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US activist alerts

The Irish-American Unity Conference has listed some ways you can help promote the Irish cause in the US in the correct political context.

Published September 3, 2004


DUP hardliners led by Ian Paisley have insisted that any breakthrough in negotiations this month will require an overhaul of Sinn Féin as a political party and the end of the IRA.

Published September 3, 2004

Call for legislation reform ahead of parade

A north Belfast interface is tense ahead of a contentious march this weekend.

Published September 3, 2004

UDA attempt mass murder at pub

Unionist paramilitaries crashed a fork lift truck into a north Belfast pub last night in an attempt to murder staff and customers.

Published September 3, 2004

U.S. comments cause anger, bafflement

President George Bush’s chief strategist, Karl Rove, has invoked the wrath of Irish America by comparing the IRA to al-Qaeda.

Published September 3, 2004

A Quarter Of A Century Ago

Twenty-five years on, our day is as far away as ever.

Published August 31, 2004

British policy perpetuates inequality

The edited text of the address by Sinn Féin chairman Mitchel McLaughlin to the Michael Gaughan Commemoration on Sunday.

Published August 31, 2004

Some Mother’s Son

By Danny Morrison

Only once did I feel any sympathy for Margaret Thatcher. It was January 1982 and her son Mark was lost in the Sahara Desert whilst rallying. A camera caught her going into Number 10 and she was clearly distraught at the thought of her helpless son dying from hunger and thirst. It occurred to me: maybe now she realises how the mother of a hunger striker felt.

Published August 31, 2004


On the tenth anniversary of the ceasefire announcement by the Provisional IRA in 1994, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has said that the cessation ‘gave birth to enormous hope and expectation for the future’, but warned that such hope had not been fulfilled.

Published August 31, 2004

Gaelic fans attacked

Fans returning from Sunday’s Gaelic football semi-final between Derry and Kerry were attacked at Newbuildings on the outskirts Derry, on Sunday night.

Published August 31, 2004

Kerry opposes contract for controversial colonel

US Presidential candidate John Kerry has publicly backed calls for an investigation into a decision to award a multi-million dollar security contract to a controversial former British army colonel.

Published August 31, 2004

Olympic hero and villain

An Irish showjumper has returned home to a hero’s welcome after clinching the country’s only medal in the 2004 Olympics in Athens.

Published August 31, 2004

Trouble in north Belfast

There has been a marked increase in sectarian attacks in north Belfast in recent days.

Published August 31, 2004

Not only the DUP want Sinn Féin kept out

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Have you been following the saga of the longest cabinet reshuffle in history? It’s been going on now since June and is set to continue until some time in September. It’s a make-or-break reshuffle for Fianna Fail.

Published August 27, 2004

‘Vindictive’ arrest of former porter

A former porter at the Stormont Assembly buildings, who had faced charges in connection with an alleged “IRA spy ring” that brought down the power sharing institutions, has been arrested in controversial circumstances.

Published August 27, 2004

Clintons back strong US role in North talks

Former US president Bill Clinton has promised that Senator John Kerry would be a powerful ally for peace in the North if elected to the White House.

Published August 27, 2004

Mother taken from child in mass deportation

An Irish-born baby was left behind as the baby’s mother was one of 25 Nigerians deported on a chartered aircraft in a mass late-night expulsion of asylum-seekers.

Published August 27, 2004

Michael Gaughan (1950-1974)

This weekend marks the 30th Anniversary of the death of IRA Volunteer Michael Gaughan, who died while on Hunger Strike in Parkhurst Prison.

Published August 27, 2004

Take it down from the lamp-post - SF

East Derry Sinn Féin assembly member Francie Brolly has called for the removal of Irish tricolours from lamp-posts in the Six Counties.

Published August 27, 2004


The PSNI are attempting mass prosecutions in connection with rioting after a loyalist parade was forced through a republican north Belfast community on July 12.

Published August 27, 2004


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