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Shell accused of ‘red herring’

Shell Ireland has announced that it will not lay the offshore section of pipeline for the Corrib gas field until next year after heavy protests by local residents and environmentalists.

Published August 7, 2005

RIRA ruling puts pressure on non-jury system

Calls were made last night for an overhaul of the 26-County justice following a ruliong by the Court of Criminal Appeal in Dublin ruled that the conviction of five men charged with Real IRA membership may be unsafe.

Published August 7, 2005

Sinn Féin seeks to build momentum

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has called on both governments and all political parties to build momentum in the peace process following a meeting with Tony Blair.

Published August 7, 2005

Onus is now on both governments

The onus is now on the two governments to implement the outstanding tenets of the Good Friday Agreement and it means they no longer have to kow-tow to the demands of the unionist intransigents.

Published August 3, 2005

Human rights group backs McCord collusion claim

A dossier on a unionist paramilitary murder at the centre of allegations of police collusion in murder has been sent to the United Nations and US Congress.

Published August 3, 2005

Northern MPs to gain Dail speaking rights

Reports indicate that the 26-County Prime Minister, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will soon grant the North’s 18 elected MPs and three European MEPs the right to address debates in the Dublin parliament and possibly participate in parliamentary committees.

Published August 3, 2005

Mystery of the Miami murders

The question of collusion has continued to dominate the silence since the night the music died in July 1975.

Published August 3, 2005


The British Army has begun dismantling some of its most infamous spyposts in the North of Ireland as part of a major programme of demilitarisation and troop withdrawal.

Published August 3, 2005

Loyalists kill, maim, burn, bomb

A third man has been murdered in Belfast in the latest upsurge in the feud between unionist paramilitary groups as a wave of sectarian attacks continues.

Published August 3, 2005

Ballymena parade to go ahead

The organisers of a republican parade planned for Ballymena next week have dismissed an appeal by Sinn Féin to call it off.

Published August 3, 2005

Paisley blasts British ‘surrender’

The Dublin and London governments have been threatened with the “righteous indigination of the unionist population” if efforts continue to restore a local power-sharing administration in the North of Ireland.

Published August 3, 2005

Adams succeeded where Dev failed

You can parse yesterday’s IRA statement any way you like but you end up with the same result. It’s this: For the first time since the establishment of the Irish state in 1922 the IRA has decided there is no need for an armed campaign. This time it’s not just a matter of dumping arms which the IRA has done a few times before.

Published July 30, 2005

Great statement but what happens now?

By Gearoid O Caireallain (for Daily Ireland)

The reporter from the TG4 news wanted to know where they could find a group of republican supporters and nationalists in Belfast at lunchtime yesterday gathered around a television set, eagerly devouring details of the IRA statement and relieving their indigestion with generous dollops of political analysis and grassroots reaction.

Published July 30, 2005

What they said

A few nuggets from the carnival of reaction that greeted Thursday’s statement.

Published July 30, 2005

Key statements

The full text of statements issued on Thursday.

Published July 30, 2005


The Irish peace process is expected to move rapidly over the next twelve months following a unilateral move by the Provisional IRA to stand down and disarm.

Published July 30, 2005

What next for loyalism?

Unionist paramilitaries are under immense pressure to follow Thursday’s announcement by the Provisional IRA by stating that they will call an end to all paramilitary and criminal activity.

Published July 30, 2005

Building confidence in peace

The first confirmation that a sequence of historical events was about to unfold this week was the emergence from prison on Wednesday of political hostage Sean Kelly.

Published July 30, 2005

Republicans express mixed feelings

Despite months of advance warning of Thursday’s IRA statement, the news has still came as a shock to many.

Published July 30, 2005

All the Hallmarks

By Bill Delaney

An innocent man, brutally shot dead in cold blood. Lies, dissemination and spin by ‘anti-terror’ British police and the usual cabal of media and politicians.

Published July 25, 2005


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