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Irish lives bottom of British Army’s table

The family of a North Belfast teenager shot dead by two British soldiers has challenged the British Army to explain why they had not been thrown out despite serving murder convictions.

Published March 6, 2005

McLaughlin delivers negotiations report to SF Ard Fheis

The following is an edited address by Sinn Féin's Mitchel McLaughlin to his party's annual conference on Sinn Féin's view of recent negotiations in the peace process.

Published March 6, 2005

Hunger strike claim rubbished

Republicans have angrily rejected claims in a new book that a British offer to concede most of the demands of the 1981 hunger strikers was rejected for political gain.

Published March 3, 2005

MI5 extends role in Ireland

British intelligence agency MI5 will take formal control of British “national security” in Ireland, including classified information held by the PSNI police, it was announced this week.

Published March 3, 2005

Sackville bombings inquest returns verdict

The relatives of a bus conductor killed in the 1972 Sackville Place bombings in Dublin will not rest until they discover the circumstances surrounding his death, his widow told his inquest.

Published March 3, 2005

Sinn Féin and the political crisis

A different take on recent political developments and a look to where it all might lead. By ‘The Robe’.

Published March 3, 2005

Anger at PSNI march flip-flop

A PSNI police decision to allow a unionist paramilitary band to walk through the republican Whitewell Road area of north Belfast has sparked anger.

Published March 3, 2005

Hunger strikers story brought to book

By Danny Morrison (for Daily Ireland)

I got a phone call from the ‘Sunday Times’ last Saturday.

Published March 3, 2005


Hopes of a long-sought comprehensive deal to implement the 1998 Good Friday Agreement are being sustained by all sides in the peace process in an effort to dispel the impression that the process is in freefall.

Published March 3, 2005

Give it up - Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has made an unequivocal demand for the killers of Robert McCartney, who died in a knife-fight outside a Belfast bar in January, to face justice.

Published March 3, 2005

Adair defies UDA death threat

Notorious unionist paramilitary Johnny ‘Mad Dog’ Adair returned to the North this week as former colleagues in the UDA stepped up their efforts to kill him.

Published February 27, 2005

Keep smiling through the media alchemy

By Jude Collins (for Daily Ireland)

OK, it’s been tough. The headlines over the past week have been all thunder clouds and promises that the sky is about to fall. But a few Ealing comedy moments have peeped through as well.

Published February 27, 2005

Compromise reached on Long Kesh plan

The former Long Kesh prison, a famous site of struggle for Irish Republicans, will be converted into a sports stadium and a new centre for conflict transformation, under the agreed report of an all-party advisory panel.

Published February 27, 2005

Sabotaging the peace process

Shame on those you did the Northern Bank robbery, and shame on those who have used that robbery (bad enough in itself) to sabotage the peace-process.

Published February 27, 2005

Nominations close as by-election temperature rises

Nominations closed on Wednesday for the two by-elections to be held on 11 March in Meath and North Kildare.

Published February 27, 2005


Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has hit back at political opponents in the 26 Counties for demonising republicans and insisted he will not allow them to set the political agenda.

Published February 27, 2005

IRA statement welcomed

The McCartney family have welcomed a statement by the Provisional IRA revealing the expulsion of three of its members and urging them to take responsibility for their actions in the death of Belfast man Robert McCartney

Published February 27, 2005

McAleese calls for end to armed struggle

Irish President Mary McAleese was forced to abandon plans to visit a school in a loyalist area of Belfast due to the threat of protests and possible violence.

Published February 27, 2005


Sinn Féin has gone closer than ever to urging the IRA to stand down by declaring that, for republicans, “any and all activities that fall outside the norms of legitimate political action should cease forthwith”.

Published February 23, 2005

Storm of criticsm over McDowell statements

Sinn Féin’s chief negotiator, Martin McGuinness has described Dublin’s Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell, as the “Minister for Smear”.

Published February 23, 2005


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