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Documentary shines Spotlight on South Armagh deaths

An English television documentary has placed a focus on a number of murders and other attacks in South Armagh in which the involvement of British Crown forces is alleged.

Published May 28, 2004

RSF Local Election Manifesto

Republican Sinn Féin is running seven candidates in the local government elections on June 11 in the 26 Counties. The following is an extract from their manifesto for the campaign.

Published May 28, 2004


A covert British Army spying operation has been uncovered on the outskirts of west Belfast.

Published May 28, 2004

Keane plays for Ireland

Manchester United captain Roy Keane has returned to the Irish football team, ending a notorious two-year self-imposed exile.

Published May 28, 2004

Hunger strike fear at Maghaberry

Republican prisoners at Maghaberry Prison have warned they will launch a hunger strike next month unless their conditions are improved.

Published May 28, 2004

DUP plan to stop SF 'worldwide propoganda coup'

Ian Paisley's DUP is insisting that the only question to be resolved in the Six County European election is whether Sinn Fein will top the poll on June 10.

Published May 26, 2004

Doherty in race for Euro seat

Sinn Fein's Pearse Doherty has emerged as a serious contender for the Northwest constituency in next month's European Parliament elections.

Published May 26, 2004

Republican candidates for European Elections

The following are brief profiles of the republican candidates for the elections to the European parliament, to be held on June 10 in the Six Counties and June 11 in the 26 Counties.

Published May 26, 2004

Feuding gangs could turn on Catholics

Loyalist paramilitaries have been put up in the luxury Hilton hotel in Belfast as a turf war between unionist paramilitary factions continued with further bomb attacks.

Published May 26, 2004


In a judgment which could have far reaching legal and policital ramifications, four County Tyrone men were cleared of membership of the 'Real IRA' after a judge ruled that the breakaway group is not a proscribed [illegal] organisation.

Published May 26, 2004

Human rights groups flag referendum dangers

A number of human rights groups have expressed grave concerns over the Dublin government's upcoming referendum on Irish citizenship.

Published May 26, 2004

'Things have changed' - Ahern

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has said that current negotiations in Dublin and London are not a continuation of the process which dramatically collapsed last October.

Published May 26, 2004

Amateurism reigns in IMC 'non entity'

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

You didn't notice our proconsul saying that his puppets, the so-called Independent Monitoring Commission (IMC), would be bringing forward the date of their next report to present findings on the murder of LVF man Brian Stewart?

Published May 26, 2004

Adams blasts Ahern as party eyes Euro seats

The Dublin government has been strongly criticised for its handling of the presidency of the European Union by Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams.

Published May 24, 2004

New Republican Protest Looms in Maghaberry

By Martin Mulholland, IRPWA

A new republican protest is imminent in Maghaberry Gaol due to the punitive regime inflicted by the Northern Ireland Prison Service and vigorously supported and administered by the Prison Officers Association. It is the belief of the IRPWA that the harsh conditions and arbitrary nature of discipline endured by the republican prisoners is a direct consequence of the British government’s decision to implement the Steele recommendations.

Published May 24, 2004

Bomb attacks rock east Belfast as feud rumbles on

The latest unionist paramilitary feud that has already claimed one life has now sparked three bomb attacks since Saturday.

Published May 24, 2004

Harney defies concern over Bush visit

Mainstream Irish political parties have clashed over the visit of US President George Bush to the west of Ireland next month.

Published May 24, 2004

Branchmen outed on website

Members of the 26-County Garda Special Branch have been exposed on a US website.

Published May 24, 2004

Adams seeks talks with Paisleyites

The Irish peace process will remain in freefall until Ian Paisley’s Democratic Unionists seriously engage with Sinn Féin, Gerry Adams has said.

Published May 24, 2004

Ulster Workers Council strike of 1974

Thirty years ago, British military forces acted in line with loyalist politicians and paramilitaries and helped to sabotage a political process.

Published May 24, 2004


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