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Relatives and survivors of the 1974 Monaghan and Dublin bombings have accused the Irish government of a “betrayal of trust” over a continued failure to set up a full public inquiry into the attacks.

Published July 30, 2004

Kerry campaign disappoints Irish activists

Irish Americans have expressed dismay at the failure to give weight to the Ireland issue in the Democratic Party 2004 Platform for the US Presidential election.

Published July 30, 2004

March decisions provoke nationalist anger

Tension surrounds two sectarian parades tonight after controversial decisions by the Parades Commission on marches in Maghera and north Belfast.

Published July 30, 2004

Racist attacks escalate

Unionist politicians have been urged to speak out after a series of racist attacks in working-class unionist areas of the North.

Published July 30, 2004

Uncle Joe

By Danny Morrison

Years ago I heard a very young Siobhan O’Hanlon talk about her Uncle Joe, clearly proud of her connection, through her mom, to the Cahill clan. I had first got to know Joe - let’s say, professionally - to the extent that as far as I was concerned he was first and foremost an IRA man who could produce miracles, usually in respect to money.

Published July 27, 2004

Celtic poster sparks sectarian pogrom

One man was thrown through a window as a loyalist mob attacked the homes of three families in County Antrim at the weekend.

Published July 27, 2004

Joe Cahill and the last steps to peace

An extract from the biography of Joe Cahill, A Life in the IRA, written by Brendan Anderson and published by O’Brien press.

Published July 27, 2004


The funeral was held in West Belfast this morning of veteran republican Joe Cahill, who died last week.

Published July 27, 2004

INLA man convicted on 1992 killing

An Irish Republican has been convicted of the 1992 killing of a British Army recruiting sergeant after pleading guilty in a court in Nottingham, England.

Published July 27, 2004

Major may be sacked over Ardoyne skirmish

The British Army is understood to have lost one of its most sophisticated pieces of bomb detecting equipment during rioting in north Belfast earlier this month.

Published July 27, 2004

Newspaper censored, soldier fined after report

The British Ministry of Defence has placed a gagging order on a former undercover British soldier, who said an IRA sniper attack could have been prevented.

Published July 27, 2004

We have dossier - UDA

Elements of the unionist paramilitary UDA have said that they are in possession of the intelligence dossier which “disappeared” from Castlereagh Crown force base in east Belfast last week.

Published July 27, 2004


Immense anger has lingered in the nationalist Ardoyne community after a Protestant Orange Order parade and a mob of followers were forced theough the area on Monday evening....

Published July 26, 2004

Hothouse talks planned for Kent

The 26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, have agreed to hold a three-day summit aimed at reviving the 1998 Good Friday Agreement in mid-September.

Published July 23, 2004

Letter to Billy

(by Danny Morrison, Andersonstown News)

Last Friday, former UVF killer, Billy Hutchinson of the Progressive Unionist Party, and North and West Belfast Parades Commission, said that he didn’t understand nationalist objections to loyalist marchers coming through nationalist areas and that he was prepared to talk. Danny Morrison replies.

Published July 23, 2004

‘Minister for Inequality’ heads for Brussels

Bertie Ahern has begun a reshuffle of his government by naming unpopular Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy as Dublin’s next European Union commissioner.

Published July 23, 2004

The Irish in Canada

By The Wild Geese

Today, nearly 400 years since they first arrived, the Irish have been nearly fully and seamlessly integrated in Canadian society. While many Irish tended to congregate in the large cities in the United States, in Canada they tended to spread into the countryside. Thus Irish-Canadians have been a bit less visible than the Irish-Americans, but clearly they had a significant influence on the history of the country.

Published July 23, 2004


Members of the British Army’s Royal Irish Regiment have been blamed for the “disappearance” of a top secret document from a joint British Army/PSNI base in east Belfast.

Published July 23, 2004

Kelly blames securocrats for Ardoyne riot

Sinn Féin’s Gerry Kelly has said it is time to “name and shame” pro-unionist elements in the British government’s civil service and the PSNI police who are actively working to undermine the peace process.

Published July 23, 2004

SF MEPs address Euro parliament

Sinn Féin’s newly elected MEPs attended have attended their first sessions in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Published July 23, 2004


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