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Ballymena march forced through

There were minor clashes betweeen nationalist protestors and the PSNI police when a sectarian parade was forced though a Catholic area of Ballymena on Saturday.

Published June 6, 2005

McBrearty abuse video fuels scandal

The 26-County government will consider dismissing senior members of the Garda police criticised in the second report of the Morris tribunal, according to its Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell.

Published June 6, 2005

Belfast man killed by PSNI vehicle

A 29-year-old west Belfast man was killed in controversial circumstances at the weekend when he was hit by a PSNI police Land Rover driving at high speed.

Published June 6, 2005

Talk to us - Adams

Ian Paisley’s DUP has been challenged to formally enter dialogue with republicans for the first time.

Published June 6, 2005

The weapon of change remains ourselves

By Mairtin O Muilleoir (for Daily Ireland)

I was barely out of shorts the day I saw Malachy McNally tumble from a Morris 1100 outside our house and loose off a volley of shots from his M1 Carbine at a British army pig which had been negotiating the barricade at the top of Ramoan Gardens.

Published June 6, 2005

Dodging questions on Sellafield

By Brian Feeney (for the Irish News)

Dick Roche, the Irish environment minister said it reminded him of Homer Simpson, who, as you know, is safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Plant where he keeps just ahead of the posse of government inspectors. Roche was talking about the latest leak at the Thermal Oxide Re-processing Plant (Thorp) at Sellafield. Or, more correctly, the latest leak from Sellafield as far as we know.

Published June 3, 2005

Derry man approached in recruitment bid

A member of Republican Sinn Féin in Derry has said that PSNI police tried to recruit him as an informer.

Published June 3, 2005

The Morris Report

The following is an outline of the main events relevant to the second interim report of the Morris Tribunal released this week.

Published June 3, 2005


Garda police in Donegal tried to frame two innocent men for murder, according to a damning tribunal report which has shaken the Dublin government.

Published June 3, 2005

Lisburn flies the flag

Unionists on Lisburn City Council have backed sectarianism after voting to fly the Union Jack permanently on all council flag poles.

Published June 3, 2005

Parading illegality

International observers have highlighted systematic violations of rulings on parades by the Protestant Orange Order.

Published June 3, 2005

Nursing home scandal

A police investigation is underway at a nursing home in County Dublin following the broadcast of shocking scenes of neglect and mistreatment of elderly patients.

Published June 3, 2005

Unionists wary of IRA statement

Ian Paisley’s DUP will not be deceived by “rhetoric” by the Provisional IRA, the party’s North Belfast MP has declared.

Published June 3, 2005

Jailing of Basque leader condemned

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has voiced his concern at the jailing of Basque political leader Arnaldo Otegi and said that is would only serve to setback efforts to establish a peace process.

Published May 30, 2005

Council power-sharing resisted

An ‘unholy alliance’ between Ian Paisley’s DUP and the nationalist SDLP has been blamed for Sinn Féin’s exclusion from both the top posts on Belfast City Council.

Published May 30, 2005

Jobs inequality for Catholics unchanged

Catholics are still twice as likely to be unemployed as Protestants in the North, with Catholic women battling even greater odds.

Published May 30, 2005

The EU constitution

The following is the edited text of an address by Sinn Féin MEP Mary Lou McDonald, speaking at a major conference on the EU Constitution in Dublin at the weekend.

Published May 30, 2005

Lord plans further allegations against Flynn

The Ulster Unionist Party’s Lord Laird has been accused of hiding behind parliamentary privilege to make unfounded allegations against Irish financier Phil Flynn.

Published May 30, 2005


Ireland will hold a referendum on a Constitution for the European Union despite France’s rejection of the treaty, 26-County Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern declared today.

Published May 30, 2005

Blame game falters in Belfast heist

The PSNI police have accepted that the IRA was not behind a cash robbery in Belfast at the weekend which identically mirrored the Northern Bank heist before Christmas.

Published May 30, 2005


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