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British military assessor backs McBride family

The mother of north Belfast teenager Peter McBride has welcomed criticism by an independent agency of the decision to allow his killers to return to the British Army.

Published June 30, 2004

Six-month delay plan rejected

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams has rebuffed demands by the hardline unionist DUP for a six-month transition period for the IRA to demonstrate their peaceful intentions before they would consider sharing power with Sinn Féin.

Published June 30, 2004

Traveller groups warn of crisis

Deterioratinmg relations between Ireland’s gypsy-like Travellers and the settled community have led to a growing mood of despair among Travellers.

Published June 30, 2004

A Day That Comes, Also Goes

By Tom Luby (for the Blanket)

The key questions that arise from the recent all-Ireland European election are not to do with whether or not Sinn Féin has become an unstoppable vote-gathering machine which one day soon will relentlessly propel Gerry Adams into the Taoiseach’s office in Government Buildings, but conversely whether the Sinn Féin steamroller is beginning to run out of steam in the North, why this is happening and what impact it could have on SF’s fortunes in the South.

Published June 25, 2004

PSNI bins residents’ protest application

Sinn Féin councillor Bridge Meehan has accused the PSNI in Glengormley of ‘disgraceful sectarian behaviour’ after an application for a peaceful protest was openly binned by the PSNI.

Published June 25, 2004

Bush’s war opposed

Protests against the war in Iraq are underway across Ireland ahead of the arrival of US President George Bush to County Clare this evening.

Published June 25, 2004

Republican 26-County local representatives

The following is a complete listing of Sinn Féin’s local representatives following the breakthrough election for the party last week.

Published June 25, 2004


The Parades Commission has reversed its decision to ban a sectarian march from the nationalist Springfield Road tomorrow.

Published June 25, 2004

Lisburn City Council does it again

Unionists on Lisburn City Council have again engaged in systematic discrimination after nationalists were excluded from all senior positions on the council.

Published June 25, 2004

PSNI look on as loyalists attack motorists

The PSNI police last night ignored unionists who blockaded both ends of a main road in west Belfast and intimidated motorists.

Published June 25, 2004

Blair sets deadline

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair has set a deadline for a resolution of the deadlock in the northern peace process in September, and warned that he could abandon central elements of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published June 25, 2004

Tension mounts over re-routed parade

Unionists have warned of a potential deterioration in relations following a decision to reroute a unionist parade away from the Springfield Road on Saturday.

Published June 23, 2004

Coalition strained over policy shift

Relations in the Dublin coalition government have become increasingly difficult in the wake of a poor performance in the local and European elections last week.

Published June 23, 2004

Blair vows no devolution while IRA active

The British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said there will be no return to power-sharing government in the North of Ireland unless all activity by the Provisional IRA ceases.

Published June 23, 2004

Sinn Féin - A lot done, more to do

It took Sinn Féin 20 years to outpoll the SDLP in the North. They did not set out to do so when they entered electoral politics in 1982.

Published June 23, 2004

Marching down the hill

The nationalist Garvaghy Road Residents Coalition looks at how the impasse over the annual march to Drumcree Hill in Portadown by the Protestant Orange Order in Portadown can be resolved.

Published June 23, 2004


A large tract of County Clare is being sealed off as large numbers of Irish and US security forces and military support take up positions in advance of the visit to Ireland by US President George Bush.

Published June 23, 2004

Adams blasts collusion cover-up

Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams has accused the British government of using an investigation into the murder of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane to block an inquiry into the controversial killing.

Published June 23, 2004

US leadership needed in peace process - Kerry

US presidential candidate John Kerry has offered his assistance to the Irish and British governments in the peace process, if he is elected to succeed president George Bush later this year.

Published June 23, 2004

The Real Slow Learners

by Danny Morrison (for the Andersonstown News)

It was Seamus Mallon who famously once described the Belfast Agreement as ‘Sunningdale for Slow Learners’, a soundbite which was immediately seized upon by opponents and critics of the Republican Movement. They were claiming, in varying degrees, that what was negotiated in 1998 was available in the power-sharing Sunningdale arrangements of 1974 and therefore republicans, by continuing the armed struggle, had to bear major responsibility for the continuation of the conflict and the loss of all subsequent life.

Published June 21, 2004


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