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Pub attack linked to feud

There has been concern in Derry after unionist paramilitary feuding broke out in a gun attack at a pub in the city.

Published September 21, 2004

Fears that Finucane inquiry will be fudged again

The British government has been warned against any attempt to water down an inquiry into the murder of Pat Finucane.

Published September 21, 2004


A deal to restore the suspended Belfast Assembly and power-sharing institutions in the North of Ireland appears to be getting closer following three days of intensive all-party negotiations in southern England and further talks in Belfast this week.

Published September 21, 2004

McAleese re-election to be uncontested

Irish President Mary McAleese is set to serve another seven year term as no other candidate has emerged to challenge her re-election.

Published September 21, 2004

The Agreement will endure - Sinn Féin

Speaking at a news conference in London this morning, Sinn Féin Vice-President Pat Doherty outlined his party’s view of the course of events preceding and during the intensive talks at Leeds Castle this past weekend.

Published September 21, 2004


Huge press interest surrounds intensive talks at Leeds Castle in Kent in southern England, where the prospects of a deal between Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley is the increasing subject of rumour and speculation.

Published September 17, 2004

‘Fruit of the Loom’ moves to Morocco

A decision by the Fruit of the Loom corporation to close its Donegal and Derry plants has come as a massive blow to the northwest.

Published September 17, 2004

Morgan to quit politics

Martin Morgan, a leading member of the nationalist SDLP and a former mayor of Belfast, is to leave politics.

Published September 17, 2004

Protest against plastic bullets

A widow whose husband was killed by a plastic bullet yesterday confronted a senior member of the North’s Policing Board, demanding a ban on the use of the baton round.

Published September 17, 2004

The DUP will not overturn its manifesto

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Writing in Monday’s Irish Times (see above) Gerry Adams asserted that “The DUP represents the anti-agreement minority of the electorate.” Hmm. That’s only if you think the UUP is united in its support for the agreement. It isn’t. Let’s not forget the dozen convocations of backwoodsmen that dissident UUP members like Jeffrey Donaldson called to stymie the agreement’s progress. Remember, Trimble usually managed only a 54% vote at those meetings and that only because each time he was driven further away from his obligations under the agreement.

Published September 17, 2004

Rapid conviction delays search for truth

Ken Barrett’s conviction yesterday for the murder of Pat Finucane does not help the search for the truth surrounding the lawyer’s murder, according to the dead man’s family.

Published September 17, 2004

Orange ‘Master’ jailed for sectarian killing

A former district master in the Orange Order has been sentenced to at least 15 years of a life term for the sectarian murder of Glengormley man Trevor Lowry, a 49-year-old Protestant father of two who was mistaken for a Catholic.

Published September 17, 2004

Unionism cannot be allowed a veto over progress

By Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams (for the Irish Times)

Sinn Féin is approaching the discussions in Leeds Castle later this week positively and with a determination to see the crisis in the political process resolved, the political institutions restored and the process of change outlined in the Good Friday agreement accelerated.

Published September 17, 2004

Don’t dodge the issue of collusion

This week the British and Irish governments and all the main parties in the north of Ireland will be in Leeds Castle in Kent. Sinn Féin will be trying to unblock the political impasse here. It will not be easy.

Published September 14, 2004

Second bug found by Sinn Féin

A sophisticated bugging device was discovered at Sinn Féin’s offices in west Belfast today.

Published September 14, 2004

Discrimination allegations aired

A partner at a leading estate agency in Belfast joked about the breeding habits of Catholics and the size of their families, a Fair Employment tribunal has heard.

Published September 14, 2004

A message for the GAA

By Danny Morrison

A blanket man in the H-Blocks risking a beating and solitary confinement in order to smuggle GAA results to news-starved comrades is just one story told in that fine book by Tom Humphries, ‘Green Fields: Gaelic Sport in Ireland’ (1996).

Published September 14, 2004


The family of Pat Finucane has renewed demands for a public inquiry into the murder following the conviction of unionist paramilitary Ken Barrett yesterday.

Published September 14, 2004

Irish President may get unopposed second term

Ireland’s right-wing parties have backed the re-election campaign of Irish President Mary McAleese, while her potential rivals are struggling to gain the necessary nomination.

Published September 14, 2004

Sectarian attack in Derry

The PSNI police have been criticised for failing to protect nationalists in Derry’s Waterside after loyalists entered a Catholic home and attacked two men.

Published September 14, 2004


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