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Let he who is without blame cast the first stone

By Danny Morrison

Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy refused to meet Gerry Adams on St Patrick’s Day in Washington last week.

Published March 26, 2005


A tribunal of inquiry is being set up by the 26-County government into the killing by the Provisional IRA of two leading members of the RUC police (now PSNI) in County Armagh in 1989 -- but there is still little prospect of open inquiries into British collusion with unionist paramilitaries.

Published March 26, 2005

SDLP criticised as Policing Board backs plastic bullets

The North’s Policing Board has given approval for the deployment of a new and potentially lethal plastic bullet.

Published March 26, 2005


The Dublin government has rejected calls for a discussion document on its policy for Irish unity.

Published March 22, 2005

SF working towards IRA disbandment - Adams

Disbanding the Provisional IRA “is easier said than done”, Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has told a US audience.

Published March 22, 2005

Inquest to hear evidence on British Army killing

A new investigation is to be launched into the death of a Bogside man who was crushed by a British Army vehicle during riots around the Protestant marching season in 1996.

Published March 22, 2005

Loyalist violence escalates

A 12 year old girl from North Belfast was the victim of a vicious sectarian attack on Sunday.

Published March 22, 2005

McDowell cites US model in deportations row

Protests are being mounted at offices of the Irish Tourist Board following the sudden deportation of a group of 35 Nigerian asylum-seekers, including a number of children.

Published March 22, 2005

Fears over new plastic bullets

The PSNI police is set to purchase a new generation of potentially lethal plastic bullets without the approval of the police board.

Published March 22, 2005

After the feeding frenzy

By Father Sean Mc Manus,
President, Irish National Caucus

Now that the St. Patrick’s Day anti-Sinn Fein feeding frenzy is over, where do things go from here?

Published March 22, 2005

Cory letter on Finucane case

A letter bu Judge Peter Cory criticises new British legislation which attempts to keep parts of an inquiry secret.

Published March 22, 2005

Killing used as political football

By Danny Morrison (for Daily Ireland)

Despite the best intentions of the McCartney family and their appeals for their brother Robert’s murder not to be used as a political football, that is exactly what has happened. They went to extraordinary -- and personally difficult -- lengths to defuse it as a political issue with which to bash republicans by attending the Sinn Fein Ard-Fheis, where the party president, Gerry Adams, identified with their desire for justice and encouraged all republicans to support the family.

Published March 18, 2005

McCartneys hit the top

A sister of Robert McCartney has said the family’s campaign for the killers to hand themselves into the police “can’t go any higher” following a meeting with US President George Bush at the White House.

Published March 18, 2005

Castlerea men press case for release

Legal proceedings aimed at securing the release under the Good Friday Agreement of the Castlerea 4 were adjourned in the High Court yesterday.

Published March 18, 2005

McCord family goes unheard

The father of a man killed by unionist paramilitaries has criticised political representatives of ignoring a police cover-up in the case.

Published March 18, 2005

Rosemary Nelson and the Garvaghy Road

Robbie McVeigh recalls Rosemary from the point of view of the people she worked for in the nationalist enclave of the Garvaghy Road.

Published March 18, 2005

Legal figures blast Finucane inquiry restrictions

Lord Saville, chair of the new Bloody Sunday Inquiry in Derry, has publicly condemned the British government’s controversial plans for holding a restricted inquiry into the murder of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane.

Published March 18, 2005


Talks planned after White House shamrock ‘snub’

US President George Bush has broken with tradition in presenting the traditional bowl of shamrock to 26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern on St Patrick’s Day in the absence of other Irish political leaders.

Published March 18, 2005

PSNI ‘building case’ in McCartney killing

PSNI chief Hugh Orde has defended his force’s handling of the Robert McCartney case and its failure to take witness statements.

Published March 18, 2005

The Bogside Artists

The Bogside Artists are known throughout the world for their larger than life murals in Derry. The artists are currently visiting the USA for a number of events, and a brief itinerary follows this manifesto, a statement of their artistic goals.

Published March 14, 2005


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