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Mother taken from child in mass deportation

An Irish-born baby was left behind as the baby’s mother was one of 25 Nigerians deported on a chartered aircraft in a mass late-night expulsion of asylum-seekers.

Published August 27, 2004

Michael Gaughan (1950-1974)

This weekend marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of IRA Volunteer Michael Gaughan, who died while on Hunger Strike in Parkhurst Prison.

Published August 27, 2004

Take it down from the lamp-post - SF

East Derry Sinn Féin assembly member Francie Brolly has called for the removal of Irish tricolours from lamp-posts in the Six Counties.

Published August 27, 2004


The PSNI are attempting mass prosecutions in connection with rioting after a loyalist parade was forced through a republican north Belfast community on July 12.

Published August 27, 2004

Protestants leave Torrens estate

Ten Protestant families have left an estate in north Belfast, blaming intimidation on republicans from neighbouring areas.

Published August 27, 2004

PSNI chief praises Kelly intervention

PSNI chief Hugh Orde has publicly praised senior republican figures for intervening between rioting nationalist youths and British forces in north Belfast last month.

Published August 24, 2004

Hate on tour in Rasharkin

A young woman was struck on the head during a loyalist band “parade” which was nothing more than a frightening display of anti-Catholic hatred.

Published August 24, 2004

Put failure behind us

by Martin McGuinness MP

This month marks the tenth anniversary of the historic IRA cessation in 1994, an initiative which helped transform politics on this island.

Published August 24, 2004

Kerry campaign works Ireland

Irish supporters of the US Democratic party have signed up hundreds of postal voters in a bid to win the US presidential election for their candidate, John Kerry.

Published August 24, 2004

DUP raises new demand

Ian Paisley’s DUP has set down a marker against any prospective Sinn Féin Minister for Justice in a revived Belfast executive.

Published August 24, 2004

The Loughgall massacre

On May 8, 1987 eight members of the east Tyrone Brigade of the Provisional IRA were gunned down in highly suspicious circumstances by members of the notorious British Army SAS Regiment in the small Co Armagh village of Loughgall.

Published August 24, 2004


British forces have finally admitted the deadly SAS were called in to wipe out an IRA active service unit in an ambush that became known as the Loughgall massacre.

Published August 24, 2004

Fullerton case reopened

The Garda police in Donegal have reopened the investigation into the 1991 murder of Sinn Féin councillor Eddie Fullerton. They plan to interview a key witness who claims that the British security forces in Derry helped cover up the killing.

Published August 24, 2004

Attack on republican graves

The Republican plot in a graveyard in Newry has been destroyed in an overnight attack.

Published August 20, 2004

Call that justice?

(for the Irish Post)

Lawyers in England have condemned a decision to deny three Irishmen wrongly convicted of murder thousands of pounds in compensation -- because of the money they saved while locked away.

Published August 20, 2004

‘Frame-up’ fails as charges dropped

Charges against Belfast republican Bobby Tohill were dropped today as he accused British forces of framing him for failing to testify against other republicans.

Published August 20, 2004


Plastic bullets have claimed another victim after a west Belfast man’s death was linked to the serious injuries he suffered after being struck by one 23 years ago.

Published August 20, 2004

Intimidation of nationalists in Derry, Antrim

The Catholic owned ‘Clock Bar’ has closed in a County Derry village after a series of unchecked attacks on staff, customers and property by a unionist gang.

Published August 20, 2004

IRA denies Rathenraw allegations

The Provisional IRA has denied allegations that it issued death threats against members of a County Antrim community association.

Published August 20, 2004

Over a thousand a month detained by British

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Human Rights, Caitriona Ruane, was stopped and harassed by the Crown forces in a week in which figures were released showing some 15,000 others suffered a similar fate in the past 12 months.

Published August 20, 2004


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