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Address at Bodenstown

The text of a speech by Sinn Féin MP for Newry Armagh Conor Murphy, speaking at the party’s annual Wolfe Tone Commemoration in Bodenstown on Sunday.

Published June 22, 2005


Republicans have reacted angrily to the arrest and summary imprisonment of prominent north Belfast republican Sean Kelly.

Published June 22, 2005

Nobody’s responsible, but everybody pays

In vivid contrast to the meritocracy and performance-driven ethos of the entrepreneurial instincts that created the Celtic Tiger economy, the vast apparatus of the state still blunders along in its wake, guarding its mediocrity and looking after its pals.

Published June 18, 2005

No equality in new Human Rights Commission

The North’s newly-constituted Human Rights Commission has already been criticised for lacking in community balance.

Published June 18, 2005

Bodenstown address

On June 12 the annual Republican Sinn Féin commemoration to Theobald Wolfe Tone, the Father of Irish Republicanism, took place.

The following is an edited version of the main oration, which was delivered by Ruairi O Bradaigh, President of Republican Sinn Féin.

Published June 18, 2005


Ardoyne residents targeted by UDA, PSNI

Nationalist residents of north Belfast were attacked last night by both loyalists and the PSNI police following a hugely controversial march by the Protestant Orange Order.

Published June 18, 2005

Call to scrap Garda-based convictions

A leading Irish lawyer has called for oppressive anti-republican legislation to be scrapped after five men were convicted of membership of the breakaway ‘Real IRA’ on the word of a senior garda policeman.

Published June 18, 2005

Sean Kelly returned to jail

A prominent IRA Volunteer was re-arrested and returned to prison today in a move that could herald a further weakening of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published June 18, 2005

Daylight assault by loyalists

Three Catholic men escaped serious injury this week after their car was attacked by up to a dozen loyalists wielding baseball bats and iron bars.

Published June 18, 2005

Paisley defiant over possible IRA move

Hardline unionist leader Ian Paisley has declared that any new IRA peace pledges could take years to be believed, and warned the Irish Prime Minister to keep “his dirty hands” off the North.

Published June 18, 2005

Tensions in North Belfast

A North Belfast residents’ group has called on the Parades Commission to review a decision on Friday’s ‘Tour of the North’ march.

Published June 14, 2005

Ombudsman asked to investigate march violence

Sinn Féin’s Philip McGuigan has called for urgent meetings with both the Police Ombudsman and the Parades Commission after six nationalists were injured in clashes with the PSNI during a unionist paramilitary parade.

Published June 14, 2005

Voters turning against Fianna Fail

The Dublin government has fallen to its lowest poll rating for almost two years, according to the latest opinion poll, while the opposition parties have all scored increases.

Published June 14, 2005

Is it safe for the IRA to go completely away

There are two crucial political questions at the moment in the North. What will be the IRA’s response to Gerry Adams’ appeal for it to stand down and for its activists to devote their energies to political struggle? And, what is the DUP’s true position on a power-sharing deal with Sinn Féin?

Published June 14, 2005

Lawyer ploughs a lonely furrow

Belfast solicitor extraordinaire Padraigin Drinan still can’t decide whether to go to Craigavon Civic Centre when the inquiry begins into the murder of her close friend Rosemary Nelson.

Published June 14, 2005

EU breakthrough for Irish language

Gaelic activists are celebrating a landmark decision to make Ireland’s first language an official language of the European Union.

Published June 14, 2005

Recovery of body dismissed

The Ulster Unionist party has expressed dismay at reports that the IRA may have disclosed the location of the body of alleged IRA informer Gareth O’Connor.

Published June 14, 2005

Gardaí have lots in common with RUC

For a man bristling out there on the right of the political spectrum, who believes there should be minimum interference by the state in peoples’ lives, Michael McDowell's record is one of petty interference anywhere he can in peoples’ lives.

Published June 10, 2005

Ireland to vote on troubled EU treaty

The 26-County government is determined to hold a referendum on on the European Union’s Constitution despite Britain’s decision to postpone indefinitely its own referendum.

Published June 10, 2005

Portadown and the Marching Season

The outline facts on the Protestant marching season and the annual confrontation between marchers and Catholic residents of the Garvaghy Road enclave in Portadown.

Published June 10, 2005


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