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Dublin urged to oppose Direct Rule

Sinn Féin has said the Dublin Government must oppose any attempt to formally reintroduce direct rule in the North in crisis talks in southern England later this week.

Published September 14, 2004

Attack on Derry PSNI base

A masked republican carried out a gun attack on Derry’s PSNI headquarters yesterday morning, firing up to 30 shots from an AK-47 automatic rifle.

Published September 10, 2004

The BBC and the myth of ‘Norn Iron’

(for the Andersonstown News)

The BBC refused to broadcast Amhran na bhFiann from Croke Park before the All-Ireland football semi-final match between Derry and Kerry.

Published September 10, 2004


Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams has said he is pessimistic about the prospects of prospect of a breakthrough at next week’s peace talks at Leeds Castle in southern England.

Published September 10, 2004

Link to Basques, Galicia found in genes

The Irish and Scots may be as closely related to the people of Spain and Portugal as the Celts of central Europe, it has been reported.

Published September 10, 2004

Pollution tax u-turn

The Dublin government has controversially decided to abandon its plan to introduce a new tax on polluting fuels.

Published September 10, 2004

Minorities under threat

Ethnic minorities in the North have been warned they could be attacked by racist and far-right groups.

Published September 10, 2004

Reserve cuts short of Patten, big on payouts

Just over 800 full-time police reservists, who are overwhelmingly Protestant, have been offered severance packages worth up to a hundred thousand pounds sterling as a lump sum, with a pension to follow.

Published September 10, 2004

Any threat to the majority is not welcome

Given that background and the belief constantly repeated by unionist politicians that change can only be bad for unionists, it looks as if racist assaults by unionists will continue to increase in frequency.

Published September 10, 2004

The Paisley Problem

By Danny Morrison

Last Monday on NBC News President George Bush was asked, ``Can we win'' the war on terror. He replied, ``I don't think you can win it.'' He thus directly contradicted a previous speech he made claiming that the war could be won.

Published September 7, 2004

Bafflement at DUP contradictions

Amid conflicting messages from unionists in recent days, Sinn Féin president Mr Gerry Adams said yesterday that London and Dublin must now decide whether the Good Friday Agreement or the Democratic Unionist Party is to prevail in the North of Ireland.

Published September 7, 2004

Outline of deal can be detected

The following is an edited version of an address by DUP Deputy Leader Peter Robinson MP MLA at the annual conference of the Irish Small Firms Association in Dublin Castle.

Published September 7, 2004

No other law

The following is an edited version of the address by Sinn Féin MP Michelle Gildernew, speaking at the annual Sinn Féin commemoration of IRA figure Liam Lynch on Sunday at his graveside in Goatenbridge, on the Tipperary-Waterford border.

Published September 7, 2004


An elaborate bugging device found at the home of one of Gerry Adams's staff has all but capsized preparations for crucial talks set for England later this month.

Published September 7, 2004

Historic castle faces destruction

The High Court in Dublin has ruled against the constitutional challenge to the south Dublin portion of the South Eastern Motorway at the archaeologically sensitive Carrickmines Castle.

Published September 7, 2004

Population returns to post-famine levels

The population of the 26 Counties in April 2004 is at its highest figure since 1871 amid an Irish baby boom.

Published September 7, 2004

UDA attack youths amid simmering north Belfast tension

There were serious disturbances in the Whitewell area of north Belfast at the weekend before a controversial unionist parade passed through the troubled sectarian interface.

Published September 7, 2004

Unionism will never share power

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Ten years ago nationalists woke up in hope and expectation that a new political landscape had opened up with the IRA cessation announced the previous day. That night the UDA murdered a 32-year-old Catholic, John O’Hanlon, in a drive-by shooting in north Belfast.

Published September 3, 2004

Court action over prisoner conditions

A republican prisoner in Maghaberry jail is taking a High Court action challenging the way the Prison Service is operating a restrictive and punitive regime of segregation in the jail.

Published September 3, 2004

US activist alerts

The Irish-American Unity Conference has listed some ways you can help promote the Irish cause in the US in the correct political context.

Published September 3, 2004


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