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It’s been a long time since I put pen to paper. It’s also been a long time since I was in jail. Both of those things are connected.

Published January 6, 2005

Colombia’s Appalling Vista

The circumstances around the long-running case against Niall Connolly, James Monaghan and Martin McAuley are in many ways more significant than the case itself.

Published December 29, 2004

Ireland responds to Asian disaster

Irish aid agencies are receiving siginificant financial support for the victims of the Indian Ocean disaster, but are appealing for more.

Published December 29, 2004

British ID cards opposed

Tens of thousands of people in the North are expected to reject British government identification cards when they are introduced in the six counties in 2008.

Published December 29, 2004

100th anniversary of Sinn Fein

Two republican political parties are preparing to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Sinn Fein.

Published December 29, 2004

Republican political prisoners

December is traditionally the month in which republican prisoners are remembered. The following is a list of republican prisoners identified with the mainstream [Provisional] Republican Movement, from Coiste

Published December 29, 2004


A gang who carried out one of the largest bank robberies in history appear to have been tipped off that a PSNI police foot patrol was on its way to the bank.

Published December 29, 2004

Peace efforts to resume next week

The Dublin government is looking to secure an agreement in the peace process before the British General Election, expected in May.

Published December 29, 2004

Special Branch man questioned on Omagh warning

Suspicion about the role of the British Crown forces in the 1998 Omagh bombing has increased after a PSNI Special Branch officer was accused of making an anonymous warning of an attack in advance of of the bombing.

Published December 29, 2004

US family ‘hostage to political process’

A man linked by British security forces to the ‘raid’ at Castlereagh barracks on St Patrick’s Day 2002 remains in legal limbo almost three years later.

Published December 22, 2004

An observer’s point of view

The following account of the trial of the Colombia 3 is by Stephen M. McCabe, an American attorney who observed the Colombian judicial process

Published December 22, 2004

Colombia 3 appeal considered

The case of three men accused of training rebels in the Colombian civil war is to be raised with the European Union following an extraordinary decision by the country’s judiciary to overturn their acquittal earlier this year.

Published December 22, 2004

Opportunity for leap forward

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has responded to accusations by the rival SDLP that his party has allowed the 1998 Good Friday Agreement to be eroded in recent draft proposals for a new agreement involving the Dublin and London governments, Ian Paisley’s DUP and the Provisional IRA.

Published December 22, 2004


Republicans believe disaffected members of the British security forces may have worked with unionist paramilitaries to carry out the largest bank robbery in Irish history.

Published December 22, 2004

United front needed

The Third International Conference Against Isolation took place in Berlin last week. This speech was delivered by Liam O Ruairc and Gerard McGarrigle of the Irish Republican Socialist Party.

Published December 22, 2004

Real IRA mount wave of attacks

Republican hardliners have claimed responsibility for a spate of pre-Christmas firebomb attacks on businesses in Counties Derry and Antrim.

Published December 22, 2004

Distaste for Sinn Féin is outmoded

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

In politics there’s one simple rule: winner takes all. The rule operates in its most brutal form in British and American elections as we’ve just seen. Within a week of John Kerry’s defeat people were asking who the Democrats’ candidate in 2008 would be.

Published December 22, 2004

It’s impossible to deliver, so let’s move on

In practical terms decommissioning was always a nonsense.

Published December 18, 2004

Act for Justice for Colombian Three

A brief summary of the story of the Colombia 3 followed by an action appeal.

Published December 18, 2004


Three Irishmen who face a 17-year jail sentence in Colombia after a shock judicial reversal are to attempt to overturn the judgement through an international route.

Published December 18, 2004


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