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IMC report on paramilitary groups

The following is an extract of the statement by the International Monitoring commision on the organisation and assessment of current activities of paramilitary groups.

Published April 21, 2004


The Independent Monitoring Commission’s threat to expose Sinn Féin members as IRA leaders has “polluted” the peace process, Sinn Féin said today.

Published April 21, 2004

Irish urged to vote in Blair’s EU referendum

The decision by British Prime Minister Tony Blair to hold a referendum on the European Union constitution has been welcomed in the North, where voters will decide on Britain’s role in Europe.

Published April 21, 2004

O’Donnell opposes demonisation of SF

A member of the Dublin parliament for the junior coalition government partners, the Progressive Democrats, has said she thought “bashing Sinn Féin” was not a good thing.

Published April 21, 2004

Ombudsman proposal follows prison complaints

Relatives of republican prisoners have complained of being treated in a degrading and humiliating manner at Maghaberry jail involving a so-called ‘sniffer dog’.

Published April 21, 2004


Publication of a report on paramilitary activity by the Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC) is to go ahead after a High Court challenge failed on Monday.

Published April 19, 2004

The Rosemary Nelson Inquiry

The following is an edited version of the initial procedural statements of the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry.

Published April 19, 2004

Missing man accused of being informer

It has emerged that the PSNI police have at least seven contact numbers for South Armagh man Gareth O’Connor, an alleged police informer who has been missing since last May.

Published April 19, 2004


Amnesty backs calls for boycott of Finucane inquiry

The Rosemary Nelson Inquiry opened yesterday, the largest public probe yet initiated into any individual death of the conflict in the North of Ireland.

Published April 19, 2004

SF gains again in latest poll

Support for the Dublin government has slipped in the past month in the 26 Counties, while Sinn Fein has gained further ground.

Published April 19, 2004

Robinson targeted by mail bomb

An explosive device has been sent to the Belfast offices of Democratic Unionist Party deputy leader Mr Peter Robinson, he revealed tonight.

Published April 19, 2004

SDLP blasts referendum on citizenship

The nationalist SDLP has attacked the Dublin government for its plans for a June referendum which threatens the Irish citizenship rights of northerners and the Good Friday Agreement.

Published April 19, 2004

Adams speech offers peaceful alternative

By Jim Gibney (for the irish News)

Gerry Adams has walked many times the 200 yards from Sinn Féin’s offices to Conway Mill on Belfast’s Falls Road.

Published April 19, 2004

Despite political ban, Basque voters back independence

Elections in the Basque Country, which took place without the participation of outlawed pro-independence party Batasuna, saw a surge in support for a smaller party which was endorsed by Batasuna leaders and which has refused to condemn the ETA armed group.

Published April 19, 2004

Alcohol linked to British Army chopper crash

The pilot of a British Army helicopter which crashed on the Derry shore three years ago had probably been drinking, it has been revealed.

Published April 19, 2004

Legislation needed, not lighthouses

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Does Easter kick off the ‘marching season’ or is it the Somme on the first Sunday of July? It used to be the Somme, but the kick-off seems to be getting earlier each year. It’s no longer marching feet that signal the beginning of the season, but other, more symbolic evidence of ownership of the north: flags, graffiti, bonfire preparations.

Published April 19, 2004

Deportees hospitalised in hunger-strike protest

Two Nigerians on hunger and thirst strike collapsed at the weekend and were taken to hospital by ambulance.

Published April 19, 2004

Republicans battle in County Down

Sinn Fein has suffered fresh defections from the party in County Down following “reorganisation” within the party structure in the area.

Published April 19, 2004

Dublin plots defeat for Sinn Féin

The Dublin government has abandoned the appearance of objectivity and is now openly campaigning against Sinn Féin in the North’s elections on May 5.

Published April 19, 2004

Address to Labour Party conference

The Irish Labour party held its annual conference at the weekend. The following is an edited version of the address by Labour leader, Pat Rabbitte

Published April 19, 2004


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