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Inquest to open into Ludlow murder

The family of Louth man Seamus Ludlow will move closer to uncovering the full facts surrounding his murder when a new inquest is opened next week.

Published May 22, 2005

Omagh charges man ‘facing miscarriage of justice’

The case of Sean Hoey, who is facing 29 murder charges in relation to the 1998 Omagh bombing, has been compared to the cases of the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four.

Published May 22, 2005

Riot follows attacks, football

There has been rioting this evening on the Crumlin Road in north Belfast. It appears the trouble began after today’s football matches by Glasgow Rangers and Celtic ended.

Published May 22, 2005

US rebuff for Sinn Féin representative

Sinn Féin’s representative to Washington, Rita O’Hare, was temporarily denied permission to visit the United States this week following a dispute over her itinerary on her previous trip.

Published May 22, 2005

LVF murder silence criticised

A unionist political leader has said it is “beyond doubt” that the paramilitary LVF killed Lisa Dorrian in February.

Published May 18, 2005

Moderate withdraws from UUP leadership race

The Ulster Unionist Party’s only remaining MP has said that she does not want to succeed David Trimble as leader of the Ulster Unionist Party.

Published May 18, 2005

No turning back the clock

The following is the edited text of the address by Sinn Féin North Belfast Assembly member Gerry Kelly to the annual Hunger Strike Rally in Dunville Park, Belfast on Sunday.

Published May 18, 2005

Loyalists attack cars outside besieged church

Cars parked at a Catholic church in Harryville, County Antrim were stoned on Saturday in a troubling reminder of the siege of the church by a unionist mob in the late ‘90s.

Published May 18, 2005

Councils are ‘acid test’ for DUP - Durkan

The British government will be asked to appoint an administrator to run Lisburn council if unionists refuse to power-sharing arrangements with nationalists.

Published May 18, 2005

SF opposes EU constitution, ID cards

Sinn Féin has launched a campaign to urge voters to reject the European constitutional treaty, describing it as “the biggest step so far in the creation of a superstate”.

Published May 18, 2005

Dublin-Monaghan: time for a real inquiry

An account of the story behind the Dublin and Monaghan bombings and the case for a public inquiry was presented at last year’s European Social Forum by Bernie McNally and Margaret Urwin.

Published May 18, 2005


British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to meet Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams and DUP leader Ian Paisley tomorrow in the first such meeting since the elections earlier this month.

Published May 18, 2005

Irish language channel to be available in the North?

The Irish language channel TG4 is to be extended across the Six Counties by the end of the year, the British government has promised.

Published May 14, 2005

Unionists paramilitaries up violence level

Sectarian attacks have increased over the past week, culminating in a machete attack in which a Catholic man almost bled to death in North Belfast.

Published May 14, 2005

Adams, Ahern confirm prisoners deal

Four members of the Provisional IRA remain in jail despite a deal for their release being reached in negotiations last year, it has been confirmed.

Published May 14, 2005

Peace process in free fall

By Gerry Adams (for the Guardian, April 30)

Last year London experienced the largest demonstration in its history - against the war in Iraq. For those who share that position its size was a great encouragement. Here was clear evidence that people in Britain don’t regard their government as infallible; and that there is support for diplomatic measures and opposition to war.

Published May 14, 2005

British fly solo on ‘reconciliation’

A truth and reconciliation process in the North of Ireland will only have credibility if there is an independent and international dimension to it, Sinn Féin said today.

Published May 14, 2005

Bush to face Irish anti-war protests

The largest public protests seen in Ireland in recent years are being planned for the visit of US President George Bush to Ireland next month.

Published May 14, 2005


The Dublin government was today urged to intervene in a bid to have three republicans held in Colombia returned home.

Published May 14, 2005

DUP triumph kills off Agreement

By Damien Kiberd (for Daily Ireland)

There is a lot of vainglorious talk about the place, but the reality of the matter is as follows. The politics of the Six Counties are now controlled by two political parties, one of which is linked to an army and the other of which is linked to a church.

Published May 13, 2005


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