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McCartney backs down as election contest heats up

West Tyrone MP Pat Doherty yesterday predicted Sinn Féin would capture 150 seats in the local council elections on May 5 — a rise of almost 50 per cent in the party’s representation.

Published April 11, 2005

Westminster constituencies (part II)

A look at the second half of the 18 seats up for grabs in the Westminster elections next month.

Published April 11, 2005


Sinn Féin President has described his appeal to the Provisional IRA last week to commit itself to purely political and democratic activity as an attempt to break the “downward spiral” of the peace process and “create the right political context”.

Published April 11, 2005

Immigrant workers abused

Hundreds of construction workers staged protests in Dublin and Galway this week, alleging that money belonging to them had been paid into Dutch bank accounts without their knowledge.

Published April 11, 2005

Family demand answers on PSNI inaction in murder case

The fmily of murdered Catholic man Patsy Kelly have called on the PSNI to explain in public why it has not interviewed any of the people named by a former British soldier in the Ulster Defence Regiment as being directly involved in the killing.

Published April 11, 2005

Human rights groups urge SDLP resignations

Human rights activists have called on members of the North’s Policing Board who oppose the use of plastic bullets to resign.

Published April 11, 2005

Ex-prisoners endure suspicion, discrimination

A new report has revealed that thousands of ex-prisoners have suffered mental illness and considerable difficulty in readjustment on their release.

Published April 11, 2005

Hard To Understand McDowell’s Mindset

By Vincent Browne (for the Sunday Business Post)

There is an irony and a justice in Minister for Justice Michael McDowell being shamed over deportation.

Published April 4, 2005

Chopper makes forced landing in South Armagh

A British army helicopter got into difficulties in South Armagh on Thursday and almost came down in a residential area.

Published April 4, 2005

Colombia 3 lawyers plan appeal

The so-called evidence used against the Colombia Three was dismissed in the dissenting opinion of a judge on the three-member appeal tribunal, it has emerged.

Published April 4, 2005

Republicans rally at Easter

Republicans across Ireland last weekend gathered at graveyards and at memorials don the Easter lily and remember Ireland’s patriot dead.

Published April 4, 2005

SF wins seat on Udaras na Gaeltachta

Sinn Féin has won its first seat on the Board of Udaras na Gaeltachta, the authority with responsibility for Irish-speaking regions in Ireland.

Published April 4, 2005

Republicans are dynamic of change

The following is an edited version of the speech made by Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams at his party’s Easter Commemoration in Derry on Easter Sunday.

Published April 4, 2005


The death on Saturday of Pope John Paul II has had a profound effect in Ireland as it has throughout the world.

Published April 4, 2005

Another week of loyalist violence

A Catholic man is recovering in hospital after being beaten and robbed by a gang of loyalists who daubed ‘Taigs Out’ in his north Belfast apartment.

Published April 4, 2005

Deportation overturned by student power

A deported Nigerian student is being allowed to return to Ireland to sit his Leaving Certificate xams in June, and is expected to be permitted to remain here indefinitely.

Published March 26, 2005

Republicans mark 1916 Rising

Tens of thousands of Irish republicans are taking part in marches, commemorations and wreath laying ceremonies across Ireland to mark the 89th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

Published March 26, 2005

Last trick to deny voters

Election officials in the North have been accused of introducing new blocking measures to prevent people being registered to vote for local and Westminster elections in May.

Published March 26, 2005

Let he who is without blame cast the first stone

By Danny Morrison

Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy refused to meet Gerry Adams on St Patrick’s Day in Washington last week.

Published March 26, 2005


A tribunal of inquiry is being set up by the 26-County government into the killing by the Provisional IRA of two leading members of the RUC police (now PSNI) in County Armagh in 1989 -- but there is still little prospect of open inquiries into British collusion with unionist paramilitaries.

Published March 26, 2005


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