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Sinn Féin join European Parliament grouping

Sinn Féin’s two new members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are to work within the United European Left and Nordic Green Alliance group in the parliament, they confirmed today.

Published April 26, 2004

‘Extraordinary rendition’ of US captives via Shannon

A jet chartered by the United States military, which is known to have abducted and transported al-Qaeda suspects, has landed at Shannon Airport in the west of Ireland several times, it has emerged.

Published April 26, 2004

Real IRA accused defiant at tense court hearing

Republican supporters of five accused of membership of the breakaway ‘Real IRA’ were cleared from a packed courtroom yesterday.

Published April 26, 2004

Deaths close chapter on Bloody Sunday

Former British prime minister Ted Heath has died at the age of 89, a day after the death of the last surviving mother of a Bloody Sunday victim.

Published April 26, 2004

West Belfast man wins U.S. deportation case

A U.S. court has significantly ruled that a west Belfast man’s conviction in connection with the IRA killing of two British soldiers was political.

Published April 26, 2004

Joe Black

Joe Black and his family, living and working in Belfast, were enroute to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for participation in a family wedding, when Joe Black was detained and arrested by the FBI.

Published April 26, 2004

Journalist recalls British censorship

John Pilger has said that important investigations into the conflict in Ireland were never aired to a wider audience at a time when they could have had an impact on the situation.

Published April 26, 2004

Adair deported to Bolton

Unionist paramilitary Johnny “Mad Dog” Adair has been released from prison and flown to England by the British army.

Published April 26, 2004

CIA to police Irish ‘war on terror’

Human rights activists have expressed concern at news that the 26-County Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has signed an agreement that allows for the detention and interrogation of people in Ireland by US secret service agents.

Published April 26, 2004

IMC should apologise

The International Monitoring Commission report published on Tuesday listed 12 people it said had been murdered by paramilitaries since January 1, 2003.

Published April 23, 2004

Colombia 3 verdict expected on Monday

A verdict in the case of the three Irishmen charged with training Colombia’s FARC rebels and using false passports is expected on Monday.

Published April 23, 2004

Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers,

Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers
by James Gannon.
Savas Publishing Company

Retired journalist James Gannon spent more than three years researching and writing the story of men whose valour and sacrifice in battle have never received the attention he feels they deserve.

Published April 23, 2004

Court hears prosecutions designed to delay Finucane inquiry

A judicial review aimed at forcing the British government to proceed with an independent inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane began yesterday.

Published April 23, 2004


Talks to go on despite SF fury over IMC report

The review of the Good Friday Agreement will reconvene in Belfast on Tuesday as fresh efforts are being made to continue peace efforts following the devastating report of the Independent Monitoring Commission on Tuesday.

Published April 23, 2004

Family dismay at PSNI secrecy over Bangor murder

The family of a Catholic man murdered in Bangor last year have demanded to know why they the PSNI police never went public on the sectarian nature of the killing.

Published April 23, 2004

Miscarriage of justice victim fights again

A West Belfast man handed two life sentences by a non-jury Diplock court is to testify in his own defence against extradition from the US as his original trial is being replayed in a Los Angeles courtroom.

Published April 23, 2004

Sectarian attacks prompt marching season concern

The UDA has been blamed for a suspected sectarian gun attack on a house in County Down which a Catholic family had just moved into.

Published April 23, 2004

Ombudsman proposal follows prison complaints

Relatives of republican prisoners have complained of being treated in a degrading and humiliating manner at Maghaberry jail involving a so-called ‘sniffer dog’.

Published April 21, 2004

Adams: Peace process above party politics

The following is an edited version of the remarks made to party activists at Buswells Hotel in Dublin last night by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP.

Published April 21, 2004

Ahern dissembles through referendum debate

The Irish Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern today faced a barrage of criticism of his party’s decision to hold a potentially racist referendum on Irish citizenship on June 11 - the same day as local and European elections.

Published April 21, 2004


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