghadh do Pharlaimint na hEorpa.

Published June 9, 2004


Voting is already underway in the European elections in Ireland, with the governing Fianna Fáil party in the South and the SDLP in the North both facing losses.

Published June 9, 2004

Intimidation in Ballymena

A senior Sinn Féin member, Michael Agnew, has been targeted in a pipe-bomb attack at his home in Ballymena, County Antrim.

Published June 9, 2004

Second republican Mayor of Derry

The Mayoral chain of Derry has been placed on a second Sinn Féin Mayor.

Published June 9, 2004


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